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Titlu:  Rockman.EXE
Kanji:  ロックマン エグゼ
Engleza:  MegaMan: NT Warrior
Sinonime:  מגה מן: לוחם הרשת, Rockman EXE
Gen:  Actiune, Game, Mecha, SciFi, Shounen
An:  2002
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  56
Studio:  NAS, Shogakukan Productions, TV Tokyo, XEBEC
Rating:  - (0)
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Hikari Netto is a fifth grader at Akihara Elementry. He has a Net Navi called Rockman which is stored on Personal Terminals (PET). Two of Netto`s fellow classmates Dekao has a Net Navi called Gutsman, and Meiru with a custom Net Navi called Roll. Dekao and Netto usually battle each other in the net just to prove who is stronger.

Net Navis are popular with the kids and they can have net battles which they log their PET into a computer and fight inside the computer. Each Net Navi can be customized to each individual person to their liking. while in a net battle the kids can plug in battle chips to give their Navi a weapon to fight with.

However, an evil organization called the World Three have been using Net Navi`s to set terrorist attacks on computer networks and the only one to stop them is Rockman, Gutsman and Roll.

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Plug in! Rockman! 23 m
2.   Spontaneous Happenings in the Subway! 23 m
3.   Signal Panic 23 m
4.   Count to Three ! 24 m
5.   Challange of the Fish Stampede! 24 m
6.   Subzero Temperature! 24 m
7.   Duel at Midnight! 24 m
8.   Revenge of Fireman 24 m
9.   Yoga Soldier of Terror! 24 m
10.   The N1 Grand Prix 23 m
11.   Invisible Enemy! 23 m
12.   Crash! The Pink Spark! 23 m
13.   Burning Hot (Exploding) Net Battle! 23 m
14.   Street Fight! 23 m
15.   Special Training - Program Advance! 23 m
16.   Wonderous (Miracle) Net Navis! 23 m
17.   Commander Beef`s Identity 23 m
18.   Secret Operation! (Evil Maneuvers!) World 3! 23 m
19.   Horrid! Demon Chip! 23 m
20.   Yaito-chan, Close Call! 23 m
21.   Ultimate Tag BR Whirlwind! 23 m
22.   The Final Battle`s End 23 m
23.   King of Devastation, Pharohman 23 m
24.   Rockman Revival Strategy! 23 m
25.   Revive! Rockman! m
26.   Bizarre! Mystery of the Ghost Ship! m
27.   To Become an Idol! 23 m
28.   Rockman Stolen! 23 m
29.   Trap of the Poisonous Snake Lady! 23 m
30.   Capture Chantra Lake`s Long-Necked Dinosaur! 23 m
31.   The Splendid Curry Battle! 23 m
32.   Net City! 23 m
33.   Destroy the Virus Factory! 23 m
34.   Great Confusion in Electronic Money! 23 m
35.   Zero Seconds Before the Breaking of the Dam! 23 m
36.   Turn Densan City to the South Pole Plan! 23 m
37.   Crimson Flash! 23 m
38.   Strangely Strong! Cutman Brothers! 23 m
39.   Pretty Pretty Princess! 23 m
40.   I`ll Battle You! 23 m
41.   The Good Dog, Rush! 23 m
42.   Gospel, A Change of Life! 23 m
43.   I Will Lead in Baseball! 23 m
44.   Kightman`s Betrayal! 23 m
45.   Get to that Moon! 23 m
46.   Dr. Wily`s Inheritance! 23 m
47.   Net Mobile Grand Prix! 23 m
48.   The Cybernetic Monster! 23 m
49.   Gospel! 23 m
50.   Forte 23 m
51.   Break Down! 23 m
52.   The Secret of the House of Ayanokouji 23 m
53.   Commander Beef VS Netto-kun! 23 m
54.   Chisao Has Come to Town! 23 m
55.   Blues` Long Day 23 m
56.   Virus Busters! 23 m



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