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Haou Daikei Ryuu Knight
Haou Daikei Ryuu Knight
Titlu:  Haou Daikei Ryuu Knight
Kanji:  覇王大系リューナイト
Sinonime:  Lord of Lords Ryu Knight TV
Gen:  Actiune, Aventura, Fantezie, Mecha
An:  1994
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  52
Studio:  Sunrise
Rating:  - (0)
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In the fantasy world of Adeus Legend, knights, priests, magicians, ninjas all summon Giant Mechs with ability similar to their class to fight. This is a story about the growth and learning of a young knight. He starts out his adventure with an older knight mentor who has a mysterious past, then saves a princess and her priest companion and goes on a quest to reclaim her kingdom.

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   I`m Adeu! The Chivalry Boy Makes His Appearance 23 m
2.   Is the Ninja an Ally? Another Ryu Wielder. 23 m
3.   Paffy Saves the Day! A Mage Princess 23 m
4.   Full Speed with the Chivalry! The Targeted Ryu Users! 23 m
5.   The First Loss! - The Great Guy within the Forest! 23 m
6.   Adeu`s Re-Match! - The Opponent ir Ryu Chief! 23 m
7.   The stolen Ryu! - Big disaster at the elf village 23 m
8.   The Enemy is a group of Beautiful Girls! - The Blockade before the River! 23 m
9.   The Fearsome Dungeon! - Ryu Knight Can`t Move?! 23 m
10.   Battle at the underground palace! - Break thru the opening!! 23 m
11.   Hes appeared! It`s the Knight of Darkness! - And his Dark Ryu Knight! 23 m
12.   Defeat Galden! - Decisive Battle at the Castle of Ice! 23 m
13.   Lots of Ghosts! The Trump Card is Izumi? 23 m
14.   Get into Position, Ryu Samurai! Straight down the road of Bushido!! 23 m
15.   We meet again, Gratches! - Friendship bound In flame!! 23 m
16.   The Goblins Have Shown u!! Lying Katze`s Huge Profit! 23 m
17.   The Stolen Kingdom! Paffy`s Disheartening Return Home! 23 m
18.   Recapture Phahuricia Castle! - Will yo my command, Magic Sword of Hatred 23 m
19.   The Door in the Uncharted! Battle in the Sea of Clouds! 23 m
20.   Save Paffy! Idoro`s Dark Grasp over Magic! 23 m
21.   Trap at the Oasis! Showdown Time!! The Desert Machine Fortress! 23 m
22.   Appearance of the Mysterious Beautiful Swordsman! Just who is he-hagu!? 23 m
23.   The Voyage that calls Forth Death. Adeu`s Reunion With his Father! 23 m
23.   The Voyage that calls Forth Death. Adeu`s Reunion With his Father! 23 m
24.   The Helldragon Tribe Has Landed!! The Fearsome Invaders. 23 m
25.   I can see it! The Temple of Time and The Path of a Paladin! 23 m
26.   Steru`s Fierce Attack!! The Cornered Ryus! 23 m
27.   I`ve done it! A Perfect Sword Technique, the Explosive Meteor Zapper!! 23 m
28.   A New Ally. The Entrance of the Mysterious Gunman!! 23 m
29.   The Trap that Invites Ryus! The Counterattack of a Thousand Years! 23 m



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