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Titlu:  Chobits
Kanji:  ちょびっツ
Gen:  Comedie, Ecchi, Romantic, SciFi
An:  2002
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  26
General 8.8 (25)
Grafica:  8.96
OST:  8.48
Personaje:  8.76
Scenariu:  8.68
Impresie:  9.12
Subberi:  Atentie! Lista de subberi poate fi incorecta!
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In the near future, personal computers take the form of attractive women, called Persocons. Hideki Motosuwa is a poor student who failed his entrance exams to get into college. So, Hideki is forced to move to the city, get a job, and attend cram school in hopes of passing the next college entrance exam. He of course wants a Persocon for himself, but is way too poor to afford one. One day, while passing a building, he finds a Persocon in a trash heap. However, his new find doesn`t seem to be like the others he`s heard about. She doesn`t seem to have any operating system at all, and only says "Chii". As Hideki learns more about his Persocon (aptly named "Chii"), he finds out that she is not of any known type, and most likely some sort of homemade model. He also learns of the rumor of the "Chobits", Persocons with the ability to think for themselves, instead of running only complex programs. Find out what happens between Hideki and his new Persocon, as she learns more about her environment, people, and life.
(taken from Animenfo)

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Chii Awakens 24 m
2.   Chii goes out 24 m
3.   Chii Memorizes 24 m
4.   Chii Goes Shopping 24 m
5.   Chii Discovers 24 m
6.   Chii is in Trouble 24 m
7.   Chii Works 24 m
8.   Chii is Bewildered 24 m
9.   Shinbo and Sumomo talk 24 m
10.   Chii buys 24 m
11.   Chii encounters 24 m
12.   Chii tests 24 m
13.   Chii plays 24 m
14.   Chii goes to the ocean 24 m
15.   Chii entertains guests 24 m
16.   Chii doesn`t do anything 24 m
17.   Chii manages 24 m
18.   Minoru and Yuzuki talk 24 m
19.   Chii helps out 24 m
20.   Chii is gone 24 m
21.   Chii waits 24 m
22.   Chii Hopes 24 m
23.   Chii Answers 24 m
24.   Chii Changes Clothes 24 m
25.   Chii Decides 24 m
26.   A Person Only For Chii 24 m
S1.   Episode 27 - Hibiya and Kotoko Tell the Story 24 m
S2.   Chibits - Sumomo & Kotoko deliver 6 m
S2.   Chibits - Sumomo & Kotoko deliver 6 m
S3.   Chii Trailer 1 m
S4.   Hideki Trailer 1 m
S5.   Commercial 1 m
S7.   OP 1 m
S8.   Creditless OP 1 m
S9.   Creditless ED 1 m
S10.   Japanese OP 1 m
S11.   Japanese ED 1 m



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