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Hunter X Hunter
Hunter X Hunter
Titlu:  Hunter X Hunter
Kanji:  ハンター×ハンター
Gen:  Actiune, Aventura, Shounen, Super Puteri
An:  1999
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  62
Studio:  Nippon Animation, Togashi Yoshihiro
Rating:  - (3)
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Gon`s father, long believed to be dead, is still alive and was once one of the greatest Hunters in existance. Gon believes he will be able to meet his father once he himself becomes a Hunter. However, before he can become a Hunter, he has to pass the Hunter Exam first, an exam made of numerous tasks and dangerous trials. Persevering and refusing to give up, Gon manages to reach the Hunter Exam, all the while keeping his innocent attitude. Throughout many of the tasks and trials of the Hunter Exam, Gon manages to make many unique friends. Kurapica, a sole survivor of his clan seeking revenge, Leorio, who wants to become a doctor, and Killua, a member of an infamous assassin family, all eventually join up with Gon in hopes of passing the exam together. Each of them have their own reasons for taking the exam, but will they manage to pass it alive? It will be no easy task, as the tasks and trials in the exam are not easy. Aside from worrying about dying from the exam itself, Gon and his friends also have to watch out for killers participating in the exam... [MadX]

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Boy Going on a Journey x Leaving x Sound of the Wind 24 m
2.   Encounter x Intimidation x Departure 24 m
3.   Pride x Stormy Island x Duel 24 m
4.   Decision x Shortcut x Long Way 24 m
5.   Lie x Truth? x Kiriko 24 m
6.   Steak x Marathon x Exam Begins 24 m
7.   Trauma x Limit x Sweet Trap 24 m
8.   Magician x Smile x Wild Animal Warning 24 m
9.   Menchi x Seriously Pissed x Second Exam? 24 m
10.   Failing Score x Panic x Voice from Heaven 24 m
11.   Explore x Sports Spirit x Stowaway 24 m
12.   Good Boy? x Bad Boy? x Killua 24 m
13.   Agree x Disagree x Trap 24 m
14.   Candle x Policy x Internal Discord 24 m
15.   Transient x Life x Majitani 24 m
16.   Rock x Scissor x Heart 24 m
17.   Three People? x Five People? x Last Choice 24 m
18.   Treasure x Memory x Hotel Room 24 m
19.   Separation x Diary x Water Inflow 24 m
20.   Giant Wave x Cannon x Huge Rush 24 m
21.   4th Exam x 44 x Number of Death 24 m
22.   Found Him x Hide x Catch Up! 24 m
23.   Hisoka x Crash x Gon 24 m
24.   Damage x Resume x Fake Smile 24 m
25.   Slimy x Stingy x Inside a Cave 24 m
26.   President x Interview x Paper Test 24 m
27.   Hisoka x Kurapica x The Spider`s Whisper 24 m
28.   Chat x Excuses x Comparing Guts 24 m
29.   Passed! x Failed? x End of Exams m
30.   Killua x Drop Out x Turn Back with Force 24 m
31.   Dismissed x Party x Enemies are Bound to Meet 24 m
32.   Tour x Tourist Attraction x Killua`s House 24 m
33.   Training x Hound x Concerted Effort 24 m
34.   Skateboard X Probatior X Real Intention 23 m
35.   Killua X Punishment X Family Conference 23 m
36.   Coin X Reunion X Change of Clothes 23 m
37.   Sky X Tournament X Fighter Participation 23 m
38.   Nen X Nen X Ren 23 m
39.   Technique X Registration X Combat Begins 23 m
40.   Two Months X Rest X With Nen Restrict Nen 23 m
41.   Bungee X Punch X One Round Match 23 m
42.   Hisoka`s Love X Fight X Gon`s Real Strength m
43.   Talent X Distraught X Nature of Killing 23 m
44.   Waste X Decision X Exam Results? 23 m
45.   Restriction X Oath X Chain of Punishment 23 m
46.   I`m Home X Welcome Home X I`m Killua 23 m
47.   Father X Secret X Confession 23 m
48.   Kurapica X Black Eyes X First Job 23 m
49.   Heartbeat X Kurapica X Dousing Chain 23 m
50.   Killua X 1000 X Hunter`s Bar 23 m
51.   Spider X York Shin X Everybody Together 23 m
52.   Underground Auction X Annihilation X Machine Gun 23 m
53.   Ryodan X Iniyuu X Community 23 m
54.   Hisoka X Alliance X Eliminate Spiders 23 m
55.   Ubo X Kurapica X Senzitsu`s Conscience 23 m
56.   Scarlet Eyes X Final Battle X Cost of Life 23 m
57.   Gon X Treasure X Dangerous Man 23 m
58.   Gon X Killua X Lethal Pursuit 23 m
59.   Spider`s Nest X Captured X Assassin Technique 23 m
60.   Kurapica X Secret Assassins X Zoaldyeck 23 m
61.   Spider Reunion X Zoaldyeck Family X Final Battle 23 m
62.   Kurapica X Friends X Spider`s Doom 24 m



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