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elpreda: [22:40] Truck-kun is on a rampage
elpreda: [20:10] but they did a great job so far, looks like we're getting some good stuff this season as well
elpreda: [20:09] oooh, cand am auzit ca apare Goblin Slayer animat mi-a fost ca o sa sara peste all the nasty can't show this to kids parts
LordPhoenix: [22:39] De acord cu elpreda
elpreda: [07:45] Happy Sugar Life is totally awesome!!!
elpreda: [07:45] m-am ferit sa zic de la inceput dupa ce am fost dezamagit de alte serii, dar avand in vedere ca a trecut deja jumate de sezon
IceJack: [22:48] "cam mort"
Ranma-kun: [19:07] siteul e cam mort dar bântuit. Daca aveti de gand sa treceti prin Germania sau Japonia write me biggrin.gif
blood: [20:47] Wow! Doar acum 15 ani faceam http://www.evangel smile.gif)
IceJack: [07:29] Shingeki no Bahamut - Virgin Soul .. . pretty good, desi parca mi-a placut primul mai mult, s-a concentrat pe mai putine ideii si teme. Nina mi-a placu

Kidou Senkan Nadesico
Kidou Senkan Nadesico
Titlu:  Kidou Senkan Nadesico
Kanji:  機動戦艦ナデシコ
Engleza:  Martian Successor NADESICO
Sinonime:  Nadesico
Gen:  Actiune, Comedie, Mecha, Parodie, SciFi, Spatiu
An:  1996
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  26
Studio:  XEBEC, Starchild
Rating:  - (1)
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The aliens have destroyed our base on Mars, wiped out our space fleets, and now, only one ship stands between Earth and total annihilation! Disgusted by the incompetence of Earth`s military, the independent arms manufacturer Nergal has built its own space battle cruiser. But due to the shortage of trained soldiers, they`ve had to assemble the most unorthodox crew to ever launch into orbit. With a cook who`s also a pilot and an admiral`s daughter in command, the new starship is the most formidable fighting vehicle ever conceived. But before it can see action against the Jovian invaders, the crew must win their first victory against their own species as they fight off a ruthless attempt by Earth`s military to seize the Nadesico! Get ready for the wildest space adventure ever in the amazing new series that was voted the "Best Anime Show Of All Time" by Japanese animation fans, MARTIAN SUCCESSOR NADESICO!

(Description from AnimeNfo)

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Let`s Get Masculine! 23 m
2.   Leave the Green Earth to Us 23 m
3.   Too Early for Goodbye 23 m
4.   Longing in Aqua-Coloured Space 23 m
5.   Ruri-chan`s Logbook 23 m
6.   It`s Like, a Critical Choice 23 m
7.   The Song You`ll Sing Someday 23 m
8.   Lukewarm, Heartless Formula 23 m
9.   Miracle Operation: Kiss? 23 m
10.   Femininity is Scary 23 m
11.   Come to Think of It, "Mediocre Ending?" 23 m
12.   Those Unforgettable Days 23 m
13.   Apparently, There`s More than One "Truth" 23 m
14.   Let`s Make a Fiery Anime! 23 m
15.   The Boyfriend Who Came from a Distant Planet 23 m
16.   "Our War" Has Begun 23 m
17.   It`s a Belated Reunion 23 m
18.   The Sound of Water is the Sound of "Me" 23 m
19.   You`re the Captain of Tomorrow 23 m
20.   Fight Silent, Fight Deep 23 m
21.   The Fields Where We Ran Once Before 23 m
22.   Protect the Visitor? 23 m
23.   The Place We Can Call "Home" 23 m
24.   Ordinary "Justice" 23 m
25.   Be Myself as I Should 23 m
26.   For the Sake of the Woman I`ll Meet Someday 23 m
C1.   Martian Successor Nadesico Opening 2 m
C2.   Martian Successor Nadesico Ending 1 m
T1.   Martian Successor Nadesico Trailer 2 m



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