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Full Version: Fresh out the oven: "When Kain met Lillith..."
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When Kain met Lillith?.

Chapter I: ?The scene?

Dark smoke everywhere. The roars of the fresh battle still echoes upon the desolated plains. Everywhere one could look, only frightened carcasses of dead warriors. Zombies, warlocks, daemons, devils, the works. The rotten stench could make the easy-hearted fake. Only the insurmonable warmth betrays the recent struggle. Death and decay. And silence?Would this be the place for one to find out the truth of one self? Where else? How much can you know about yourself until you battle? Even a battle of epic proportions and imessurable destruction, even with faith itself against you. Here is the place where two lost souls will rejoyce and learn about themselves, even with rather unorthodox measures.

Chapter II: ?The couple?

He is walking. And so is she. Ying and yang, facing each other with their blades drawn. Awesome sight, really?

Balance within the heavy silence. A perfect dance, but surely with no en-core. And no happy ending. The warriors seem hot and ready. First a complete analysis of the opponent? So he is a male , and she a female. Obvious. Well, not specifically, but damn close to it?But they don?t know that. The first of their kind, unique, both of them. They never saw each other before, and even better than that, they fight on separate sides!

Now, who are these two?

Chapter III: ?A rather short history??

He, dear friends, is Kain. No first name, born of mist and shadow, apparently. No past, except a bloody chain of battles if you?re willing to count them? he knows nothing about who he really is, but for the incontrolable urge to kill all living, betraying his heritage as part thiefling. He enjoys wielding his full force in battles, nearly always tilting the scales of fate on his side. Never met his parents, if that is what you would call them? And taking his current temperament, his predecessors better not get in the way of his bloody furry. For their own sake, of course.

Now meet Lillith. Cunning, fast and until now, always deadly. Quite a piece of work. Devilish work, actually, because that is the nature of her? ?parents?. One could safely assume such accounting for the bloody residue left behind by this bloody princess after her birth, already as a mature individual. Not a fan of her own parents and a natural born assassin, quite the combination, don?t you agree? Agile, resembling a succubus in beauty and a dark demigod in power, she is not the one to back up in a battle, no matter the odds. In fact, her past adversaries would tremble before her awesome might, if any were still alive. No, no exception to this rule?

Chapter IV: ?Boss to boss?

They saw each other?as a glimpse, a speck of dust in an immense dessert while combat was still rampaging through bone, flesh, meat and scales alike. It seemed that time stood still at that very moment, as if somehow fate was giving them one last present before she unleashed her cruel distant, but nevertheless immobile decision upon the two.

The very battlefield trembled as they crossed swords! As two wolves in winter fighting over the same prey, with teeth pulled out and that inhumane death field rising in their very eyes. But it was so much more than just survival! It was competition at its very best. Two unknown, terrifyingly powerful creatures fighting for supremacy, for survival and, somehow, for each other.

The swords quickly fell. It was time to show their real strength.

Without hesitation , Kain brought abut his deadly storms. In a second, the sky turned pitch black and clouds filled up the horizon. Lighting and thunder were once at home, rampaging the remaining battle forces, friends and foes alike. As the unleashed elements pushed forward, they turned all life and death they encountered into smoldering masses of burnt matter. No one could escape this final expression of Kains anger, dissipated over his hundreds years of existence!

In return, Lillith summoned forth her thousand bloody ravens. The portion of the sky above Lillith quickly turned bloody red. An unholy rain of blood started flooding the vast lands behind the blood mistress tearing any found in its path apart. In the distant horizon, black masses of squirming flyers formed and covered what was left of the pale light illuminating the battlefield. They were her trusted ravens, by the tens of thousands, always hungry, always ferocious and ready to devour life.

As the two forces clashed, the very string of time seemed in disorder because of the chaos created. Apparently, no one was to survive such a cataclysm, let alone two of them.

But then they faced each other. Only now their expressions of anger would truly manifest seemingly distorting their very appearance. They clashed in their own blood. Each teared off pieces of flesh belonging to the opponent, but never managed to slow the other down. It was as if infinite blood and flesh could be carved in either of them with no remorse and cause no disabilities. They kept fighting for that for what seemed eons beyond remembrance? Until their anger and fighting spirit turned into lust. Fighting each other meant knowing each other in an indescribable yet beautiful way.

Chapter V: ?And so comes the embrace?

And so they embraced? A dark ritual of untold beauty and ferocity. While copulating, they kept tearing of skin and to drink the partners blood. This infernal, sickly daemonic embrace was not to be soon forgotten, however! Nature was unleashed all around them. Lilliths ravens circled round, forming a dark curtain, inevitably contributing to the privacy of the fresh lovers, irrezistably drawn to the dark powers at work.

They fell in love with each other. Lillith could now clearly see the death Kains eyes emanated, as Kain could see the blood Lilliths eyes held. A symbol of death and life at its very suffering, a ying and yang belonging to the same side, different yet complementary. These were the two.

As they spent time together, Lillith could feel a certain familiarity in Kain. The truth was not far behind. They were brothers of the same daemonic parents, the same blood now purged by incest. But it did not matter any more. What mattered to them were each other.

Not only was Kain always demented by his killing frenzies, this was far more than just a temperamental state, it was the curse he was born with. Feeling that, Lilliths only desire was to free the one she loved from such a tremendous burden.

Kain feared Lillith felt incomplete. Her desires to kill were not fueled, as in his case, by any loss or emotion, but rather to fill a deep abiss lurking in her soul. Always twisted and worried, she reacted quickly to any attempts of help lended by Kain.

Until they confessed each other. A tremenduos act of trust? The solution was now clear. Kain needed to sacrifice someone important to him in order to feel disgusted and weakened by the act of killing. Lillith needed to make a self sacrifice in order to redeem herself and to complete her always unfilled, immense crevass in her soul. And so they did. Out of love. Out of passion. Out of everything that is beautiful in a relantionship, even if the actors are grotesque creatures with immense powers.

Their love gave them power, gave them the strength needed to fufil the others desires. Kain redeemed Lillith by plunging his hand deep in her chest and grabbing hold of her still pumping heart. While he did that, she closely embraced him, and so the two were once again one. A ritual of live and death, a carnival, if you may. The drama was now unfolding. Giving up her terrible powers, Lillith found herself the power needed to stay alive for hours. She just looked at Kain, who in turn watched over her. Finally, to save Kain from his terrible curse, she gave up her thread of live and turned to the hallow oblivion? Kain was now free, still clutching maniacally her yet warm body. Her blood was all over him, a red shroud that enraptured his very being, his very soul. Driven mad with tragedy, he let out one final scream; not of war, not of death, but of fear, of loneliness and immesurable despair to the tragedy he just witnessed? Desperate, he howled into the eternal night. His screams reached the gods. Impressed with the devotion and pure love manifested in the now pitiful creature, they send him to his last wish. His end would now come, to succumb himself in oblivion in search for his loved one? He grew black wings, His feathers now covered Lilliths body, as a final gift to his dead mistress. He then caught fire. His last words were of thanks to the gods that let this happen, the only words of gratitude they would ever hear from the terrible being.

Chapter VI

Such devotion in mudvayne creatures? True love in beasts designed only to kill. Sacred emotions in the oldest and evilest of things. A paradox? A gift? Perhaps, a curse?

Why not believe, reader? Can you not fathom such beliefs? Think there is no human side to darkness? Well, ponder upon my words, and may you find the truth of this telling. Lillith sacrificed herself, a symbol to the doom soon to be imposed by another, Eve. Kain died torn apart with grief and despair, anticipating another sacred sacrifice yet to come.

The dark side is human, dear reader. It is alive in all of us, more or less, guiding our decisions as we walk the path of destiny, the course of our lives. If you do not want to embrace it out of fear, perhaps, it is alright. Just acknolege her eternal presence and make peace with your demons, before your fear might materyalise and they consume both you and your soul?
Noah, bine ca acuma il descopar shi pe forum. AM avut ocazia sa il citesc shi sincer... mi-a placut. Decrii foarte mishto partea psihologica a personajelor shi ce ar trebuie sa simta etc in stil romantic. Very good young Padawan! wink.gif Keep up the great work... hope to hear more of your writings...
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