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Cererea de modificare a descrierii este pentru titlul: Fantasia

Inapoi la Fantasia

Modificare descriere
Actual:  When is a rug not a rug? Why, when it`s the gateway to another dimension, of course! Unfortunately, magic carpets don`t always come with labels, so when young Akihiro discovers the floor covering in question, all he can think about is how impressed his girlfriend Michiko will be by his new "necking pad". Akihiro`s amorous intentions are abruptly shagged however, when, while fondling the deep plush pile, the cute, cuddly and very female sprite Malon pops into his hands! While this might seem like the ultimate in adolescent wish-fulfillment, the question quickly becomes not whether Akihiro is deserving of such a "good fortune", but whether he will even survive the attention of The Girl From Phantasia! Swept into one predicament after another, Akihiro is faced with not only the mischievous Malon, but also her ruthless magician-rival Roll, her combative elf associates Bith and Mont, and, worst of all, an extremely annoyed Michiko! What a crewel fate! *taken from*




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