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MC Hammer:
Yoite-San: [14:50] desu
Yoite-San: [18:07] dumnezo nam mai fost pe aci din 2014 smile.gif)
DmonHiro: [22:17] Macron 1 dublata NU se gaseste pe BakaBT. Ei au duar originalul, cu audio in Japoneza.
mcv2500: [20:39] mcv2500
CyBeR: [05:41] E pe baka. 720p. Seria completa in japoneza.
CyBeR: [05:40] Axxa, e destul de dificil de gasit.
Axxa78: [08:34] Are cineva seria Macron 1 engleza dublata in ro?sunt disperat nu găsesc nicaieri
Waves02: [18:00] Alt site bun pt anime:
WiNN: [00:14] Mai face careva AMV-uri pe aici?
HeatGuy J
HeatGuy J
Titlu:  HeatGuy J
Kanji:  ヒートガイジェイ
Sinonime:  HeatGuy-J, Heat Guy Jay
Gen:  Actiune, Mecha, SciFi
An:  2002
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  25
Studio:  Satelight, TBS, Bandai Visual
Rating:  - (0)
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In the far future, there are seven cities located on a planet. Each of them are independent from each other and formed countries because there is no other life on the planet other than those seven cities.

The story takes place in one of the cities called Judo. Judo is a floating artificial city build on the sea roughly 30km on its diameter. City administration tower located in the center with large skyscraper residences around it. The south area of this city is a slum where most of crimes take place.

Speaking of crime, Daisuke Aurora is the city safety control officer. His job is to preceive any incidents and prevent them before they happened. On the surface he looks as a person with sense of justice and humanity, however he`s actually taking out crimes because of his father, a politician, who was assassinated by terrorists. Luckily, he has a partner, an android called Jay (R-JAJA000106).

(taken from

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Town - Guy 24 m
2.   Blaze - War 24 m
3.   Rumor - Bomb 24 m
4.   Chaos 24 m
5.   Doll 24 m
6.   Money 24 m
7.   Revenge - Circulation 24 m
8.   Brother 24 m
9.   Trust 24 m
10.   Guns 24 m
11.   Mirage 24 m
12.   Visitor 24 m
13.   Encounter 24 m
14.   Arrow 24 m
15.   Target 24 m
16.   Survival 24 m
17.   Independence 24 m
18.   Truth 24 m
19.   Fake 24 m
20.   Tears 24 m
21.   Fortress 24 m
22.   Play 24 m
23.   Alteration 24 m
24.   Revolution 24 m
25.   Guys 24 m
S1.   Angel (DVD edition) 24 m
T1.   Preview 2 m



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