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Getter Robo
Getter Robo
Titlu:  Getter Robo
Kanji:  ゲッターロボ
Gen:  Shounen, Mecha, Drama, Actiune
An:  1974
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  51
Studio:  Toei Animation, Nagai Gou
Rating:  - (0)
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Professor Saotome discovered an extremely powerful energy emenating from the Sun, the Getter Rays. This new source of energy had the power to revolutionize the Earth and give us an unlimited source of power. To further study these rays, Prof. Saotome created three ships that could travel to space and gather information for him; Getter Eagle, Getter Jaguar, and Getter Bear. These ships, powered by the Getter Rays, could combine into a super powerful robot, Getter Robo.

Getter Robo was created for peace, but one day the Megazaur kingdom appeared and proclaimed itself the original rulers of the Earth. The Megazaur were a kingdom of dinosaurs that originally inhabited the Earth sixty five million years ago. A meteor had struck the planet and bombarded all living things in Getter Rays. Daimajin Yura, their “God,” led the survivors underground to protect them from these harmful rays. Now led by King Gora, the Megazaur claimed that since they had been the original inhabitants of the Earth, they were the true rulers of the planet. They had been lying dormant underground, waiting for a perfect time to strike. The sudden surge in Getter Rays had awakened them. Prof. Saotome realized the true potential of Getter Robo. Prof. Saotome sent out a prototype Getter Robo with three test pilots, including his son Tatsuhito. However that Getter Robo was destroyed, and the Professor`s son was killed. He then entrusted the Getter machines to three new pilots, Ryoma Nagare, Hayato Jin, and Musashi Tomoe. Together, the three fought the invading swarm of Megazaur KiKaiju. By changing the configuration of the Getter Machines, Getter Robo could actually transform into three separate Robots. Getter-1, piloted by Ryoma, was an all purpose robot, and the team’s main form. Getter-1 has an average combination of speed and strength to better suit him to most situations. Getter-2, piloted by Hayato, was a sleek robot designed for speed as opposed to strength and firepower. Its drill hand allows it to destroy enemies and tunnel into the earth. Musashi piloted Getter-3, a huge tank that carried more strength and firepower than any other Getter, but at the cost of speed and agility. Prof. Saotome’s daughter, Michiru, also helps in battle by piloting a small support vessel called the Command Machine.

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Power! Getter go! 25 m
2.   Fight! Three robot-dinosaurs 25 m
3.   The dinosaur empire. The rainbow fighting plan 25 m
4.   The flaming southern cross-star 25 m
5.   Getter that Destroys Evil 25 m
6.   Dinosaur! The plan of looting Tokyo 25 m
7.   Fight the evil. Attack the horn 25 m
8.   So close! Getter 2 25 m
9.   Honorable leader Latola 25 m
10.   Speed falling, Getter 3 25 m
11.   Serious fight! Drill vs Drill 25 m
12.   The barking immortal, Uru 25 m
13.   Who is gonna win? The mountain master stroke 25 m
14.   Fight in the Red Sky 25 m
15.   A ballard dedicated to Uko 25 m
16.   Tracing the secret of the Dinosaur Empire 25 m
17.   The targeted designing map 25 m



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