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MC Hammer:
Mumusan: [06:49] deadxdead desu
LordPhoenix: [08:20] Păi haideți pe discord: /XRqkzke
Coyotee: [13:13] din pacate
MC Hammer:
elpreda: [08:45] there's no one to even haunt desu
Majin: [23:50] Hoooo!Hoooo!
elpreda: [00:42] in solitude, where we are least alone
StuardLocko: [16:20] sunt singur pe aici?
StuardLocko: [16:20] f

Titlu:  .hack//SIGN
Sinonime:  hack sign, hack//SIGN
Gen:  Aventura, Drama, Fantezie, Game, Super Puteri
An:  2002
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  26
Studio:  Bandai Visual, Bee Train
General 8.04 (9)
Grafica:  8.22
OST:  8.89
Personaje:  7.67
Scenariu:  7.67
Impresie:  7.78
Subberi:  Atentie! Lista de subberi poate fi incorecta!
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In the year 2005, a computer virus called `Pluto Kiss` completely shuts down and restricts the global internet network of the world. In 2007, after extensive rescinding of the network, they create and release an online Network Game (MMORPG) called `The World`.

The anime focuses mainly around Tsukasa who obtains the power that damages the player in the real world. He suddenly awakens to find himself in `The World`, being able to feel, smell, touch, see and hear everything as if he was really there. He attempts to logout but fails to do so. Being unable to remember what has happened before he awoke, he wanders around aimlessly to find answers. While doing so, system moderators, the Scarlet Knights, suspect that he has been working with hackers, because of the tweaked character he was with. Tsukasa finds a magical item, that grants him the power to use this fearful `Guardian` that will protect him from harm.
(taken from Animenfo)

Cerere de modificare

Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Role Play 23 m
2.   Guardian 24 m
3.   Folklore 24 m
4.   Wanted 24 m
5.   Captured 24 m
6.   Encounter 24 m
7.   Reason 24 m
8.   Promise 24 m
9.   Epitaph 24 m
10.   Compensation 24 m
11.   Party 24 m
12.   Entanglement 24 m
13.   Twilight Eye 24 m
14.   Castle 24 m
15.   Evidence 24 m
16.   Depth 24 m
17.   Conflict 24 m
18.   Declaration 24 m
19.   Recollection 24 m
20.   Tempest 24 m
21.   Despair 24 m
22.   Phantom 24 m
23.   The Eve 24 m
24.   Net Slum 23 m
25.   Catastrophe 23 m
26.   Return 23 m
S1.   Episode 27 - Intermezzo 24 m
S2.   Episode 28 - Unison 24 m
S3.   Intro 0 m
S4.   Outro 0 m
S5.   Textless Opening 0 m
S6.   Textless Ending 0 m



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