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Haja-Kyosei G Dangaioh
Haja-Kyosei G Dangaioh
Titlu:  Haja-Kyosei G Dangaioh
Kanji:  破邪巨星Gダンガイオー
Sinonime:  Dangaioh G, G Dangaioh, Great Dangaioh
Gen:  Actiune, Mecha, SciFi
An:  2001
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  13
Studio:  AIC, Avex, Inc.
Rating:  - (0)
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After a decade of silence, the Dangaioh Legend Continues:
A mysterious explosion on Futagami Island begins a new chapter in the Dangaioh mythos! Led by the evil Professor Katou, a band of warriors calling themselves the "Tartarus Knights" have begun their campaign to lay waste to the world by way of a small research station on Futagami Island. Katou`s victory seems almost certain until he encounters an advanced fortress guarding the island. From it, a group of three humanoid robots are launched - Dangaioh!

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Prelude to Battle 24 m
2.   Hold the Fort 24 m
3.   Attack of the Sand Demons 24 m
4.   Peace Fort in a Cage 24 m
5.   Devil From the Sky 24 m
6.   Caesar is howling 24 m
7.   7 kinds of transform above the ocean! 24 m
8.   The falling star from the evil sky 24 m
9.   Sudden strike by a shadow of a sword 24 m
10.   The Great Warrior 24 m
11.   The pass back on track 24 m
12.   Treat of Zero 24 m
13.   Invincibility!! G-Dangaioh Liftoff! 24 m
O1.   Episodes 10-12 66 m



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