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MC Hammer:
Ranma-kun: [17:44] Desu
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MC Hammer:
Coyotee: [16:25] desu
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Titlu:  Spiral
Kanji:  スパイラル -推理の絆-
Sinonime:  Spiral ~Bond of inference~, Spiral ~Bond of Reasoning~, Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~
Gen:  Actiune, Comedie, Detectiv, Drama, Mister
An:  2002
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  25
Studio:  SME Visual Works, TV Tokyo, J.C.STAFF, Sony Visual Works
General 9.24 (9)
Grafica:  9.22
OST:  8.78
Personaje:  9.67
Scenariu:  9.11
Impresie:  9.44
Subberi:  Atentie! Lista de subberi poate fi incorecta!
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Narumi Ayumu lives in the shadow of his older brother`s disappearance two years earlier. Now residing with his brother`s wife, police detective Narumi Madoka, Ayumu is constantly preoccupied by the last words his brother spoke: Blade Children. As a series of mysteries arise, Ayumu uses his formidable detective skills to solve the crimes. But it is always the larger mysteries that continue to loom over him. Who are the Blade Children? Why did his brother disappear? - summary by Madoka

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Spiral of Fate 23 m
2.   Seiju Hall of Death 23 m
3.   Cursed Children 23 m
4.   Fortune of Believers 23 m
5.   The Mist`s Gallows of Death 23 m
6.   The Blind Spot in the Surrounding Net 23 m
7.   A Choice of a Nonbeliever 23 m
8.   Just a Day of the Defeated 23 m
9.   All Things That Are Possible To You 23 m
10.   Only One Wise Action 23 m
11.   Goodnight Sweethearts 23 m
12.   Very Dried Pupil 23 m
13.   Overture - First Theme 23 m
14.   Like a Sweet Aroma Haze 23 m
15.   Like a Swan 23 m
16.   An Unexpected Man with Questions 23 m
17.   The dark scanner 23 m
18.   The Lamenting Angel 23 m
19.   Mirror of the Heart 23 m
20.   Whispering Shadow 23 m
21.   Sound of a Heartbreak 23 m
22.   The Mask`s Confession 23 m
23.   Neverending Rain 23 m
24.   Man of the High Castle 23 m
25.   The sound that dissolves the frozen iris 23 m



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