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Coyotee: [13:13] din pacate
MC Hammer:
elpreda: [08:45] there's no one to even haunt desu
Majin: [23:50] Hoooo!Hoooo!
elpreda: [00:42] in solitude, where we are least alone
StuardLocko: [16:20] sunt singur pe aici?
StuardLocko: [16:20] f
elpreda: [22:40] Truck-kun is on a rampage
elpreda: [20:10] but they did a great job so far, looks like we're getting some good stuff this season as well
elpreda: [20:09] oooh, cand am auzit ca apare Goblin Slayer animat mi-a fost ca o sa sara peste all the nasty can't show this to kids parts

Sakura Taisen Sumire Kanzaki Intai Kinen ~Su Mi Re~
Sakura Taisen Sumire Kanzaki Intai Kinen ~Su Mi Re~
Titlu:  Sakura Taisen Sumire Kanzaki Intai Kinen ~Su Mi Re~
Kanji:  『サクラ大戦』~神崎すみれ引退記念~「す・み・れ」
Sinonime:  Sakura Wars Sumire Kanzaki Retirement Show ~Su Mi Re~
Gen:  SciFi, Muzica, Drama
An:  2002
Tip:  OVA
Episoade:  1
Studio:  RADIX
Rating:  - (0)
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[From AnimeNFO]

As Sumire Kanzaki (Tomizawa Michie) shockingly announced her retirement in Tokyo Game Show 2001 in Japan, in 2002 a New Year public show was performed as a "Sumire Kanzaki retirement commemoration". A new Sakura Taisen OVA was also released to commemorate her retirement:

Sumire Kanzaki who has continued fighting as a member of the Imperial Floral Assault Unit, which protects the capital city from darkness, is bewildered and her worries increase. She finally chooses to withdraw from Imperial Floral Assault unit and from the opera team stage as well. Of course, her friends are shocked by this sudden decision, but Sumire`s resolution to retire cannot be reversed. While everyone held various thoughts in their hearts and minds, the time of commencement of performance "Kanzaki Sumire retirement commemoration public performance" draws near...

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Lista episoade
Ep. Titlu Durata
1.   OVA 24 m



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