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DmonHiro: [22:17] Macron 1 dublata NU se gaseste pe BakaBT. Ei au duar originalul, cu audio in Japoneza.
mcv2500: [20:39] mcv2500
CyBeR: [05:41] E pe baka. 720p. Seria completa in japoneza.
CyBeR: [05:40] Axxa, e destul de dificil de gasit.
Axxa78: [08:34] Are cineva seria Macron 1 engleza dublata in ro?sunt disperat nu găsesc nicaieri
Waves02: [18:00] Alt site bun pt anime:
WiNN: [00:14] Mai face careva AMV-uri pe aici?
WiNN: [00:13] Salut
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Lupin Sansei TV
Lupin Sansei TV
Titlu:  Lupin Sansei TV
Kanji:  ルパン三世
Engleza:  Lupin the Third TV
Sinonime:  Lupin III TV
Gen:  Actiune, Comedie, Mister
An:  1971
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  23
Studio:  TMS
Rating:  - (1)
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Lupin III TV has three series, the first series has 23 episodes which was aired from 24 October 1971 to 26 March 1972. The second series has 155 episodes which was aired from 3 October 1977 to 6 October 1980. And the third series has 50 episodes which was aired from 3 March 1984 to 28 September 1985.

Before the first series started, there was Lupin III Pilot film which was about 12 minutes and 30 seconds long which was aired on 1969 (but it was re-made and aired on 1978).

Cerere de modificare

Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Lupin is Burning 25 m
2.   The Man They Call a Magician 25 m
3.   Farewell My Beloved Witch 25 m
4.   One Chance for a Prison Break 25 m
5.   Introducing Goemon the 13th 25 m
6.   Danger of a Rainy Afternoon 25 m
7.   A Wolf is a Wolf 25 m
8.   Everyone Meets Again, the Trump Plan 25 m
9.   An Assassin Sings the Blues 25 m
10.   Target the Counterfeit Money Maker 25 m
11.   When the Seventh Bridge Falls 25 m
12.   Who`s the Last one to Laugh 25 m
13.   Beware the Time Machine! 25 m
14.   The Emerald`s Secret 25 m
15.   Let`s Catch Lupin and Go to Europe 25 m
16.   Operation Jewel Snatch 25 m
17.   Lupin Caught in a Trap 25 m
18.   Keep an Eye on the Beauty Contest 25 m
19.   Which of the Third Generation Will Win? 25 m
20.   Catch the Phony Lupin! 25 m
21.   Rescue the Tomboy! 25 m
22.   The First Move Wins Computer Operation! 25 m
23.   The Great Gold Showdown! 25 m
C1.   Opening Eps 1-3.9 1 m
C2.   Opening Eps 4-8.10-15 1 m
C3.   Opening Eps 16-23 1 m
C4.   Ending 1 m



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