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Yoite-San: [11:02] merry belated xmas & happy new year
Mumusan: [04:25] Merry Xmas
NotSure: [05:01] Hello?
Yoite-San: [13:28] mumusan o/
Majin: [20:06] legends never die m8
Mumusan: [11:38] LoL, this forum still exists
notlinyan: [14:55] neko
notlinyan: [14:50] nya
MC Hammer:
Yoite-San: [14:50] desu
Houma Hunter Lime
Houma Hunter Lime
Titlu:  Houma Hunter Lime
Kanji:  宝魔ハンターライム
Engleza:  Jewel BEM Hunter Lime
Gen:  Comedie, Ecchi
An:  1996
Tip:  OVA
Episoade:  3
Rating:  - (1)
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There is another world alongside ours. It is a world of demons and all manner of peculiar creatures. Strange monsters known as BEM`s have escaped from the other world, and the have possessed the indignant spirits naturally occurring inside of everyday items.

To stop them, Lime emerges from the other world with a heart full of honesty and a head full of air! She may not be the brightest being from the other world, but she means well. With her magical powers and gorgeous body, she`s determined to rid earth of the insidious BEM`s!

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Mr Candle, Get Back the Jewel Bems 30 m
2.   Mr Purse, Find the Bad Things 30 m
3.   Mr C Ringe, Needle of Vengeance 30 m



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