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F-Zero Falcon Densetsu
F-Zero Falcon Densetsu
Titlu:  F-Zero Falcon Densetsu
Kanji:  F-ZERO ファルコン伝説
Gen:  Mecha, Actiune
An:  2003
Tip:  TV
Episoade:  51
Studio:  Ashi Productions
Rating:  - (1)
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It’s the year 2201. Mankind has already made big achievements in space, and the scientific civilization is developing more and more!

The difference between rich and poor has become vast! Naturally, this causes conflicts! In the whole universe, people are being crazy about personal use machines that are used in Highspeed-Races, called F-Zero.

With their loud racing machines, they are competing on race tracks located everywhere in the universe for the title of the universe’s fastest driver. It is the future’s F-1-Race! Reckless pilots from every part of the universe gather around to fight for the prize-money and the highest honour achievable.

Among these pilots the newcomer Ryu Suzaku and the mysterious masked Captain Pilot are the most popular ones. Each race they jostle in order to win, which always ends up in a violent fight.

But Ryu, being on the top of his fame, has yet another face...

In the year 2051, Ryu Suzaku worked as a police detective and got into an accident whilst a mission, got incurably hurt and put into artificial coldsleep. 150 years later he is rehabilitated and given a new live by the military forces.

He works secretly for the "Milky Way Police" in order to capture a criminal organization that wants to get hands on the extremely high F-Zero Grand-Prix-Money. Ryu has suddenly lost his own live.

However, Zoda, the criminal that caused the accident a 150 years ago, is revived in this time and Ryu, who knows about his secret moves he is using, now for the second time, now in the F-Zero-Races, decided to participate for his squad.

While continuously fighting the cruel races, Ryu also says good bye to his former life!

Cerere de modificare

Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   Legendary Start!! 23 m
2.   Captain Falcon 23 m
3.   Apprentice Trooper Lucy 23 m
4.   Calling on Samurai Goroh! 23 m
5.   Brilliant Trap! 23 m
6.   Songstress Kate Alen 23 m
7.   The Trap of Michael Chain 23 m
8.   Miss Killer Puzzle 23 m
9.   Jody`s Secret 23 m
10.   Roger and Draq 23 m
11.   The Boy From Planet Heiru 23 m
12.   Black Shadow Laughs 23 m
13.   Humanity and Justice 23 m
14.   Iron Man Neelsen 23 m
15.   Sinper Pico 23 m
16.   Leave it to Super Arrow 23 m
17.   Ryu`s Magnificent Day Off 23 m
18.   Clark`s Adventure 23 m
19.   Lucy`s Epic Duel Between Gomar-Shioh 23 m
20.   The Dissaperance of Mrs. Arrow 23 m
21.   The Feverish Womens` Battle!! 23 m
22.   Ryu and Falcon 23 m
23.   Running Through! Spin Booster!! 23 m
24.   Octoman`s Dream 23 m
25.   Super Substance Reactor Dynamite! 23 m
26.   Ambition of Zoda 23 m
27.   Hunter Beastman 23 m
28.   Invitation from Black Shadow 23 m
29.   Mighty Gazelle! 23 m
30.   Only One Falcon 23 m
31.   Vestige 23 m
32.   Scream from the Darkness 23 m
33.   James McCloud 23 m
34.   Clark and Gazelle 23 m
35.   Falcon`s Confession 23 m
36.   Haruka 23 m
37.   Grim Reaper Jack Levin 23 m
38.   Falcon`s Crimson Flower 23 m
39.   Elite Mobile Platoon Breakup! 23 m
40.   Coffee Break 23 m
41.   Annihilate Black Shadow! 23 m
42.   The Castle of Don Genie 23 m
43.   Awakening 23 m
44.   Black Shadow`s Undertaking 23 m
45.   Zoda 23 m
46.   The Legendary Man 23 m
47.   Fate 23 m
48.   The Dark Reactor 23 m
49.   The 150-Year Decision 23 m
50.   Black Shadow 23 m
51.   The Legend of Falcon!! 23 m



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