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Yoite-San: [11:02] merry belated xmas & happy new year
Mumusan: [04:25] Merry Xmas
NotSure: [05:01] Hello?
Yoite-San: [13:28] mumusan o/
Majin: [20:06] legends never die m8
Mumusan: [11:38] LoL, this forum still exists
notlinyan: [14:55] neko
notlinyan: [14:50] nya
MC Hammer:
Yoite-San: [14:50] desu
Street Fighter 2 V
Street Fighter 2 V
Titlu:  Street Fighter 2 V
Kanji:  ストリートファイターII V
Sinonime:  Street Fighter 2 Victory
Gen:  Martial Arts, Actiune
An:  1995
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  29
Rating:  - (3)
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Ryu and Ken Masters are close friends and both are martial artists. In order to become better fighters and learn new techniques, they travel the world and are exposed to many different fighting styles, as well as meeting new people. During their journey, they find themselves caught up in a conspiracy perpetrated by a mysterious organisation called Shadowlaw, both now face their ultimate challenge and must fight for their lives as they combat the evil M. Bison.

(description from ANN)

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   The Beginning of a Journey 23 m
2.   The King of the Airforce 23 m
3.   Landing in Hong Kong 23 m
4.   Darkness at Kowloon Palace 23 m
5.   Hot Blooded Fei Long 23 m
6.   Appearance of the Secret Technique 23 m
7.   The Revenge of Ashura 23 m
8.   Trap Prison and the Scream 23 m
9.   The Superstar of Muay Tai 23 m
10.   Dark Omen 23 m
11.   Visitation of the Beasts m
12.   The Deadly Phantom Faceoff 23 m
13.   The Legend of Hadou Ken 23 m
14.   The Bloodthirsty Prince 23 m
15.   The Icy Light of Thier Eyes 23 m
16.   The Unveiled Ruler 23 m
17.   Shudder! The Despot`s Commander 23 m
18.   The Beautiful Assassin 23 m
19.   The Mightiest Rescuers Launch into the Sheltering Skies 23 m
20.   The Full Extent of Unbelievable Power 23 m
21.   Cyberchip - The Challenge to Mind Control 23 m
22.   The Extremes of Rage - Awakening Hadou 23 m
23.   Heros Possessed by Evil 23 m
24.   An Anguished Cry, A Mind Sealed Away 23 m
25.   The Grand Triple Battle Command 23 m
26.   The Final Moments of an Exhausted True Friend 23 m
27.   The Limits of the Smashing Hadou Energy 23 m
28.   Master Bison - The Overwhelming Destructive Power 23 m
29.   The Final Battle, Risking All of Body and Soul 23 m



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