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LordMethos: [17:59] yawn
CyBeR: [13:30] Bine zis ca pe aici bantuim.
IceJack: [01:43] in alta ordine de idei Sword Art Online Alternative – Gun Gale Online m-am surprins placut enorm de mult, e ciudat sa vezi un spinoff mai atragator
IceJack: [01:43] Pe aici nu se traieste, pe aici se bantuie biggrin.gif
Coyotee: [00:53] ia uite cine a inviat smile.gif)
LordPhoenix: [20:18] Cum sa nu traim?
APoKLips: [19:32] Că care mai trăiește?
Zamo: [19:32] We're alive .. .
MC Hammer:
elpreda: [21:41] Dorei-ku looks really promising this season desu

Gakkou no Kaidan
Gakkou no Kaidan
Titlu:  Gakkou no Kaidan
Kanji:  学校の怪談
Sinonime:  School`s Ghost Story
Gen:  Actiune, Horror, Scoala
An:  2000
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  19
Studio:  Studio Pierrot
General 9.13 (6)
Grafica:  8.83
OST:  9.17
Personaje:  9.17
Scenariu:  9
Impresie:  9.5


Satsuki Miyanoshita and her younger brother Keichiro moved from Tokyo to their mother`s hometown who died after a long illness. Not long after they moved in, they discovered that the old abandoned school building near their new school is haunted by demons and evil spirits. At first, they don`t seem want to get involved with it, not until their family cat, Kaya, is taken by a demon. In order to save the town, Satsuki and her younger brother Keichiro along with their new friends, Momoko, Reo and Hajime forms a team to fight those demons.

Cerere de modificare

Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Tonight, the spirits are revived! Amanojaku! 23 m
2.   Out of the toilet, a hand... Red paper, blue paper 23 m
3.   Raise the curtain!! Cursed school arts festival - Kutabe!! 23 m
4.   Dead Man`s Requiem - Fur Elise 23 m
5.   A sports festival painted with blood... Datto!! 23 m
6.   The demon`s hand bursts through the door... a night of tragedy 23 m
7.   The soul-stealing mirror!! Utsushimi 23 m
8.   The Path Which Leads To Hell - Yomi Demon 23 m
9.   Corpse Stalker of the Night! 23 m
10.   The Endless Tunnel 23 m
11.   Talking Doll Meili 23 m
12.   The Nurse Who Tells Your Death — Mother`s Feelings 23 m
13.   The Picture that Swallows People — Da Vinci 23 m
14.   The Life-Taking Psychic Photo — Railway Crossing of Evil 23 m
15.   The Devil`s Spell — Rite of Darkness 23 m
16.   The Apartment that Eats People!! Nest of Evil Spirits 23 m
17.   Terror at Bloodstain Lake!! Apparition in the Snow 23 m
18.   Akane-san of the Broadcasting Room!! Voice of the Dead 23 m
19.   Farewell, Amanojaku — The Descent of Ohma 23 m
S1.   The Headless Horsemen!! Curse of Death 0 m



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