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DmonHiro: [22:17] Macron 1 dublata NU se gaseste pe BakaBT. Ei au duar originalul, cu audio in Japoneza.
mcv2500: [20:39] mcv2500
CyBeR: [05:41] E pe baka. 720p. Seria completa in japoneza.
CyBeR: [05:40] Axxa, e destul de dificil de gasit.
Axxa78: [08:34] Are cineva seria Macron 1 engleza dublata in ro?sunt disperat nu găsesc nicaieri
Waves02: [18:00] Alt site bun pt anime:
WiNN: [00:14] Mai face careva AMV-uri pe aici?
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Digimon Frontier
Digimon Frontier
Titlu:  Digimon Frontier
Kanji:  デジモンフロンティア
Gen:  Actiune, Aventura, Fantezie, Copii
An:  2002
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  50
Studio:  Toei Animation
Rating:  - (1)
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5 children receive strange messages on their cell phones that lead them to a train that takes them to the "Digital World"; a strange world filled with bizzare creatures called "Digimon". These children have been sent there to stop an evil Digimon named Cherubimon from completely annihilating the planet of all its inhabitants. In order to accomplish this, the 5 children must locate their "spirits", which will evolve them into the Legendary Warrior Digimon. Unfortunately for them Cherubimon has ordered his servants to stop the kids from finishing the mission; eventually the children will have to fight Cherubimon`s forces in order to save the planet.

With five new kids and an exciting new mission in the Digi-World, Digimon Frontier brings back all the great action and adventure of the last three seasons. Takuya, Kouji, Zoe, J.P. and Tommy meet each other in a train that takes them to the Digi-World where a war against evil is being fought. The Angel digimon, Cherubimon, one of The three angels sent to save the World from the power-hungry Lucemon, has turned to the dark side and the entire Digi-World is in peril. To fight this great battle, the five CHOSEN ONES must become digimon. Something that no digidestined has done before.
(taken from Animenewsnetwork)

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   The Legendary Warrior! Agnimon of Fire 23 m
2.   Wolfmon of Light, The Battle in The Underground Labyrinth 23 m
3.   Don`t allow bullying! Evolution to Chakmon of Ice 23 m
4.   My kick is painful! Female Fighter Fairymon! 23 m
5.   Thunder power shaking the ground - Blitzmon! 23 m
6.   5 Legendary Warriors vs the new Warrior 23 m
7.   Town floating in the sky! Toy Country of Toy Agumon 23 m
8.   Save Everyone! Evolve, Tsunomon! 23 m
9.   Chakmon is the Enemy!? Mysterious Forest of Televisions 23 m
10.   Beast Spirit Out of Control!? Garmmon Evolution! 23 m
11.   Defeat Me! Legendary Warrior Vritramon Runs Wild 23 m
12.   Roar, Vritramon! Defeat Gigasmon 23 m
13.   Awake Seraphimon! Secret of the Ten Fighters 23 m
14.   Thunder! Even Rock Breaks! Borgmon`s Do-or-Die Challenge 23 m
15.   Cool Beast Evolution! Calamaramon 23 m
16.   Just Being Strong Isn`t Enough! The Beautiful Warrior, Shutumon 23 m
17.   Blizzarmon, Blow the Snow, Call the Glaciers! 23 m
18.   Choo choo! The Trailmon Race! 23 m
19.   Save the Bugermon! Tomoki`s pure heart! 23 m
20.   Mysterious fighter lurking in the darkness, Duskmon! 23 m
21.   Total destruction of five fighters!? Terrifying dark power! 23 m
22.   To my home! Return of Takuya all alone 23 m
23.   Feel the Power of Digimon! Takuya`s full Body Strategy 23 m
24.   Confrontation, Volcamon! Junpei, Fierce Fight with the Past 23 m
25.   Tomoki`s Lonely Battle - Asuramon`s Trap 23 m
26.   Ranamon`s Tenacity! Female Digimon Personal Combat 23 m
27.   Doube spirit miracle 23 m
28.   Takuya`s Fusion Evolution 23 m
29.   Escape! The Phantasmagoric Sefirotmon 23 m
30.   Soaring! The Warroir of Darkness, Velgmon 23 m
31.   Sleep in Darkness - The Trainmon Graveyard 23 m
32.   The Revealed Past! Duskmon`s Secret 23 m
33.   New Warriors of Darkness! Löwemon & KaiserLeomon 23 m
34.   Battle! The Venus Rose Ophanimon`s Rescue Plan. m
35.   Spirits Merge! Takuya and Kouji`s Ultimate Evolution! 23 m
36.   Flying towards Victory! Confrontation at Cherubimon`s Castle 23 m
37.   Decisive Battle! As Long as There is Life - The Return of the Digital World 23 m
38.   The Endless Struggle! Prelude to Lucemon`s Revival 23 m
39.   Is This the Digital World!? Escape from the Moon! 23 m
40.   The Chosen Ones!? The Boy Who Controls Angemon! 23 m
41.   Stop Scanning! The Beanstalk of Friendship 23 m
42.   Protect the Digitama! The Disappearing Miracles of Life 23 m
43.   Hometown annihilated! SkullSatamon, the Envoy of Hell! 23 m
44.   Fight Together! Gotsumon and Kouji`s Vow 23 m
45.   The Jumbled Data Plan! Defend Akiba Market 23 m
46.   Digiworld Annihilated! Lucemon`s Dark Rule 23 m
47.   Royal Knights Fall! And Then...!! 23 m
48.   Light and Darkness are One! Kouichi`s Last Wish. 23 m
49.   Lucemon On The Loose 23 m
50.   End of the Line 23 m
C1.   German Opening 2 m
C2.   German Ending 1 m



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