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Yoite-San: [11:02] merry belated xmas & happy new year
Mumusan: [04:25] Merry Xmas
NotSure: [05:01] Hello?
Yoite-San: [13:28] mumusan o/
Majin: [20:06] legends never die m8
Mumusan: [11:38] LoL, this forum still exists
notlinyan: [14:55] neko
notlinyan: [14:50] nya
MC Hammer:
Yoite-San: [14:50] desu
Appleseed (2004)
Appleseed (2004)
Titlu:  Appleseed (2004)
Kanji:  アップルシード
Sinonime:  Appleseed 2004, Appurushido
Gen:  Mecha, SciFi
An:  2004
Tip:  Film
Episoade:  0
Studio:  Geneon Entertainment, Toho, Shirow Masamune, Micott & Basara, TBS, TYO, Digital Frontier, MBS, Yamato
Rating:  - (3)
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Immediately after the nonnuclear great war which drove the world into the annihilation state in calendar 2131. The last Utopia which human beings gained in desolation "Olympus." 50% of the population was the human clone <biotechnology ROIDO> built for the purpose of the stability of man society. The young woman soldier who survived the great war, and the Dunant nuts are captured suddenly, and are taken to "Olympus." Once sweetheart BURIAREOSU was before Dunant who woke up. However, he got seriously injured in the North Africa battle line, and bodily [ the great portion of ] was mechanized. Dunant who loses language in the figure in which the former sweetheart was completely changed. However, the fate of Dunant and BURIAREOSU is involved in "the truth of Olympus" exceeding the astonishment ...

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Complete Movie 105 m
2.   Part 1 of 2 49 m
3.   Part 2 of 2 57 m
4.   Part 1 of 3 0 m
5.   Part 2 of 3 0 m
6.   Part 3 of 3 0 m
S1.   Backstage Features 5 m
S2.   Extra - Dive For You 3 m
T1.   Trailer 1 m
T2.   Trailer 2 2 m
O1.   Subtitles 0 m



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