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dmf: [05:30] blast from the past
MC Hammer:
Silver.C: [21:49] desu
Urfe: [11:59] Ziua buna
MC Hammer:
Ranma-kun: [17:44] Desu
Ranma-kun: [17:38] Coyotee, there be Bugs, Dragon Bugs
MC Hammer:
Coyotee: [16:25] desu
spyderverr: [23:05] S-a dat ceva gratis pe 21 Jan 2020 ? smile.gif))
Shin Kimagure Orange Road - Soshite, Ano Natsu no Hajimari
Shin Kimagure Orange Road - Soshite, Ano Natsu no Hajimari
Titlu:  Shin Kimagure Orange Road - Soshite, Ano Natsu no Hajimari
Kanji:  新きまぐれオレンジ★ロード そして、あの夏のはじまり
Engleza:  New Kimagure Orange Road - Summer`s Beginning
Sinonime:  Kimagure Orange Road - Summer`s beginning, New Kimagure Orange Road
Gen:  Comedie, Drama, Ecchi, Magie, Romantic
An:  1996
Tip:  Film
Episoade:  0
Studio:  Studio Pierrot
Rating:  - (1)
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The time-gap between this Kimagure Orange Road movie with the previous movie, ova and tv series is pretty wide.. maybe around 10 years. If you watch the old Kimagure Orange Road series and this one, you will notice the difference between old-style anime drawing and this one. Anyway.. here is the captions from the box provided by ADV:

A near-fatal traffic accident sends 19 year-old Kyosuke Kasuga spinning three years forward in time, where his future self is missing and presumed dead. It`s a race against time to find the missing 22 year-old Kyosuke and return the 19 year-old version to his proper time before he dies. To make matters worse, Kyosuke stumbles across the vivacious Hikaru, recently returned to Japan, whose feelings for him haven`t changed. Now, on top of everything else, he`s faced with the added task of remaining true to his beloved Madoka. Will love triumph over all obstacles? Or will the relationship so painstakingly built unravel?

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Complete Movie 95 m
2.   Part 1 of 2 47 m
3.   Part 2 of 2 48 m



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