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IceJack: [07:39] Lies!
Coyotee: [21:26] so it would seem smile.gif
Mumusan: [20:32] HOLY CHRIST! You people are still alive? smile.gif
Vebby: [15:17] IceJack, still around here? smile.gif
HentaiManOff: [16:41] Heiii!
elpreda: [01:19] Da, dar am mai zis asta despre alte episoade si a reusit sa ma surprinda
IceJack: [02:33] e cam previzibil ce o sa se intample in ep urmator nu? biggrin.gif
IceJack: [01:49] bine ca m-ai spoilarit Elpreda tongue.gif A fost totusi epica faza. Nu am mai ranjit asa de mult de cand Momonga a imbratisat-o pe aia.
HentaiManOff: [20:52] Cum obtin acces la ftp? Gen sa descarc?
MC Hammer:

Alexander Senki
Alexander Senki
Titlu:  Alexander Senki
Kanji:  アレクサンダー戦記
Engleza:  Reign: The Conqueror
Sinonime:  Alexander Record of War, Alexander`s Campaign, Alexander`s War Chronicles
Gen:  Actiune, Aventura, Fantezie, Istoric, SciFi
An:  1999
Tip:  OVA
Episoade:  13
Studio:  MADHOUSE, Alexander Committee
Rating:  - (1)
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In the 4th century A.D, a pagan shaman prophesies that Olympias, Queen of Macedonia, wife of King Phillip II will give birth to a baby who will grow up to destroy the world, and the baby named Alexander.
Years later, Alexander with many successful campaigns unifies Persia and Macedonia, so great that it makes Aristotle worries that the world can be destroyed by Alexander`s advance toward the East...

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Act I: A Prophecy Born This Day 23 m
2.   Act II: The Thunder of Battle 23 m
3.   Act III: A Failure of Diplomacy 23 m
4.   Act IV: Ascension to the Throne 23 m
5.   Act V: God of Creation 23 m
6.   Act VI: Secret of Samothrace 23 m
7.   Act VII: The Gordian Knot 23 m
8.   Act VIII: Here Shall Stand Alexandria 0 m
9.   Act IX: The Oracle of Ammon 0 m
10.   Act X: Persia Shall Fall 0 m
11.   Act XI: Unification Before Division 0 m
12.   Act XII: The Vanquished Arise 0 m
13.   Act XIII: The Prophecy Come To Pass 0 m



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