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> Knife Called Lust, Engleza

post Jan 5 2010, 09:03 AM
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Titlul a trebuit schimbat din Incomplete in Knife Called Lust. Motive personale.

Despre poveste:
Ca orice poveste, ia ceva timp sa intram in actiune. Eu prefer sa va introduc usor. Pe scurt: actiunea va veni si ea la randul ei, take it easy.

Cum scrie si la titlu poveste e in engleza.

Toate caracterele sunt fictionale si imi apartin mie, Aquaia, C. A. Stiti voi restul cu copyright.
Cum am mai zis, caracterele sunt TOTAL fictionale, deci faptul ca caracterul fictional feminin are acelasi nume ca mine este pura coincidenta, deasemenea, poveste nu are nimic de-aface cu trecutul meu.

La începutul, si/sau sfarsitul fiecarui capitol vor fi postate versuri ce NU IMI APARTIN. Sunt postate pentru ca reprezinta capitolul respectiv.

Povestea va fi despre dragoste, pasiune, etc. 16+ o sa fie folosit in unele capitole.

Knife Called Lust

Part 1
Every day we wake up, We choose life.

Pick. Pause. Then another pick. The sound of rain coming down to wash your sins. Your most feared enemy, the one that burns your soul. The only thing that brings the tears into your eyes. "Don't wake up" whispered a voice inside her head. The teenage girl just didn't listen. She opened her eyes. Darkness. Was she still asleep? No, it was all real, maybe too real. Still, through the tight black, she could make out the shape of a room, a strange room. It was too big to be hers, besides; she didn't own the furniture she could barely see. Next, she realized she was in a bed. Her nose was frozen, meaning it was still winter. She realized that her clothes were nowhere near, though the smooth blanket felt good against her naked skin. She heard something move next to her, or someone. Two warm hands hugged her, and she felt a kiss on her shoulder. Her heart stopped. An avalanche of fear took hold of her soul. She made a noise of doubt and drew back.
"What's the matter, sweetie?" said a sleepy voice. "Did you have a nightmare?" the same voice asked. Now everything was starting to come together; she could clearly see the room and a window that she missed. She turned towards the sound and saw someone smiling at her. She screamed.

She woke up. 16 year old Corina was now part of reality. She opened her eyes, hoping everything was changed. For a moment, the strong memory of her nightmare was still horrifying her, so she couldn't spot a change around her room. She shut her eyes, and tried again. Now everything was back to normal. Her heart was beating fast. She had a hard time catching up with her normal breath. She met her gaze in the mirror. A beautiful girl was standing in front of
her. She looked at her face. Her intense brown eyes took hold of you, making you lose yourself in them, stopping you from admiring her perfect eye brows, her cute nose or her contoured lips. Of course, she didn't see that. All she saw was an average person that needed a new hair cut. She turned away. A strong smell bothered her nose. She was all sweating, and she was sure it wasn't because of the warm blanket. She was convinced that the nightmare will frighten her all day. Corina got up, and headed for the bathroom.
"I'm sweating like a pig. I so need a shower." After 30 selfish minutes to herself, she headed for the kitchen. All she could see in front of her eyes was the terrifying face she met in the nightmare. She was more than glad that she woke up, but still couldn't do anything about the fear that took hold of her heart. In the fridge, she found Coke, but no milk. A morning without milk-iced-coffee was just not her morning. With a disgusted smile on her face, she reached for a bottle, filled with deadly poison, as she liked to call Coke. She opened the bottle and drank the icy liquid that immediately hurt her too sensitive teeth. That's another thing she hates.
"You up so early?" asked a boyish voice from behind. It took her by surprise, so she dropped the glass bottle, which smashed into the floor, spreading the dark liquid everywhere. She thought she recognized the voice from her nightmare. The girl turned around and let her thrilled eyes meet her friend's. A needed smile warmed her face as she recognized Ren. He looked confused. He was still in his night wear, his long intense red hair covering his shoulders.
"Sorry." she apologized for the mess. "Did I wake you up?" she asked.
"Hardly," he mumbled, quiet amused by her, "that old punk chick that came by yesterday called about the party. She wanted to know if we're still on. What’s up?" his eyes getting confused again.
"Nothing!" she replied too quickly, and then turned red. The shame hit her, thinking that he knew about her thoughts. She calmed down, then said "Nothing. Just nothing." She took a pause. "Look, I'll clean up the mess, you cook, right?" Corina said, her face faking amusement.
"No way. Now where's that broom?" Ren replied. His expression showed annoyance. He hated cooking breakfast.
"Try the laundry." she said, smiling. She knew exactly that this will happen. Corina set the cooking equipment on the stove, grabbed what she needed and started cooking something Ren called "La Omlette de French i Corinne". While she was doing that, the thought of her nightmare succeeded at leaving her mind just for a moment. She pictured Ren in front of her eyes, and everything he was. She loved him, oh yes, but just like a brother. They lived together for 5 whole years. He took her under his wing.
The 19 year old boy may seem hard to understand for others, but not for her. She knew all about him. He was a punk, he took forever doing his hair, he had his tongue pierced, as well as his right brown, his eyes were the darkest blue she's ever seen, his natural hair colour was brown, he had tattoos all over his arms, quiet tall, around 1.75 . He came to London Rescue Institute when he was 8. His house burned down. Since then, he lived here, in house number 36. Oh, and he absolutely knew no French. The girl laughed at that thought.
Then, another one hit her. The Institute. Or The Forgotten Institute, as Ren and the punks call it. Well, it is an institute for orphans, teens without homes, forgotten souls in London, funded by the government. It's very big, in fact, mammoth. Some may say 1 hectare, but that will be exaggerating. Anyway, it’s big enough to hold 250 houses, a university and a high school. It holds about 1500 students, with 6 students per house, 2 per bedroom. They keep you here until you're 24 or, after you finish high school, you may choose to leave. But, if you do decide to stay, you must go to university. After you are released, you have low chances of surviving. Being recognized as one of L.R.I. students isn’t something pleasant. Most of the people here were about to be, or killed their guardians. The majority of people out there believe that L.R.I. a mental institute. Anyway, children are left to manage their life by themselves out of school. They get money from the government, but they have to take care of their own house. They can also throw parties, or whatever wild things their mind comes up with. The teachers' job is to teach them and nothing more. That's why most of the students die on streets. Reality is full of sorrow and she knew that.
After a horrible morning, the hours went flying, and it was time for school. Corina dragged herself around the boring classes, where she looked more than ready to jump out the window rather than listen to whatever her teachers said. She wished she'd skipped school, but she knew Ren wouldn't agree on it. He wanted her to succeed in life, and studying was the one and only way. After the Math teacher finally shut her mouth, it was time for lunch. Corina went flying out the door. She was literally running to her locker.
"Well, hello beautiful." she heard Peter greet a girl. "You still on for tonight?" he asked.
Corina turned around to watch him flirting with 4 girls at a time. She felt nothing but disgust for him. He was such a macho man. His record was of 21 girlfriends at a time. “How could someone “date” like that?” she wondered. Her gaze met his. She shivered when meeting the same smile she saw last night. He turned around.
"Wassup, princess?" she heard a dear old sweet voice greet her. She turned her head and saw a girl with brown eyes and black hair smiling. Laura's expression twisted when she met her gaze. She didn't know whether to laugh at her or be worried.
"What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost." Laura said.
Corina didn't have time to reply, because hundreds of heads turned in one direction. "Here comes the frozen queen of darkness." whispered Laura. A girl started walking down the corridor. She had long blond hair crying down her back, and the prettiest green eyes you've ever seen. She wore a mini skirt, although it was winter, which highlighted her skinny legs, a t-shirt with décolletage, where you could just see a little bit of her bra and lower-knee boots. Corina heard boys say “That’s so hot. C'mon, Em', just a night baby."
"Bitch." she heard Laura whisper about Emma. It was true. Emma, in her opinion, was a horrible person. She’s done too many things to hurt others, and she was literally selling her body to whoever wanted her. She couldn't help but hate her.
"Screw her. Let’s eat." said Corina.
The rest of the day passed her, and she had no idea where time had gone. Anyway, it was evening, and she was watching TV while Ren was taking a shower. She loved sitting in her comfy couch, while waiting for her show to start. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door.
"Can you get that?" she heard Ren scream from the shower.
"No, I'm expecting you to get out of the shower naked and go outside." she answered to his stupid question.
She got up and headed for the door. She took small steps. She was in no hurry. When she opened, she saw her Math teacher.
"Yes?" she asked, slightly bored.
"Oh, well, god evening Corinne. Is Renoir here?" asked the 43 year old lady. She hated when she or Ren were called by their full name. Corina thought the lady was quite fat.
"No, Ren is” she said, stressing his name, “ in the shower. How can I help you?" she asked, this time fairly irritated.
"Well, Renoir knows that your house was supposed to receive a new resident." The lady faked a nice attitude, pretending she didn’t notice Corina’s rudeness.
"What? Sorry, we're full." she replied. She was half way at closing the door, but the woman stopped her.
"Now, don't you give me that!” she demanded, letting her anger escape. “Stop playing stupid!” she commanded. “We both know that you have 3 rooms, and you can't possibly live in 2. Now, please meet Horia." She quit the “whole name thing”, she wasn’t in the mood anymore. She got out of the way, so Corina could see a someone behind her. Corina didn’t even bother to shoot him a look. "Be nice to him.” she hissed trough her teeth. “ Help him with the luggage, will you?" she finished, then left.
“We're gonna have a hard time getting rid of this one.” she told herself. She grabbed a suitcase and went inside. She led him to his room and put the suitcase on the bed.
"Thanks." he replied. Only then she had time to look at him. He had green eyes, black hair, that seemed curly and straight at the same time, which confused her, but she still liked it. He was taller than her, he wore a black t-shirt with a band she never heard of, black shorts and white running shoes. What a beautiful body, she thought. He started unpacking, while she was staring at him. She felt inferior to this stranger. It was like, compared to him, she was nothing. That cut her deep inside. “Why was this happening?” she told herself. He noticed her staring.
"Yes?" he asked, just like he couldn’t care less. She came back to reality.
"Me? Nothing. “She paused, turning red. Shame was now taking hold of her. "Listen, we already ate dinner. There's some left in the fridge, if you'd like. The kitchen is at the end of the hall, you can't miss it. If you get lost, scream. The other guy who looks like Rapunzel is Ren. He's a nice guy. If you see him walking in a towel, don't worry, he's straight." she felt even more ashamed after she finished. Where did her mind fly?
"Thanks, I guess." he said, like he really didn’t mean it, and then waited for her to leave. Seeing her still standing there, he shot her a bored look.
"Oh, right." she said after 2 minutes went by. The girl got out of the room. Just before he closed the door, she stopped him.
"Horia, right?" she asked, like she “didn’t” remember.
"Yes?" he said, quite weary. Was it so hard for her just to leave? He wondered why she didn’t get the message.
"Goodnight." she whispered, and felt the door shut.

Mammoth = imens, gigantic
Colour = varianta corecta a cuvantului culoare in Engleza.
Weary = obosit

PS: Wordul face fite rau de tot. Daca vedeti undeva taught in loc de thought va rog sa ma anuntati. Cats rule!

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