... set in an epic setting of epic fantasy and epic steam punk.

With loads of epic.

Or so I would like to believe.

What is this?

It should be a thread about a possible adventure of epic proportions ™, with the members of this here site anime-club. In which everyone assumes a role based on the laws of decency (alas no my "character" can do everything better than the rest) and whom embark together to solve a mystery of epic proportions ™ in a world where magic and technology is in a continuous conflict and creatures of all kinds roam the lands. And cities. And where you have flakhuge rats in your basement. And no bards to call upon to "evict" them.

How would this work?

Obviously (it won't work) we need a narrator (DM), who can carry on a story, make plots, deal with bitching and cheating and offer anyone the thrills to continue partaking in this journey of epic proportions ™. We also need, either a very well built narrative based combat system or something along pen and paper games, with a few stats thrown in for an easier grasp of combat actions and the like. We would, obviously need "players". They would take turns to post in an orderly fashion, they would try having fun while letting others have fun and would try to act based on their character's code making decisions and accepting outcomes, rather than going OOC and start flame wars because they feel they have been wronged. In any way. I do mean it. IN ANY WAY.

So what about the world?

I would blatantly rip off Arcanum (a wonderful rpg from troika games) and generate a world similar to our 19th Century world with all it's revolutions and revelations, starting from the industrial one to (the not so 19th century-ish) women's emancipation, more so contrasted by the traditionalism of arcane/divine magics used by infamous/famous sorcerers and clerics whom held the power until then (oppressing all those who would rise against them w/ powa' magikz ). And of course where technocrat dwarfs, slippery gnomes, spiritual elves (city/wild), jack-of-all-trades humans, warrior orcs (tribal... and feral?) and other not so important but permanently present fantasy literature creatures (goblins, trolls, ogres etc) go on about their daily lives doing what they do best trying to cope with all the new ideas, marvels of technology, wars of independence and the like. Not as incomprehensible as high fantasy with metaphysics, like gods and angels and demons roaming around among mortals, parallel dimensional rifts, sorcerers who could level cities with the power of their minds (although we could)... I'd like a low magic setting, where being a magician is actually a privilege, and although rewarding, still won't give you the ability to cast Dragon Slave at will (or you could, but would probably kill you in the process). We should keep this somewhat simple, with a tiny bit of realism. ... I know it is stupid to ask for realism when we are talking about fantasy and steam punk. But still. Also, in this peculiar world, magic and technology are mutually exclusive, meaning the stronger one becomes the less power the other will have. A magical tree inhabited by elves will certainly jam that elephant gun firing beams of highly accelerated charged particles contained in electromagnetic-fields. Same goes for the 900 year old elven wizard trying to cast spark to light his candle when ambushed by a team of cyb-.. steampunkninjapirates with shuriken pistols and steam-scimitars.

Where are we?

No point on starting big. On a continent, a neutral territory... in a city, a bastion of two worlds, magic and technology - clashing together, populated by all sorts of creatures. At the shores of an ocean, an all important commercial epicenter of the region, the city would be divided by a river, symbolistically, as the two opposing sides contrast greatly with each other. Towering steel spires, refineries, slums and ragtag buildings, an industrial paradise on the western side and noble's mansions, palaces, gardens an elysian paradise on the eastern side (I know it's shallow, stereotypical, but give me a brake). The east filled with prosperous humans, elves, gnomes, noble born and merchants, politicians breathing clean air, partaking in luxury and grandeur,, surrounded by amphitheatres, clean hospitals, towering libraries of marble and immaculate white, statues of the city's founders of golden-brown bronze, children playgrounds in parks of the greenest green (?). A heaven protected by specially trained police forces called arbites (yes, I know AK, let it go...) and for those loathing technology a more "obscure" security force meddling into the arts of the arcane. That being said, this apparent peace is misguiding, for the ruling council of the city and the influential individuals are divided between those following the ways of new-found technology and those believing in the traditional ways of magic. An invisible war of influence, betrayal and political struggle lasting for decades in which neither side has won. On the western side, the air is heavy, laborers work day and night, marvels of technology roam the streets (such as steam powered automobiles or automatons carrying construction materials), poverty is at every corner, brothels and underground illegal fighting arenas barely containing the general discontent of the population. Theft, murder and insanity is on a daily basis, youth joining local gangs (some noble, some oppressive, but with the same motivation: to survive the the day after tomorrow), humans, orcs and some unfortunate half elves trying to to survive the ordeals of every day life, whilst opium lords and other criminal elements overwhelm the power of the law... of the brave law-keepers, "incorruptible" (sarcasm) police officers. And even although it looks grim-dark, there are children playing on the streets and going to rag tag schools, the order of sanctus sororitas (YES I KNOW AK, BUT I SAID LET IT GO), taking care of the wounded and sick in churches and missions, whilst missionaries preach of equality in the eyes of the gods. Wacky scientists concealed within their laboratories set buildings on fire accidentally, but local fire fighters respond to threats with astonishing efficiency. Amidst all the discord and confusion there is hope, for in difficult times those who suffer together are united under a common banner. The truly poor and unfortunate won't discriminate and will fight together for the greater good. Although human nature is defective, and at times when desolation and despair runs far too deep, eyes go blind and minds are clouded, an uprising starts and the mob finds innocents to take out all the hatred and anger. Half-elves, half-orcs and half-ogres (lul) are subject to general xenophobia. Shunned by society, and due to the mobs impossibility to went it's anger at the rich of the "other side", these unfortunate souls bare the brunt of the attack. The police forces usually delay their actions at times like these. The city's population is preponderantly human (over 60%), followed by orks and half orks (16%), elves and half-elves (10%), gnomes (9%), other ethnicities (4%) and half-ogres (less then 1%). The city infrastructure is solid, sewers running deep under the city, and electricity delivering light to (almost) all the corners of it.

[It's late, I'll be adding more to this section. This is all for now]

So where should we start?

Good question. Might it be that our heroes meet on a train heading for The City, attacked by a mysterious group of well armed and well trained ninja (xD)-assassins looking for something or someone, whilst indiscriminately murdering anyone in their paths. Driven by revenge for loosing someone dear; or out of a strong sense of justice; or just plain curiosity; our rag tag wannabe heroes embark on a journey to find out the identity of the attackers and their motives just to fall prey to a conspiracy of ... epic proportions ™.