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Mitsubachi Maya no Bouken
Mitsubachi Maya no Bouken
Titlu:  Mitsubachi Maya no Bouken
Kanji:  みつばちマーヤの冒険
Sinonime:  מאיה הדבורה, Adventures of Maya the Honeybee, Biene Maya, Die Biene Maja, L`ape Maia, Maya l`abeille, Maya the Bee, Pszczółka Maja
Gen:  Aventura
An:  1975
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  52
Studio:  Nippon Animation
Rating:  - (0)
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Maya, a newborn honeybee, brims with curiosity about the world around her.
From the time she is born, she is brought up to be a worker bee, but it is difficult for her to understand and follow the strict rules of the hive because of her individuality and strong desire for independence.
Having collected all the honey around the honeycomb, Maya decides to set out on an adventure to find a flower garden in order to collect more honey for the hive. Her intentions are noble, but because she leaves the hive without permission the Queen sends Maya`s friend Willy to search for the little troublemaker. Willy joins Maya in her quest, and together, beyond the familiar hive, the two friends marvel at the sheer beauty that nature has to offer.
Through many experiences - sometimes enjoyable, sometimes terrible or sad - and encounters with various insects, Maya matures into a strong and wise honeybee.


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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Maya is born 25 m
2.   A vow with dreams 25 m
3.   Into the light 25 m
4.   Putting home behind 25 m
5.   A rose has thorns and bees 25 m
6.   Schnook the dragonfly 25 m
7.   Pook the housefly 25 m
8.   The spider and the lullaby 25 m
9.   Shelter from the rain 25 m
10.   Nest-building poem 25 m
11.   A worm is a worm 25 m
12.   Missing child uproar 25 m
13.   Willie becomes an ant 25 m
14.   A family of earwigs 25 m
15.   Maya`s promise 25 m
16.   Phillip`s big pinch 25 m
17.   100 hearts and 100 legs 25 m
18.   The rain frog`s blunder 25 m
19.   Tear through the wind 25 m
20.   Friends in the earth 25 m
21.   A troublesome grandma 25 m
22.   Maya, captain for a day 25 m
23.   Fly, Phillip! 25 m
24.   The cicada`s song 25 m
25.   The ant`s sixth child 25 m
26.   Cricket`s melody 25 m
27.   Perilous journey 25 m
28.   Beware of imposters 25 m
29.   The locusts are coming 25 m
30.   Maya`s wish 25 m
31.   I want to be big 25 m
32.   Uproar in the cactus patch 25 m
33.   Run, run 25 m
34.   I want a house 25 m
35.   Friends in the water 25 m
36.   Maya becomes a mother 25 m
37.   Big, big Willard 25 m
38.   Two Phillips 25 m
39.   Kitty the flea child 25 m
40.   Maya in the snow 25 m
41.   Spring`s here 25 m
42.   Jack the moth 25 m
43.   Ant ranch 25 m
44.   Maya`s pothole plan 25 m
45.   Liar roach 25 m
46.   A new friend 25 m
47.   Champion all alone 25 m
48.   Fly egg uproar 25 m
49.   Bart the honeybee 25 m
50.   Anthony the ant child 25 m
51.   Trap of the wasps 25 m
52.   Welcome home, Maya 25 m



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