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Happy Lesson Advance
Happy Lesson Advance
Titlu:  Happy Lesson Advance
Gen:  Scoala, Comedie
An:  2003
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  13
Studio:  KSS
Rating:  - (1)
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Chitose shares his house with five ladies, his what so called mothers (they are also his teachers at school). One might think the continued attention of this many girls would be a good thing, but too much attention can prove to be painful. Not only is he the subject of their abuse at home, but at school as well. Even when things finally calm down at night, all the rooms are taken so Chitose must sleep on the couch.

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Pika Pika - Sparkly, Uniform Show 24 m
2.   Bare, Bare - Clearly, Nagatsuki`s Secret 24 m
3.   Uzu Uzu - Impatient, Uzuki Is A Mom 24 m
4.   Yare Yare - Well Well, A Day Of Nurse`s Office 24 m
5.   Sowa Sowa - Rustle Rustle, Schooltrip 24 m
6.   Pin Pin - Sharp Senses, Mina-chan In Big Crisis 24 m
7.   Mote Mote - Popular, Satsuki`s Omiai 24 m
8.   Yura Yura - Swaying, Memories at the Shore 24 m
9.   Hoka Hoka - Warm and Fuzzy, Alone With Kanna 24 m
10.   Uso Uso - Lies Lies, Good Bye, Kii-chan 24 m
11.   Gaya Gaya - Noisy, Hazuki`s My Shop 24 m
12.   Naze Naze - Why Why, Mutsuki Runs Away From Home 24 m
13.   Wai Wai - Clamor A Farewell Day 24 m



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