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Axxa78: [08:34] Are cineva seria Macron 1 engleza dublata in ro?sunt disperat nu găsesc nicaieri
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Titlu:  Whistle
Sinonime:  Whistle!
Gen:  Shounen, Sporturi
An:  2002
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  39
Studio:  Shueisha
Rating:  - (0)
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Whistle! is based on a popular manga under the same title published on weekly "Shounen Jump" by Daisuke Higuchi. It was made into anime to celebrate 2002 FIFA World Cup which will be co-hosted by Japan and Korea. The story focuses on Sho Kazamatsuri, one of the best junior highschool soccer player. The theme of the anime is youth, friendship, a hero who try hard without giving up his dream to be the best soccer player and his team mates.

There are 30 seconds of soccer mini lesson on every episode to introduce the foundation of soccers such as how to kick...

Cerere de modificare

Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Break Through The Wall 24 m
2.   Run With Teammates 24 m
3.   Hit The Goal 24 m
4.   Never Give Up On The Future 24 m
5.   Gotta Be The Forward 24 m
6.   Venge Forward 24 m
7.   Vor! 24 m
8.   Catch The Last Pass 24 m
9.   Leap Over The Wall 24 m
10.   Grab A Position On The Team 24 m
11.   Back To The Field 24 m
12.   Make A Way 24 m
13.   Find Your Own Path 24 m
14.   Run Over The Tears 24 m
15.   Go For The Ball 24 m
16.   Let`s Beat`em With Teamwork 24 m
17.   Let It Go 24 m
18.   You`ve gotta believe in yourself 25 m
19.   Understanding one another 25 m
20.   Feel my friends pain / Blast away the nightmare 25 m
21.   Always Run Ahead 24 m
22.   Fly With Your Friends 24 m
23.   Pursue The Palpitation 24 m
24.   Aim for the World 24 m
25.   Break Trough Their Flat 3 24 m
26.   See the father at the shoot 24 m
27.   Take a chance on the unknown 24 m
28.   Beat your rival 24 m
29.   Never Regret - Show us all your power 24 m
30.   Control the game - Give him good passes! 24 m
31.   Sharpen your skill 24 m
32.   Find your way out 24 m
33.   Back to origin 24 m
34.   Be the wind ! 24 m
35.   Brand new tomorrow - Journey to tomorrow 24 m
36.   Look at this uniform / Live up to this uniform! 24 m
37.   Enjoy a game 24 m
38.   Get a chance / Create a chance! 24 m
39.   Whistle for the victory / Listen to the victory whistle! 26 m



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