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Full Version: Just as an angel appears...
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Am promis ca imi voi incerca si pe forum sa-mi dau drumul la demoni!

Iata si ce a iesit....

I am an angel?

A creature born of light , warmth , with no past , future or present?

I linger down here in the darkness. It seems as an interminable ghastly crevasse in my soul , so deep and dark?

I know nothing , I feel nothing except what I see and feel from the cold , damped walls of my cave , my prison?

I try not to worry? I actually hope to see the sky one day! The blue sky , it is fantastic. At least I think it is. Blue must be a nice color.

I have wings. Four beautiful wings to call my own. My own prized possessions , the only reminisce I have to point out my kin. But now I have lost them! Usually , they?re ghost white , but sometimes , just rarely , I grow what I like to call rainbow wings.

They?re so beautiful! They make a magnificent sparkle in contrast with my dark surroundings! It?s just like having a close friend.

It is about time, I miss a friend?

But wait! What a warm feeling! Delightful! Unbelievable! It feels like my happiness and joy leave my body to fill the air! Perfumes cover my body and laughter shines upon my face as I witness again the birth of my new wings! Suddenly , color invades them as they stretch from my shoulders.. Yes , they?re the angel wings! My soul rejoices as at the site of a long lost friend?

Fantastic! I share happiness along with my new founded treasure! The sheer pleasure , the excitement! It is indescribable!

I shall stat my ascent at once!

I carefully flap my creations , somehow afraid not to hurt them. But they seem as ready as ever to taste the air!

My ascension has begun. For a long time all I see is darkness? So quiet, so peaceful. Like all life has ended; other than the colorful sounds of my busy wings, all seems dead , including me. A passage which seem like an eternity passes. But as I reach further into the dark ceiling of my entrapments, my heart starts to beat faster , my wings agitate , eager to taste the fresh air and the pure blue of the sky.

But as usual , he awaits for me in darkness? I spot him much too late for my own safety, for being completely dark offers him the camouflage he needs.

He has been studying me for a while now. I nearly freeze as I encounter his dark glaze? My bits of sanity implore me not to venture any further but to seek shelter at once and avoid his wrath! My wings try desperately to taste the light , for beyond my nemesis lies the gate towards the sky , towards my salvation; in their struggle I sense hope , and without further judgment , I plunge towards the light!

But he has seen through me? Descending from darkness, darkness herself is now upon me! With a swift shank of it?s claws , my face is torn to shreds. Unbalanced, I begin to fall , desperately trying to clutch the air as I sink into the abyss.

But it was not enough! My punishment will be a lot more severer than a mere scratch and my shattered dream of escape. Rushing towards me , I see the demon ready to execute his sentence. His claws dig deep into my flesh , and red blood floods everywhere , painting the stalagmites and stalactites of the entrapment as we dance the ritual dance of death down towards to the bedrock of my nightmare , of what I have been calling home for as long as I remembered?

I hit the rock with my entire body , face down. For a brief moment all I hear is silence?

But then he is again upon me. Violently , he tears my wings of one by one. The pain is excruciating , more than my sanity could ever bare. But I am forced to accept the punishment , no less?

With a greedy look, he engulfs my wings, devouring them rapidly, nearly chocking with pleasure and satisfaction.

Then he disappears , without looking back. I am left shattered and alone in my pit of solitude.

I have lost my wings to the beast again?
La inceputul povestii, incepusem sa intru in o depresie profunda pt ca imi adusese aminte de situatia mea, you know it ... si pana la partea cu intunericul, ma regasisem intru totul. Credeam ca va avea un happy ending, si vroiam sa spun si eu partea mea de poveste din acel punct mai departe, dar am citit in continuare si am observat ca demersul povestii se aseamana cu ce aveam eu de zis... mai putin ca la mine nu s-a terminat inca, eu inca sunt la stadiul in care imi rupe aripile... my beautifull wings... :cry: ... and she looks as if she has mercy but she's forced to do it...

P.S.: Demonul tau e rosu... a meu e negru... if you catch my light... :wink:
Well, thank God that crysis is now over! Or.. is it?

Sper sa va placa,dar va implor sa postati CEVA daca aveti CEVA de spus!

P.S.: Va dorim lectura placuta..
Dude... the hell if I know... oricum povestea scrisa mai sus poate fi adaptata mai multor situatii... dar ai facut-o sa sune bine.
Well you kinda know my opinion on it.Si imi place mult de fapt to textul,all of it.Inca nu imi vine a crede ca a venit din tine.Hm...well done my brother. :wink:
CyBeR opinion on this would be as follows:

NICE!...mi-a placut finalul in special...misto regizat. Finalul e inceputul si inceputul e asta e impresia care mi-a ramas si sunt sigur ca asta si vroiai.

Very nice indeed...hope to see some more.
Read it, that day on the subway and I can say it's pretty damn good. Seems that somebody or somethin` keeps you down, everytime you try to stand up. Dar sa nu incepem o analiza psihologica asupra poveshtii. E dragutza. Chiar mi-a placut...
super buna povestioara. si lasa foarte mult de inteles si mult mai mult de interpretat
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