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Full Version: Seijuro Hiko-legenda sau cel mai sexy male din lumea anime?
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Mi-ar fi placut sa pun si o poza faina.Dar merge si asa.

Seijuro Hiko e cel de-al 13-lea maestru al stilului Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu.

De altfel,el a fost si maestrul lui Batousai(Kenshi Himura).

Seijuro Hiko

Gender Male

Age 43

Hair Black

Eyes Brown

Bio/Notes Seijuro Hiko, whose real name (which is never revealed) is Niitsu Kakunoshin, is the thirteenth successor of the Hiten Mitsurugi style of swordsmenship. Seijuro Hiko (the first) founded the Hiten Mitsurugi style and the name Seijuro Hiko is passed down to each successor of the style who has completely mastered it.

Hiko was Kenshin's master throughout his youth, and essentially his father figure, although Kenshin wasn't the type to look up to anyone back then: just learn and respect from his peers.

Hiko has always, and as far as anyone knows, lived in the mountain ranges near Kyoto in seclusion. He makes income as a potter so that he may purchase his supplies and goods. Hiko has no friends, and the only one he really communicated with besides his master was Kenshin, his pupil.

Hiko trained Kenshin from his youth until he was 14, when he decided to leave their recluse and fight in the name of the people who were suffering in the Bakufu alliance. This was seemingly the last Hiko and Kenshin were ever to speak to one another. Hiko, sending his pupil off to the bloodsoaked fray, and Kenshin never looking back. Hiko remains in recluse to this day only traveling to cities to sell his pottery.

In Series Samurai X

That's all!Kisses!

Seijuro Hiko ruless!
Hehe...imi place immortality...da tot mai tare e oda mea catre sano... /happy.gif ...cel mai tare personaj din toata seria... :wink: ...
Thor, te referi la sano ca fiind cel mai cool banuiesc.... ca ai vazut ca toti ii cam dau in gura.....pacat de el.... e prea are finetze, precum kenshin....

Mie mi-a placut de saito, creepy fellow, da si de kenshin, normal.... e protagonistul...
Asta e singurul personaj facut klumea. E scurt si la obiect....n-o lalaie ca apare asa de rar....incat imi place mai mult decat fapt pe kenshin il detest.

Mai bine il faceau pe el personajul principal....mai taiat 3/4 din cred ca Samurai X era un anime super
sano e mult mai cool fata de invatacelul sau.dar tot Saitou e cel mai mistho...rece,dur,relaxat!

SPAM : Saitou rulzzzzzzzzzzz !!! SPAM
de unde se stie numele adevarat al lui hiko daca nu apare in serie? a trait cumva pe bune si l-au inserat in serie?
Autorul l-a descris pe Hiko ca fiind cel mai intelept si puternic personaj din anime asa ca e logic sa fie atat de placut. Chestia cu numele real m-a facut si pe mine curios. De unde ai informatia?
Informatia am luat-o de pe un site acum ceva timp,dar nu am retinut linkul.Erau date informatii despre mai multe personaje.

Ma bucur ca si tu esti fan.Situl meu va fi gata in curand,sub forma sa finala.De acolo poti lua cate poze vrei ale lui Hiko.

Meanwhile,kiss kiss boys.
Mda... destul de putina informatie referitor la Hiko.Ce ai pus tu acolo apar pe prima pagina ca search result pe google ( crezi ca merita aprofundat un pic mai mult? ^_^Mai sunt niste aspecte care merita mentionate. Fara suparare,dar personajul e mult mai complex.Pentru cine are timp si chef sa citeasca... mie personal mi-a placut si mi s-a parut interesanta biografia asta.

"Arrogant, powerful, and cool as they come, Seijuro Hiko is Kenshin Himura's teacher, the last master of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu (Flying Heavens Honorable Sword Flow), excluding Kenshin (More on that later). As his name suggests, he is not the first Seijuro Hiko. In fact, his true name is not Hiko at all, but Niitsu Kakunoshin. Seijuro Hiko, the original that is, was the creator of the Hiten Mitsurugi style of swordsmanship, and the name has been passed on from each master of the style to the new master, along with the cape Hiko is always seen wearing. Unfortunately, this always occurs when the current master's student learns the Amakekeru Ryu no Hirameki, and in doing so kills their master. Seijuro Hiko is the 13th master. This, however, did not occur with Kenshin, who did perform the technique, but held back slightly and did not kill Hiko. But, I move ahead of myself.

Seijuro Hiko found Kenshin when he was a child, about to be killed by a group of bandits. Ever cool, his response to their asking "Who are you?" was "There's no point in giving my name to someone who's about to die." He then, of course, killed all of them. Kenshin, who had just lost all the people he ever knew, was left at the site by Hiko, who figured he would still be there the next day. When he returned, he was astonished to find that Kenshin had buried all the slain, even the bandits. This act by Kenshin so impressed Hiko that he took Kenshin on as his apprentice, after changing his name from Shinta, which he said was not a warriors name, to his current name, Kenshin.

He trained Kenshin for several years, but Kenshin was far more reckless and hot-blooded when he was younger, and left Hiko before his training could be completed. This is where he started on his path as a manslayer. Hiko then became a potter and moved to a home in the woods outside of the city of Kyoto. There he lived, watching his student kill and kill until he aquired the title of Hitokiri Battousai, Manslayer (Or more specifically, Assassin something, as Hitokiri roughly translates to assassin. I'll get back to you on the Battousai part.). He seemed to have lost track of him at the end of the Meiji Revolution, and we don't have any further word on him until mid-Kyoto Arc, when Kenshin, seeing that he could not beat Shishio and his Juppon Gatana, sought out his master to complete his training.

At first, Hiko refused, in his ever arrogant way, and with good reason. Kenshin had run off on him before, and all he knew of what Kenshin did after that was his time as a manslayer. Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu After Kaoru and Yahiko told Hiko of Kenshin's conversion to a wanderer who refused to kill and spent his days helping others, Hiko agreed to teach Kenshin the final two moves of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu: Kuzu Ryuu Sen ( 9 Headed Dragon Flash), the attack that uses Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu's god-like speed to strike nine times in nine different places on the body, and the Amakekeru Ryuu no Hirameki (Heaven's Soaring Dragon Flash). Hiko's training was hard, and it forced Kenshin, in the end, to almost kill his master. When all was said and done, Hiko had survived, and Kenshin was off to battle Shishio. He tried to make Hiko promise to take care of the people at the Aoiya Inn in Kyoto, where Kaoru, Yahiko, Misao, and the Oniwaban were, but Hiko, in his characteristic fashion, refused (With a rather funny face, I might add.). But, he eventually did pull through, appearing when all hope was lost, and defeating the giant Fuji with little effort. But, he did not defeat him before proving why he was master of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu, when he saw the true fighting spirit of Fuji, and released him from the control of evil. After Kenshin defeated Shishio, Hiko returned to his life as a potter, and to the best of my knowledge, he never appeared again.

Now, a few general notes: Hiko. even though he is over forty, appears to be very young, prompting Yahiko and Kaoru to speculate that Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu also brings immortality, since Kenshin too appeared much younger than he actually was. His attractiveness makes him a magnet for the women, although he doesn't seem to care one bit. Hiko knows all of the moves of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu, making him Kenshin's equal, and he is both faster and stronger than Kenshin, making him possibly the strongest swordsman alive. He always is very arrogant, and believes, with good reason, that he is the strongest man alive. His arrogance extends to everyone, including Kenshin and anyone he comes in contact with. He views most people as worthless, but he does have a kind heart buried deep inside, although he rarely shows it. Fond of calling Kenshin "baka deshi," or "idiot apprentice," he isn't always the kindest master to have, but is is certainly the best. I personally believe that, had he gone with Kenshin to fight Shishio and the Jupon Gatana, every one of them would have dropped like flies before him and no one else would have even had to fight. ^^ Hiko is just that good. As this quote I found while surfing illustrates: "Hiko is just too cool to be wrong." --Tavis. The master has arrived, and the badass quotient is going through the roof. All hail Seijuro Hiko the 13th!

A word from the creator, Nobuhiro Watsuki: "In Hiko's case, there was really no model for his character. When I go to illustrate someone with the name of 'Master,' I always think of someone who is extremely arrogant. But, he's a character that I like, and I really wish that I would be able to bring him in more. However, since Hiko is actually stronger than Kenshin is, my boss told me to think of him as a kind of a joker card in a deck, because he is so omnipotent, and that bringing him in can cause trouble...

This may sound strange, but lately I've been wondering about machismo, and Hiko is really a forerunner of that. You see him drink a lot, but I don't drink. I kinda put it in there because it looked all manly and cool and drink alone, but that doesn't mean that Hiko is a real heavy drinker. I also received letters asking if this Hiko was a relative of the Hiko Seijuurou from my short story "Crescent Moon over the Warring Country." In the story, the secrets of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu are not passed down by blood, but by skill level.

Well, the design is the same as the one from Crescent Moon," but truthfully, that design is based on Master Obata's story "Arabian Lamp Lamp," the character Hiten Majin Hamel (Master Obata, I am so, soooo SORRY.).

From the short story to RK, I simplified his design, along with the hairstyle. Although both Hiko and Kenshin were men of the sword, Hiko was intended to be completely different, so I gave him a very macho body. For female fans who liked the face but were disillusioned by the body, I'm sorry...but if everyone was beautiful, how fun would it be...I don't like that... And the cloak is based off a popular American Comic, Spawn."
Sunt deacord cu tine Druidess. In plus faptul ca singur in padure si faptul ca a omorat destui oameni face din tine o persoana rece, calma si aroganta. Pe cand kenshin a fost totdeauna un copil care a dorit sa fie iubit si a stat printre oameni. El este o fire sentimentala si care incearca sa vada partea buna din oamenii rai, pt ca si el a fost odata ca ei si prin faptul ca lui i s-a ocordat a 2a sansa. Prin faptul ca vorbeste mai mult el incearca sa ii invete pe cei din jur ceea ce el a invatat de-a lungul timpului si reuseste sa gaseasca punctele slabe a dusmanului sau (banuies ca stiti ca un cuvant bine amplasat doare cat o mie de palme). Asa ca fiecare personaj din samurai x traieste propria drama pe care incearca sa odepaseasca prin diferite metode cum si personaltatile sunt diferite. Nu as putea spune ca saito era cel mai sexy dinte personajele anime dar pot sa zic ca fiecare avea ceva special numai al lor care il scotea in evidenta si impresiona prin prezenta lui, chiar si personajele rele si urate.
Jane Kenshin
Hiko i-a dat numele lui Kenshin (il chema Shinta) ..scuze dak a mai postat cineva..n-am avut timp sa citesc tot. Si este mult mai puternic decat Kenshin , mult mai calm si a renuntat sa lupte cu mult timp in urma..a fost ca si Kenshin cand era tanar..nesabuit prin faptul ca-si oferea serviciile pentru o cauza..cand nici o cauza din lume nu este atat de importanta incat sa curmi vieti,,mai ales o cauza politica.
Scuze dak au mai fost postate..asta e ce am inteles eu din serie si Oav-uri despre el..oh, si are o pasiune pentru sake ^-^
Dincolo de faptul ca arata bine , este un personaj destul de interesant , doar ca as fi vrut sa fie mai multe informatii asupra personalitatii sale si ce se intampla in mintea lui cand face (sau nu face ) un lucru..este considerat cel mai bun luptator..dar mi-ar fi plact sa fie mai multe scene in care sa lupte biggrin.gif
Inca ceva referitor la Seijuro Hiko.E cel mai puternic personaj din serie.De asta apare rar in lupte.Doar nu vreti sa-l eclipsesze pe Kenshin(care e eroul principal),nu?
Hiko apare asa ca sa nu fie kenshin cel mai tare. Ca sa existe unul acolo mai tare dar care nu prea se implica de satul ce e de societate.
Hiko e fain asa, din cate stiu in serie se ocupa cu olaritu`.
Dar oricum, din serie cel mai tare, sexy si cum vreti voi (Desi avea doar 1,58 cm) e Kenshin. Mie de el mi-a placut cel mai mult.
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