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Coyotee: [13:13] din pacate
MC Hammer:
elpreda: [08:45] there's no one to even haunt desu
Majin: [23:50] Hoooo!Hoooo!
elpreda: [00:42] in solitude, where we are least alone
StuardLocko: [16:20] sunt singur pe aici?
StuardLocko: [16:20] f
elpreda: [22:40] Truck-kun is on a rampage
elpreda: [20:10] but they did a great job so far, looks like we're getting some good stuff this season as well
elpreda: [20:09] oooh, cand am auzit ca apare Goblin Slayer animat mi-a fost ca o sa sara peste all the nasty can't show this to kids parts

Titlu:  Virus
Engleza:  Virus Buster Serge
Gen:  Actiune, SciFi
An:  1997
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  12
Studio:  Studio G-1NEO, Plum
Rating:  - (0)
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Description from

Virus Buster Serge takes place in 2097, in a little place called Neo Hong Kong, which I thought was rather cool -- finally a bit of a departure from constant Neo Tokyo references. The denizens of earth are currently being threatened by an entity that calls himself the Incubator, who has created an evil virus which can infect both man and machine. Infect machines? Sound rather weird? At first I thought so as well. The virus does infect mecha, called Armored Gears in this series, taking them over. Enter STAND, a group of elite individuals encased in really cool powered armor suits called Variable Gear. The Knight Sabers ... err, wait ... STAND ... uses these suits to great effect fighting rampant virus infected Armored Gears. Serge himself enters the scenario against his will, as all reluctant heroes must. He has been plagued by really bad dreams, which have convinced him that STAND`s leader, Raven, should be dead. He decides to make this happen by assassinating Raven himself, but only succeeds in earning Raven`s attention. Raven decides Serge is quite a potential fighter and manages to snare him through cunning and trickery into joining STAND to help fight against the Incubator`s viral attacks.

Cerere de modificare

Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Cutthroat Puppets 24 m
2.   The Path Via Hell 24 m
3.   We Stand Alone 24 m
4.   Deep Down Exposure 24 m
5.   Incubating the Succubus 24 m
6.   Behold Change Or Die 24 m
7.   Another Boy Missing 24 m
8.   Behold Change Or Die II 24 m
9.   Reactivate the Body 24 m
10.   The Struggle Within 24 m
11.   Blend the Strength 24 m
12.   To Have and to Hold 25 m



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