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elpreda: [22:23] Re: Zero season 2 coming up later this year. Bringing you back up to speed
Shitsumanu: [21:25] Ah, nostalgie si amintiri. Good old times!
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Mumusan: [06:49] deadxdead desu
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Coyotee: [13:13] din pacate
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Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer
Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer
Titlu:  Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer
Kanji:  機動天使エンジェリックレイヤー
Engleza:  Angelic Layer
Sinonime:  Battle Doll Angelic Layer
Gen:  Actiune, Comedie, Scoala, Shounen
An:  2001
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  26
Rating:  - (0)
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Misaki Suzuhara is a sixth grader who has just moved to Tokyo to live with her aunt. She stumbles across a merchandising phenomenon known as Angelic Layer in which a person can purchase a doll and custom design it. Once their doll is finished, they can link to it through new technology and have it move however they want, as long as its within the confines of a field known as a "layer." In these fields there are battles to see who is the best at Angelic Layer that occur at tourist traps or at special tournaments; Misaki meets a strange man known only as Icchan who gets her involved in the games. The man for some reason believes that she has high potential to become one of the greatest players of all time...

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Hello! My very own Angel! 24 m
2.   Good luck Hikaru! Our First Fight! 24 m
3.   Who are you? Misaki`s Heart Throbbing lesson 24 m
4.   The Angel came to dance 24 m
5.   I don`t want to lose! Believe in Hikaru 24 m
6.   Light speed Suzuka. Hatoko`s rival declaration 24 m
7.   A painful fight. Misaki`s last chance 24 m
8.   Misaki vs. Misaki? A dangerous classmate 24 m
9.   Sing Misaki! The Deus is an idol! 24 m
10.   Naughty sisters! Sought after Hikaru 24 m
11.   Conclusion. Mau`s playing with real swords 24 m
12.   Misaki and Kotarou. A nervous date between two people! 24 m
13.   Pure Buranche, Kaede`s smile 24 m
14.   I won`t give up! Therefore an angel was born 24 m
15.   Shirahime versus Suzuka. The ice machine`s secret 24 m
16.   The deciding match. Hikaru`s last attack 24 m
17.   I`ve decided on you. The person Misaki chose 24 m
18.   A lot of formidble fighters. At the national meet 24 m
19.   System Crash! Tempest`s Funagami face off 24 m
20.   The rival is Icchan? The two-time battle of losing 24 m
21.   The summer sea? Who is loved by whom? 24 m
22.   Suddenly Alone Together! The Secret Double Date! 24 m
23.   Break Through the Magical Wall. Misaki vs. Ojiro 24 m
24.   Reach Out to Misaki. This Feeling over the Rainbow 24 m
25.   Another meeting with fate, an angel wet with tears 24 m
26.   Angels Wings. Please Pull me and Hikaru Together! 24 m
C1.   Creditless Opening 2 m
C2.   Creditless Ending 1 2 m
C3.   Creditless Ending 2 2 m



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