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Samurai Deeper Kyo
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Titlu:  Samurai Deeper Kyo
Gen:  Actiune, Demoni, Fantezie, Istoric, Martial Arts, Samurai
An:  2002
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  26
Studio:  Studio DEEN
General 9 (10)
Grafica:  8.8
OST:  8.7
Personaje:  9
Scenariu:  9
Impresie:  9.5
Subberi:  Atentie! Lista de subberi poate fi incorecta!
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It is 1604, four years after the Battle of Sekigahara, perhaps Japan`s greatest civil war. The people try to recover from its aftermath and enjoy the newly attained peace. Amid such times Yuya Shiina, a roughneck girl who earns money by capturing outlaws, mistakes a roaming and peace-loving medicine seller Mibu Kyoshiro for the legendary wanted man "Onime-no-Kyo." But she soon realizes that she is wrong when she sees that Kyoshiro is just a weakling. Nevertheless, she ends up capturing Kyoshiro anyway -- he is wanted for running off without paying for a meal. As they travel together Kyoshiro tries to help Yuya catch another wanted criminal. In the process Kyoshiro is cornered. Then he mumbles, "Here he comes," and the color of his eyes turn a deep red. He pulls out his sword which he had never touched before and suddenly, Onime-no-Kyo, the legendary assassin said to have killed one thousand men with this sword, is standing there.

Kyoshiro and Kyo: Two spirits in one body. Yuya is looking for a "man with a wound on his back" who killed her older brother. The two head to Edo together. One after another, samurai come after Onime-no-Kyo. Why do Kyoshiro and Kyo share the same body?

Cerere de modificare

Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   The Whereabouts of Armageddon 24 m
2.   Wanted (Dead or Alive) Man 24 m
3.   Red Mirage 24 m
4.   The Crawling Nightmare 24 m
5.   Assassin`s Tears 24 m
6.   The Duel of Hibiya Bay 24 m
7.   Keichou Battle Royale 24 m
8.   The Demon Spears Cries 24 m
9.   The Blind Smile 24 m
10.   Cold-Blooded Illusion 24 m
11.   Jet-Black Flashback 24 m
12.   The Boy from the Deep Forest 24 m
13.   The Crossing Souls 24 m
14.   The Return of Satan 24 m
15.   My Friend, Red Tiger 24 m
16.   Perfect Victory 25 m
17.   The Secret Talk of the Girls 24 m
18.   The Nurse Devil 24 m
19.   Thunderbolt Attack 24 m
20.   Far Away, To Absolute Zero 24 m
21.   The Hellish Mibu Castle 24 m
22.   Clockwork Dolls 23 m
23.   Passionate Ecstasy 23 m
24.   Last Muramasa Awakening 23 m
25.   That which surpasses a Tachyon 24 m
26.   The Samurai sing a Ballad 24 m
S1.   Textless Opening 1 m
S2.   Textless Ending 1 m
S3.   Outtakes :: Disc 1 2 m
S4.   Outtakes :: Disc 2 4 m
S5.   Outtakes :: Disc 3 2 m
S6.   Outtakes :: Disc 4 3 m
S7.   Outtakes :: Disc 5 2 m
S8.   Outtakes :: Disc 6 2 m



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