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Mumusan: [04:25] Merry Xmas
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Majin: [20:06] legends never die m8
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Dictionar Japonez - Englez
Japoneza Engleza
tadanaka Middle
tadanaranu Incomparable
tadani Merely/only/simply
tadarakasu To cause to be inflamed
tadareru To be sore/to be inflamed/to be bleary/to fester
tadashi But/however/provided that
tadashidzuki Conditional (a-no)
tadashigaki (io) proviso
tadashigaki Proviso
tadashii Right/just/correct/righteous/honest/truthful/proper/straightforward/perfect
tadashiikotobawotsukau To use the correct word
tadasu To ask a person about/to ascertain/to verify
tadasu To correct/to adjust/to reform/to redress/to straighten/to amend
tadatada Absolutely (uk)/only/(emphatic modifier)
tadayou To drift about/to float/to hang in air
tade Knotweed/jointweed/smartweed
tadekuumushimosukizuki There's no accounting for tastes (id)
tadoku Wide (extensive) reading
tadoritsuku To grope along to/to struggle on to
tadoru To follow (road)/to pursue (course)/to follow up
tadotadoshii With difficulty
tadoushi Transitive verb (direct obj)
tadzuna Bridle/reins
taekaneru To be unable to endure/to lose patience
taemanaku Incessantly
taeru To bear/to endure
taeru To die out/to peter out/to become extinct
taeru To endure/to support/to withstand/to resist/to brave/to weather/to be fit for/to be equal to
taeshinobu To put up with/to endure/to bear patiently
taezu Constantly
tafu Tough (an)
tafunesu Toughness
tagai Mutual/reciprocal
tagaichigai Alternate/alternation
tagaichigaini Alternate
tagaini Mutually/with each other/reciprocally/together
tagaku Large amount of money
tagayasu To till/to plow/to cultivate
tageisei Versatile
tagen Pluralistic
tagen Telling others/revealing to others
tagenbunkaron Multiculturalism
tagenron Pluralism
tagenshi Polyatomic
tagenteki Pluralism/plurality
tagi Various meanings
tagon Telling others/revealing to others
tagu Tag
tagubo-to Tugboat
tagui A kind
Pagini: 1 2 3 4 5 6 .. 82  

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