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DmonHiro: [22:17] Macron 1 dublata NU se gaseste pe BakaBT. Ei au duar originalul, cu audio in Japoneza.
mcv2500: [20:39] mcv2500
CyBeR: [05:41] E pe baka. 720p. Seria completa in japoneza.
CyBeR: [05:40] Axxa, e destul de dificil de gasit.
Axxa78: [08:34] Are cineva seria Macron 1 engleza dublata in ro?sunt disperat nu găsesc nicaieri
Waves02: [18:00] Alt site bun pt anime:
WiNN: [00:14] Mai face careva AMV-uri pe aici?
WiNN: [00:13] Salut
anime-user: [23:58] pun aci un site fain de vazut anime-uri:, nu are reclame si merge foarte bine, plus ca content-ul ii la calitate foarte buna
anime-user: [23:56] aaaaa
Brain Powerd
Brain Powerd
Titlu:  Brain Powerd
Kanji:  ブレンパワード
Gen:  Actiune, Aventura, Mecha, SciFi
An:  1998
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  26
Studio:  Sunrise
Rating:  - (0)
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In the not so distant future much of the earth has been submerged under the sea or destroyed by earthquakes. At the center of the turmoil is the mysterious Orphan. Orphan may or may not be the original cause of the cataclysms. Orphan`s goal is to raise a ship hidden deep beneath the sea to the surface, but doing so would result in the destruction of all humans except for the small number which are loyal to Orphan.

Orphan`s agents pilot mysterious mecha known as Grand Cheres, and search the world for mysterious, giant disks which occasionally appear, flying at high speeds and wrecking much of the countryside, or cities, when they hit the ground. After a dying disc almost kills Hime, a Brain Powerd is born from the disc. Brain Powerds are another type of Mecha, similar to but not the same as Grand Cheres.

Hime becomes the Brain Powerd`s pilot, forming a symbiotic relationship with the living mecha and joins an International Organization dedicated to stopping Orphan, or at the very least saving humanity should Orphan succeed.

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Departing from the Ocean Depths 25 m
2.   Fated Reunion 25 m
3.   Yuu`s Battle 25 m
4.   The Hometown Flame 25 m
5.   Friend or Foe 25 m
6.   Double Revival 25 m
7.   Rejection 25 m
8.   At the Port of Call 25 m
9.   Jonathan`s Sword 25 m
10.   Temptation of the Plates 25 m
11.   Sister and Brother 25 m
12.   Independent Course of Action 25 m
13.   Stately Surfacing 25 m
14.   Are Souls Solitary 25 m
15.   Perfect Breakthrough 25 m
16.   The Uninvited Guest 25 m
17.   Beyond the Curtain 25 m
18.   The Depths of Love 25 m
19.   The Moving Mountain Range 25 m
20.   The Governor`s Ambitions 25 m
21.   A Problem of Hallucination 25 m
22.   All or Nothing 25 m
23.   Sweet Memories 25 m
24.   Tricking Memories 25 m
25.   Orphan`s Hesitation 25 m
26.   Flight 25 m



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