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> Test Quest, An epic tale of epic proportions ...

post Jan 24 2013, 12:28 AM
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... set in an epic setting of epic fantasy and epic steam punk.

With loads of epic.

Or so I would like to believe.

What is this?

It should be a thread about a possible adventure of epic proportions ™, with the members of this here site anime-club. In which everyone assumes a role based on the laws of decency (alas no my "character" can do everything better than the rest) and whom embark together to solve a mystery of epic proportions ™ in a world where magic and technology is in a continuous conflict and creatures of all kinds roam the lands. And cities. And where you have flakhuge rats in your basement. And no bards to call upon to "evict" them.

How would this work?

Obviously (it won't work) we need a narrator (DM), who can carry on a story, make plots, deal with bitching and cheating and offer anyone the thrills to continue partaking in this journey of epic proportions ™. We also need, either a very well built narrative based combat system or something along pen and paper games, with a few stats thrown in for an easier grasp of combat actions and the like. We would, obviously need "players". They would take turns to post in an orderly fashion, they would try having fun while letting others have fun and would try to act based on their character's code making decisions and accepting outcomes, rather than going OOC and start flame wars because they feel they have been wronged. In any way. I do mean it. IN ANY WAY.

So what about the world?

I would blatantly rip off Arcanum (a wonderful rpg from troika games) and generate a world similar to our 19th Century with all it's revolutions and revelations, starting from the industrial one to (the not so 19th century-ish) women's emancipation. This world is contrasted by the traditionalism of arcane/divine magics used by infamous/famous sorcerers and clerics whom held the power until steamtechnology became a common sight. Course we have technocrat dwarfs, slippery gnomes, spiritual elves (city/wild), jack-of-all-trades humans, warrior orcs (tribal... and feral?) and other not so important but permanently present in fantasy literature creatures (goblins, trolls, ogres etc) whom go on about their daily lives doing what they do best trying to cope with all the new ideas, technological breakthroughs, wars of independence and the like. I'd like a setting, where being a magician is actually a privilege, and although rewarding, still won't give you the ability to cast Dragon Slave at will (or you could, but would probably kill you in the process). Magic and technology are mutually exclusive, meaning the stronger one becomes the weaker the other gets. A magical tree inhabited by elves will certainly jam that elephant gun firing beams of highly accelerated charged particles contained in electromagnetic-fields of yours. Same goes for the 900 year old elven wizard trying to cast spark to light his candle when ambushed by a team of cyb-.. steampunkninjapirates with shuriken pistols and steam-scimitars.

Where are we?

The City of Amaranth, on the shores of the river Amaranth, situated at the heart of the Mega-Continent, is one of the most influential power houses in the middle region. Surrounded by forests and mountains to the west and north, lush plains to the east and south, it's a selfsustaining city rich in natural resources with a temperate climate.

The rise of the city to it's current state of neutrality. economical and political powerhouse (housing the headquarter of the Inquisition as well), was marked by countless bloody wars fought for controlling the central region between the neighboring kingdoms and empires of various races, until the creation of the Inquisition. Due to the significant power held by the institution, the city was declared a neutral area and its control placed in the hands of Inquisitorial representatives. The ruling council is lead by 8 high ranking inquisitorial officers, chosen by the institution for 8 years term in office.

The city itself, became a bastion of two worlds, magic and technology - clashing together, populated by all sorts of creatures. Divided by the river Amaranth, the two opposing sides contrast greatly each other architecturally and socially. Towering steel spires, refineries, slums and ragtag buildings, an industrial paradise on the western side and noble's mansions, palaces, gardens an elysian paradise on the eastern side.

The east-side is habited by prosperous humans, elves, gnomes, noble born and merchants, politicians. Breathing the clean air, partaking in luxury and grandeur, surrounded by amphitheatres, clean hospitals, towering libraries made of marble, in the style of gothic architecture, those found themselves in the east side live in a paradise. Statues of the city's founders of golden-brown bronze, children playgrounds in parks of green only contribute to increase the aesthetics of the eastern-side. The entire area is protected by the Inquisition's disciplined security forces, called the arbites (yes, I know AK, let it go...). That being said, the apparent peace is misguiding, for the ruling council of the city and the influential individuals are divided between those following the ways of new-found technology and those believing in the traditional ways of magic. An invisible war of influence, betrayal and political struggle lasting for decades in which neither side has won.

The western side is dominated by slums, factories, marketplaces, towering spires housing various administrative offices, structures made of metal, wood and concrete giving the entire region an image of different shades of brown. The streets are mostly tight and dirty, and the entire region is repartitioned into several districts based on their general purpose (commercial district, living district, administrative district etc). The air is heavy, laborers work day and night, marvels of technology roam the streets (such as steam powered automobiles or automatons carrying construction materials), poverty is at every corner, brothels and underground illegal fighting arenas barely containing the general discontent of the population. Theft, murder and insanity is on a daily basis, youth joining local gangs (some noble, some oppressive, but with the same motivation: to survive the the day after tomorrow), humans, orcs and some unfortunate half elves trying to to survive the ordeals of every day life, whilst opium lords and other criminal elements overwhelm the power of the law... of the brave law-keepers, "incorruptible" police officers. And even although it looks grim-dark, there are children playing on the streets and going to rag tag schools, the order of sanctus sororitas (YES I KNOW AK, BUT I SAID LET IT GO), taking care of the wounded and sick in churches and missions, whilst missionaries preach of equality in the eyes of the Silver Lady. Wacky scientists concealed within their laboratories set buildings on fire accidentally, but local fire fighters respond to threats with astonishing efficiency. Amidst all the discord and confusion there is hope, for in difficult times those who suffer are united under a common banner. The truly poor and unfortunate won't discriminate and will fight together for the greater good. Although human nature is defective, and at times when desolation and despair runs far too deep, eyes go blind and minds are clouded, an uprising starts and the mob finds innocents to take out all the hatred and anger. Half-elves, half-orcs and half-ogres are subject to general xenophobia. Shunned by society, and due to the mobs impossibility to went it's anger at the rich of the "other side", these unfortunate souls bare the brunt of the attack. The police forces usually delay their actions at times like these, until the inquisition's special peacekeeping forces, the Arbites arrive.

The city's population is preponderantly human (over 60%), followed by orks and half orks (16%), elves and half-elves (10%), gnomes (9%), other ethnicities (4%) and half-ogres (less then 1%).

The city infrastructure is solid, sewers running deep under the city, and electricity delivering light to (almost) all the corners of it.

Humans, elves, dwarfs, gnomes have their own Pantheon of gods. Orcs have a shamanistic (a la' Lineage 2) culture. Anyway GODS and GODESSES. Lots of them. Not sure if I can be bothered to even copy existing settings. There is just too much, so I'd go with giving a free hand to anyone in choosing their deities. The City would have a local deity of it's own. "The Silver Lady" (*coughofpaincough*), similar to mythological Athena, dressed in white robes, white of skin, with long floating silver (duh) hair, her gaze turned toward the horizon. Her facial expression denoting stern discipline. She is holding an ornate spear pointing toward the sky, in her right hand, the Spear of Justice, said to strike those unpure of heart and corrupt and rallying everyone under a common banner. A strict ethical code requires her adepts to follow her laws to the letter. The law written in the The Book of Wisdom, symbolistically held by the Goddess in her left hand.

As with D&D, magic is divided into Arcane, Divine, Nature and Special (me thinks along the line of Yoite's ability to blow ppl up). Arcane magic schools are few and far between, but those that exist, house severel hundreds of spellcaster prodigies (Hogwarts anyone?). Clerics, bishops, nuns and generally any priest can cast Divine spells, granted to them by their chosen deity without the actual need of learning those spells. Those closely tied to mother nature will drain their power from ... nature itself. Magical items of various power levels are abundant throughout the land. From magical weapons to psyche-enhancening runes and gems, you'll likely find anything that strikes your fancy. For the right ammount of coin that is.

The Inquisition (lulz):
Since the rise of civilization and that of magical powers there have been those who would abuse the unlimited force of spellcasting and thread a path of indiscriminate destruction. An organization was created of the most talented human, elven and gnome spellcasters, tasked with the investigation of magical anomalies and those corrupted by their power. For hundred of years, the inquistion regulated global matters related to magic, witches, wizard, sorcerers and the like. Ironically enough, the strongest of spellcasters be it divine or arcane came from the ranks of the inquisition. Fighting fire with fire. BUT, with industrial revolution, those dependant on magic to fight magic gained a new weapon in the form of technology. If in the past it was required a wizard to kill a wizard (unless throwing dozens of fighters against him, until he was drained of his spells or taken by surprize with a well placed backstab/arrow between the eyes), current day's see the rise of a new trend of radical inquisitors arming themselves with complicated mechanical armors and weapons against the threat of magic, a strategy resulting in surprizing effectiveness. Suddenly, those versed in the power of magic didn't hold anymore all the power in the organization. With the passing of decades, radical inquisitors outnumbered puritan ones, the inquisition becoming the biggest supporter of technocrats and their inventions. The Inquisition's dedicated fighting force, the Arbites, double for the city's security and army. It's ranks filled with spellcasters and technocrats.

So where should we start?

Good question. Might it be that our heroes meet on a train heading for The City, attacked by a mysterious group of well armed and well trained ninja (xD)-assassins looking for something or someone, whilst indiscriminately murdering anyone in their paths. Driven by revenge for loosing someone dear; or out of a strong sense of justice; or just plain curiosity; our rag tag wannabe heroes embark on a journey to find out the identity of the attackers and their motives just to fall prey to a conspiracy of ... epic proportions ™.

The Abstract Game Rules of Test Quest

1. The Stats

We'll have 8 stats representing a character's physical and mental ability. Each stat is ranked from 1 to 5 in letters. Best being S, worst being D.

- Strength - Ability to carry/lift/move stuff, hit hard in melee combat, overpower others, wield two-handed-weapons or really big guns, be able to climb and swim easier and jump higher. Your Guard-Breaker's efficiency with melee weapons (swords, maces, axes etc.), heavy melee weapons (two-handed swords and axes, pole-arms etc.), grappling attacks, take-downs etc.
- Endurance - Physical stamina, how long can you keep up physical effort, how many hits you can take before going down, how resistant you are to poisons, diseases, general resistance to just about anything. Twice the value of this stat gives your maximum hit points pool.
- Perception - How keen are your five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch), helps you in being more accurate, more perceptive to things around you or just shoot someone in the face from afar with a sniper rifle. Your Guard-Breaker's efficiency with all sort of ranged weapons (bows, slings, pistols, rifles, handguns, machine-guns etc) depends on this stat.
- Dexterity - Ability to do precise work with your hands or anything else that requires finesse, such as carefully placing a dagger between the joints of the full plate armor worn by a mighty knight, picking a lock, pick pocketing etc. Your Guard-Breaker's efficiency with light melee weapons (daggers, short swords, kukris, rapier etc.) depends on this stat.
- Agility - Flexibility, balance, mobility, reflexes, acceleration, movement speed just about anything you need to be a potential martial arts expert or move around swiftly. Your Guard-Breaker's efficiency in Martial Arts depends on this stat.

- Willpower - Your resolution, determination, power to withstand the effects of fear, also the potency of your magical attacks.
- Magical Aptitude - Ability to cast spells, enchant or use enchanted items, the higher the stat, the lower your Technological Aptitude is.
- Technological Aptitude - Ability to handle and use mechanical tools, the higher the stat the lower your Magical Aptitude is.

There are 5 basic ranks for each stat: D = 1 (low) / C (human average) = 2/ B (above average) = 3/ A (heroic) = 4/ S (legendary) = 5
And several advanced ranks obtainable only in certain circumstances: S2 = 12 -> Sn = 6*n
Based on your Magical Aptitude or Technological Aptitude, being able to equip various magical or technological items, you have five intermediate ranks:
D+ = 1.5 / C+ = 2.5 / B+ = 3.5 / A+ = 4.5 / S+ = 5.5

You start out with D in all ranks and get a generous 15 extra stat points to allocate to any of your existing stats.

2. Magic or Technology

Characters with ranks in either Magical or Technological skills gain the following bonuses:

MA/TA Rank D = The character can use most primitive equipment as well as ranged and melee weapons, but proficient use of mundane magical or technological items, will already pose a problem.
MA/TA Rank C = The character can use C Rank Magical / Technological items, as well as magically enhance/technically augment a single D and C grade item to D+ and C+
MA/TA Rank B = The character can use B Rank Magical / Technological items, as well as magically enhance/technically augment a single D, C and B grade item to D+, C+ and B+
MA/TA Rank A = The character can use A Rank Magical / Technological items, as well as magically enhance/technically augment a single D, C, B and A grade item to D+, C+, B+ and A+
MA/TA Rank S = The character can use S Rank Magical / Technological items, as well as magically enhance/technically augment a single D, C, B, A and S grade item to D+, C+, B+, A+ and S+

NOTE! Fun fact: You can't magically enhance or technically augment your ENDURANCE, WILLPOWER, TECHNICAL APTITUDE or MAGICAL APTITUDE STATS.

3. Combat

Of course there will be a lot of combat. Abstract combat taking the form of "encounters". I included a combat tutorial at the end of the second post, showing a basic battle tutorial. To summarize, technically, you need to inflict a single or multiple successful attacks dealing a certain amount of damage points that equal or exceed the Encounter's Health value to win within one or multiple rounds.

4. The Encounter

Since this is RP, we will bend the rules of engagements to suit a forum based role playing system. I underline the fact, that combat is very abstract. Practically an encounter is treated as a series of attacks made by the player and the mob, without taking initiative (or the order of attacks) into account, the resulting damage being resolved at the end of the encounter instead of along its course. This essentially means that:

"Mob hits X inflicting 1 damage" ; X hits Mob inflicting 1 damage" is treated in the same way as "Mob hits X inflicting 1 damage ; X hits Mob inflicting 1 damage" for the purposes of counting damage at the end: Player lost 1 HP, Encounter Health reduced by 1.

5. Attacks

Both the mobs and the players have a series of different attacks based on their 5 combat stats: strength, perception, agility, dexterity and willpower (spell attacks). Attacks are abstract combat actions taken with a certain weapon (or unarmed) their efficiency depending on a particular stat:

Melee Attack: STRENGTH RANK<=#; - %; where "# " represents your char's stat rank, "<=" means it will successfully hit anyone with a lower or equal strength rank and finally "%" defines the weapon currently equipped or martial art used (boxing, kick-box etc)

NOTE! You can use strength for wielding and hitting with pretty much any possible weapon. You can make devastating unarmed attacks as well. It's up to your narrative to show that when you punch, walls crumble and when you chop, forests fall.

Ranged Attack: PERCEPTION RANK<=#; - %; where "# " represents your char's stat rank, "<=" means it will successfully hit anyone with a lower or equal perception rank, and finally "%" defines the ranged weapon currently equipped.

NOTE! Pretty much anything you can throw (rocks, darts, shurikens etc.), aim or shoot with (pistols, rifles, handguns, shotguns etc.) and involves missiles, bullets, beams etc. will fall under this category. Aiming takes sight, and a good one too. If you don't have a ranged weapon equipped, but you want to make an attack, better make sure you find some rocks or anything that can be used as an improvised weapon to throw it in the opponent's face.

Melee Attack: DEXTERITY RANK<=#; - %; where "# " represents your char's stat rank, "<=" means it will successfully hit anyone with a lower or equal dexterity rank, and finally "%" defines the light melee weapon or light improvised weapon equipped.

NOTE! Using any light melee weapon (knife, kukri, dagger, short swords, rapiers etc) or small improvised weapon (shiv, broken glass etc.) that take more manual dexterity than force to achieve maximum efficiency, will be handled by the dexterity rank.

Melee Attack: AGILITY RANK<=#; - %; where "# " represents your char's stat rank, "<=" means it will successfully hit anyone with a lower or equal agility rank, and finally "%" defines the martial art used.

NOTE! You can only make attacks that involve your fists, shins, knees, elbows (sometimes your head too). Of course using electric-mechanized combat gloves, combat greaves, knuckles, boxing gloves can overcome the penalty of using bare hands in combat.

Magic Attack: WILLPOWER RANK<=#; - spell class; where "# " represents your char's stat rank, "<=" means it will successfully hit anyone with a lower or equal willpower/strength/perception/dexterity/agility rank, wait what?

NOTE! More on magical attacks in the Magic Attack section.

6. Multiple Attacks

Along the course of a round you can't repeat an attack based on a certain stat (ex. you can't have two attacks based on your perception stat), only make attacks based on the rest of your combat stats. Essentially this means, that, if not stated otherwise, you can have a maximum of 5 attacks in a single round (based on Perception, Strength, Dexterity, Agility and Willpower). Don't forget that from a narrative point of view you can make hundreds of attacks in a single round. It all depends on your capacity to be inventive and enjoy imagining intensive combat sequences.

7. Combat Rounds

When you used up all your available attacks, and so did the enemy, yet both of you are still alive... then, all that is left is to essentially stare at each other without any idea what to do next. Kidding. If neither side RETREATS, the second round begins. Everybody resolves their attacks. Still alive? Third round. A combat round is that interval of time in which both you and your opponent get to make all your available attacks.

8. Guard-Breakers

Do you like getting hit? me neither. And probably any other non-masochistic person will answer the same. You will try to parry, dodge, evade to avoid any potential HURT. But there are time when you will get hit regardless of your defenses.

Just like attacks, guard-breaks are also based on your stats

Guard-break: STRENGTH RANK>=#; where "# " represents your char's stat rank, and ">=" means your opponent needs a strength rank higher or equal to yours to hit you.

Guard-break: PERCEPTION RANK>=#; where "# " represents your char's stat rank, and ">=" means your opponent needs a perception rank higher or equal to yours to hit you.

Guard-break: DEXTERITY RANK>=#; where "# " represents your char's stat rank, and ">=" means your opponent needs a dexterity rank higher or equal to yours to hit you.

Guard-break: AGILITY RANK>=#; where "# " represents your char's stat rank, and ">=" means your opponent needs an agility rank higher or equal to yours to hit you.

Guard-break: WILLPOWER RANK>=#; where "# " represents your char's stat rank, and ">=" means your opponent needs a willpower rank higher or equal to yours to hit you.

Mob Melee Attack 1: STRENGTH<=A; Player Guard-Break: STRENGTH>=A; HIT -> the ranks are equal meaning Y mob hit X player for # damage.
Mob Ranged Attack 1: PERCEPTION<=A; Player Guard-Break: PERCEPTION>=S; DEFENDED -> Y mob's perception is lower than X player's guard-break perception, meaning player X dodged/parried/evaded Y mob's attack.
Player Melee Attack 1: STRENGTH<=A; Mob Guard-Break: STRENGTH>=A; HIT -> the ranks are equal meaning Player Y hits Mob X for # damage.
Player Ranged Attack 1: PERCEPTION<=A; Mob Guard-Break: PERCEPTION>=S; DEFENDED -> X mob's perception is higher than Y player's perception, meaning Mob Y dodged/parried/evaded X player's attack.
Player Melee Attack 1: DEXTERITY<=B+; Mob Guard-Break: DEXTERITY>=B; HIT -> Player X used an enchanted/augmented B grade weapon, obtaining a half-rank bonus to his dexterity stat easily overpowering Y mob's defenses.
Mob Melee Attack 1: DEXTERITY<=B; Player Guard-Break: DEXTERITY>=B+; DEFENDED -> Although both the player and the mob has the same stat rank B, the player uses an enchanted/augmented B grade weapon, obtaining a half-rank bonus to his dexterity stat easily parrying Y mob's attack.

8. Importance of Weapons from a game-mechanic and a narrative point of view:

Melee Attack: STRENGTH RANK<=B - Two-handed Sword -> means that the attacker can make a single attack dealing a single damage point (if not noted otherwise) with his B Rank strength, the attack being made with a two-handed Sword.
But what if:
Melee Attack: STRENGTH RANK<=B - Boxing -> all the same as in the first case, for the purposes of game mechanics, but treated differently in the narration. Instead of swinging you will be punching, but with the same effect, beating enemies into oblivion. Because that's what this all comes down to. Narrating a fight, the mechanics being only a guide-line to even odds and keep the tension.
At certain times, certain enemies will have certain IMMUNITIES, (ex. can't be hit by attacks from dexterity, can't be hit by equipment lower than technological grade A/ magical grade A etc).
NOTE! Items/weapons truly matter when players use enchanted or augmented weapons, in which case your combat rank is upgraded with a half-rank as long as your attacks are made with that specific weapon, ex.:
Ranged Attack: PERCEPTION RANK<=A+ - Electroshock Rifle (TA Rank A)

9. Magic Attacks

Magic attacks are handled a tad bit different from regular melee and ranged attacks. When doing magical attacks you need to have the following in view:

-All your magic attacks are done by testing your WILLPOWER STAT RANK against one of the defender's stats. I know what you are thinking... "Whoa I can do strength, perception, dexterity and agility guard-breaks using my willpower instead of doing attacks corresponding to the respective stats? One stat to rule them all, HELL YEAH!" YES and NO.

-The potency of your magical attacks is determined by your willpower rank, but the variety of guard-breaks you can do with them is based on your MAGICAL APTITUDE STAT RANK. Also, you can only make a single magic based attack (even if you have S rank magical aptitude). Here...table:
Magical Aptitude Rank D = Guard-Break: NONE
Magical Aptitude Rank C = Guard-Break: WILLPOWER STAT
Magical Aptitude Rank B = Guard-Break: WILLPOWER + 1 combat stat of your choice (STRENGTH / PERCEPTION / DEXTERITY / AGILITY)
Magical Aptitude Rank A = Guard-Break: WILLPOWER + 2 combat stats of your choice (STRENGTH / PERCEPTION / DEXTERITY / AGILITY)
Magical Aptitude Rank S = Guard-Break: WILLPOWER + 3 combat stats of your choice (STRENGTH / PERCEPTION / DEXTERITY / AGILITY)

10. Healing

Sooner or later your character will get hurt, and if you are not careful enough he might get incapacitated, or even worse, die. To avoid such a cruel fate, you might want to keep your eyes on the character's hit points level.
Between encounters and if there is no imminent danger around, you might heal yourself or get healed by other characters.
You can get healed by magical means (healing spells) or "technological means" (ointments, healing salves, medicine... stim-packs etc).
The healing procedure lasts an hour in both cases, and you can heal up only as much as half of your total/maximum hit points (equal to your endurance stat. Ex.: a dude with B rank endurance heals up a maximum of 3 hit points by magical or technological means within a single hour).
Also, not ANYONE can heal or get healed. The maximum number of hit points one can restore depends on the rank of the character's Magical Aptitude or Technological Aptitude stats. Here... table:

MA/TA Rank D = No healing.
MA/TA Rank C = 1 health point restored within an hour (targeted character needs to have an Endurance Stat of >=D)
MA/TA Rank B = 2 health point restored within an hour (targeted character needs to have an Endurance Stat of >=C)
MA/TA Rank A = 3 health point restored within an hour (targeted character needs to have an Endurance Stat of >=B)
MA/TA Rank S = 4 health point restored within an hour (targeted character needs to have an Endurance Stat of >=A)

Encounter Stat Sheet

Encounter Name


STR #; PER #; DEX #; AGI #; END #; WP #; MA #; TA #;

Encounter Health:


Encounter Attack 1 Melee:
Encounter Attack 2 Ranged:
Encounter Attack 3 Magic:

Weakness: N/A

Immunity: N/A

Goal: N/A

Guard-break on Player Attack:
Encounter Guard-break: STRENGTH RANK>=#;
Encounter Guard-break: PERCEPTION RANK>=#;
Encounter Guard-break: DEXTERITY RANK>=#;
Encounter Guard-break: AGILITY RANK>=#;
Encounter Guard-break: WILLPOWER RANK>=#;

Player Stat Sheet

Character Name


STR #; PER #; DEX #; AGI #; END #; WP #; MA #; TA #;

Total Hit Points:


(ex.: Player Melee Attack 1: STRENGTH<=A; - Two-handed Power-Hammer )
(ex.: Player Ranged Attack 2: PERCEPTION<=B; - Revolver)
(ex.: Player Magic Attack 3: WILLPOWER<=A; vs STRENGTH/AGILITY)

Player Guard-break: STRENGTH RANK>=#;
Player Guard-break: PERCEPTION RANK>=#;
Player Guard-break: DEXTERITY RANK>=#;
Player Guard-break: AGILITY RANK>=#;
Player Guard-break: WILLPOWER RANK>=#;
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Akashiro Kitadawa
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De ce nu avem libertatea de a investi toate cele 8x3+4=28 stats points?

Pt ca,altfel toate charurile o sa fie identice.Nu o sa faca pe nimeni overpowered,pt ca daca maxezi un stat,trebuie sa renunti in a baga puncte in altu.

E destul de ok.
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So it begins...

The Inner-continental Express steam-train is making its way through the snow covered landscape of middle-land. A technological wonder, the train delivers its passengers and cargo purposefully to the city of Amaranth without delay. The powerful steam-engines are augmented by complicated clockworks to increase the power output. Indeed, the Express can easily leave behind any kind of mundane vehicle of the past. The sky is getting dark... a storm is approaching.


A stewardess opens up the door of the 1st class compartment. The 1st class railroad cars represent the epitome of luxury and comfort in travelling, available for any wealthy technocrat or non-magic users. The floor is covered with a red carpet, the couches are soft and the furniture is of top notch quality.

A slender girl steps in, dressed in her formal brown stewardess attire.
- Excuse me, sir, mademoiselle. I have returned with your order."
Says the stewardess faking the most benevolent smile one can imagine. Her boyfriend just dumped her, so she isn't in the best of moods. Her angular face hides the expression of frustration, her blond hair tied in a knot behind her head, her big round yellow eyes gazing left and right to those in the compartment. She brings a little board inside, on top with an empty glass a teapot and a can of coffee. She hands the coffee to the young man sitting next to the window, who is currently staring outside, admiring the landscape.
- Your coffee, sir.
His dark inexpressive eyes dart up to her. His face shows a bothered expression. He is wearing dark blue trousers, an immaculate white shirt with a tailcoat over it.
- The coffee is for my daughter, I ordered a green tea. - he pauses for a moment, then he smiles - I never drink coffee.
- Yes! Excuse me... sir... - says the stewardess visibly flustered - Mademoiselle?
A beautiful young girl sits on the opposed side of the compartment, in front of the young man, next to the window. She is about thirteen or fourteen years old. She wears a white skirt with an attached light blue bodice, white gloves covering her hands. She is very thin. She looks depressed. Her pretty green eyes looking empty and lost. She turns her gaze up to the stewardess and slowly takes the can.
- Eliza? - says the man in a commanding tone.
- Thank... you... - murmurs Eliza in a whispering voice.
- You are welcome... mademoiselle... - replies the stewardess - Sir, your green tea...

A snow storm is brewing. It's night time. The train heads toward its destination. Suddenly unidentified flying machines approach from behind. They are the newest inventions, revolutionizing warfare, industry and commerce. They have a primitive look, some call them air-planes, yet they have powerful engines able to catch up with the train. They are carrying something. They get closer, flying right above it, fighting the snow storm and release their cargo.

One of the ... crates fall on the train. When it makes contact mechanical spider legs lash out of it burrowing themselves into the top. The container opens... and something jumps out of it. What seems to be a man dressed in a black suit, covering his entire body. Even his face. He is equipped with metal boots and metal gloves wearing intricate mechanical goggles. He reaches to his back and pulls out a .................. steam-ninja-to ™.

A few minutes later the entire train is crawling with these men. Under the cover of the night, they sneak around unnoticed and reach the locomotive...

The compartment is silent, the dim electrical light is flickering. Eliza fell asleep. Then the light suddenly goes out.
Pitch black.
- You... have to be kidding me... - he says - Impossible.
Eliza wakes up slowly and looks up to the man.
- Father?
- Go back to sleep. It's nothing... must be the... Just go back to sleep.

He stands up from his place, takes his luggage and pulls out a pair of mechanical looking gloves and boots. As he puts them on, they seem to active with cracking electricity. The electricity runs through the man's body visibly charging him with energy.
- Just to make sure...

He opens the compartment door, looks left and right then steps out. He slowly walks down toward the far right side of the railroad car. Suddenly the backup lights turn on.
- I am getting paranoid... - sighs...

He turns around to return, when suddenly a compartment door rips open right next to him and the severed body of a middle aged man flies out. The blood gushes out from the man's chest, the slice reaching from his throat all the way to his belly.

Fighting the Ninja Assassins, Test Quest Battle Tutorial

A ninja steps out of the compartment holding a sword. Both covered thick in blood. An other buddy of his steps out from the compartment next to the first one, wiping off the blood from his ninja-to. There isn't much space for maneuvering, two ninjas up front, and one sneaking in the back preparing for a fatal ambush.

(The DM posts the Encounter's stat sheet)

Mysterious Ninja Assassins (<- encounter name)

Stats: (<- encounter stats)


Encounter Health: 3 (<- abstract value denominating the mobs' collective health, and it's not dependent on the encounter's endurance stat )

Tactics: (<- types /order of the attacks mob's in the encounter may attempt against a player)

Encounter Attack 1 Melee: AGILITY RANK<=C; Will likely try to sneak up on you and slice your from behind, inflicting 2 hit points damage.
Encounter Attack 2 Ranged: PERCEPTION RANK<=C; they will throw shurikens at you, inflicting 1 hit point damage.
Encounter Attack 3 Melee: DEXTERITY RANK<=B; they will engage you in close combat, inflicting 1 hit point damage.

Weakness: N/A (<- special disadvantages an encounter has, that can be exploited by players)

Immunity: N/A (<- special advantages an encounter has, that players should be wary of)

Goal: Inflict a successful attack.(<- certain conditions to be met while fighting the encounter)

Guard-break on Player Attack: (<- minimum stat rank needed to inflict damage to encounter health )
Encounter Guard-break: WILLPOWER RANK>=A;
Encounter Guard-break: DEXTERITY RANK>=B;
Encounter Guard-break: AGILITY RANK>=B;
Encounter Guard-break: STRENGTH RANK>=C;
Encounter Guard-break: PERCEPTION RANK>=C;

(The Player posts his reply starting with his character's stat sheet)

The Man (<- character's name)

Stats: (<- character's stats)


Maximum Hit Points: 6 (<- The total hit points of your character, if this value reaches 0 he is either incapacitated or killed)

Special: Parkour (<- Your character's special ability)

Tactics:(<-The player's list of attacks starting with the highest combat stat and ending with the lowest, as well as his equipped weapons, if available)

Player Melee Attack 1: AGILITY RANK<=A; - Martial Arts (Kyokushin)
Player Melee Attack 2: STRENGTH RANK<=B; - Martial Arts (Kyokushin)
Player Ranged Attack 3: PERCEPTION RANK<=B; - N/A
Player Melee Attack 4: DEXTERITY RANK<=C; - N/A

Guard-break: (<- list of minimum stat ranks needed to inflict damage to character's hit points, starting with the highest)
Player Guard-break: AGILITY RANK>=A;
Player Guard-break: STRENGTH RANK>=B;
Player Guard-break: PERCEPTION RANK>=B;
Player Guard-break: WILLPOWER RANK>=B;
Player Guard-break: DEXTERITY RANK>=C;

(Narrative of the battle)

The Man assumes a one foot forward stance prepared to rush one of the ninjas and strike him down with a left straight / right bodyshot combo. Before he rushes in though, he senses a deathly chill coming from behind him. Swiftly stepping aside he evades being decapitated by a sweep of a stealthy ninja's blade. [Encounter Attack 1 Melee: AGILITY RANK<=C; Player Guard-break: AGILITY RANK>=A; defended]. Having his back turned to his opponent, he spins around and hits the ninja in the head with a powerful backhand strike. He then firmly grabs the head with his hands and twists it, promptly breaking the assassin's neck [Player Attack 1 Melee: AGILITY RANK<=A; Encounter Guard-break: AGILITY RANK>=B; hit]
One of the ninjas hails shurikens, whilst the other rushes toward the man with his blade prepared for a lightning quick slash. Evading the shurikens by sliding left and keeping a low profile [Encounter Attack 2 Ranged: PERCEPTION RANK<=C; Player Guard-break: PERCEPTION RANK>=B; defended], the man assumes a forward leaning stance preparing for the incoming assassin's attack. The ninja arrives into striking range, but right before slashing, he slides aside and lets an other hail of shurikens pass right next to him (thrown by his comarade, those sneaky russ-... ninja dogs). The Man avoids the shurikens by dodging aside in the last moment, but fails to evade the follow-up attack. A horizontal slash aiming at his neck... instead slicing into his rising left shoulder, a quick reflexive reaction, made to cover his vital spot. The ninja hacks away violently in a combo of diagonal slashes, slicing him twice, but only dealing flesh-wounds [Encounter Attack 3 Melee: DEXTERITY RANK<=B; Player Guard-break: DEXTERITY RANK>=C; hit]. Unable to strike a decisive blow the assassin looses his patience and attempts a risky maneuver, a quick overhead vertical slice, rising his ninja-to high...
- OSOI! - growls the man in anger and with his right rising fist, uppercuts the ninja in the solar plex, powerfully enough for the assassin to loose both his footing and his blade. Grabbing the opponent by the shoulders he pulls him downward whilst jumping up and kicking up with the right knee. The violent contact with the knee practically destroys the ninja's jaw, while the following downward elbow strike aimed at the head ends the assassin's suffering with a lethal concussion to the cerebellum. [Player Attack 2 Melee: STRENGTH RANK<=B; Encounter Guard-break: STRENGTH RANK>=C; hit]
The last remaining ninja rushes forward to strike his target. He strikes in a series of well aimed slashing combos, but the man avoids the attacks by a hairpin. But our "hero" is disadvantaged, for he is unable to get close enough to punch or kick the ninja. Last resort, he crouches down and attempts a left leg sweep aimed at the assassin's shins. The ninja doesn't falls for the trick, but looses his balance and awareness for a moment, just enough for the man to pick up a shuriken off the ground and throw it between the assassin's eyes, instantly slaying him [Player Ranged Attack 3: PERCEPTION RANK<=B; Encounter Guard-break: PERCEPTION RANK>=C; hit].
[Outcome: hit points reduced to 5, encounter health reduced to 0]

Player posts witty one-liner

- Got a head-ache? - smirks, but his smile fades off as the railroad car's doors opens and several ninjas step inside.

Test Quest Battle Tutorial End

Meanwhile... our heroes travel on the train heading toward the city of Amaranth, oblivious to the trials and hardships that await them in the future...

A few hours ago...
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Somewhere down the line of coaches, specifically, the first class coaches, sat a young, tall and slender man. Head lowered, eyes closed, he quietly listened to the people around him. He had soft feminine features, although he looked like a male, flat, no curves what so ever. A tan, Gatsby hat covering his eyes, bits of straight black hair strands sticking out at the sides, short cut at the back, a random strand swept between his eyes. He sat with hands in his black trench coat that reached to his mid-thigh, slightly hunched, like curled up together, his face buried into his soft, pale cream knitted scarf, up to his mouth. His skin was pale, sickly, like that of a ghost. Going down, he wore a pair of rather fit black pants, and black shoes. Nothing fancy, and little to no skin revealed. Even underneath his scarf, he wore a light brown turtleneck sweater, to hide his neck.

He was there on a mission, no. A journey. A journey to find a cure for his condition. He was dying. A skill he had learnt not long ago, had started to show it's side effects. That of life drainage. Rumors went that somewhere deep down into Amaranth, there was someone who had this cure. Then again, they were just rumors. But he decided to go for it, as any opportunity mattered.

Beside him on the floor there was a dark brown leather business bag. It had a handle at the top, a flap, and 2 pockets underneath it, secured with belt like straps on each of the pockets.

Reaching out for it, he unbuckled the straps and pulled out a container, it looked pretty much like a thermos. Inside it, a hot drink, smelling heavily like lemonade.Taking a sip from it, he finally decided to open his deep blue eyes, looking out the window, watching the scenery as the train went by.

Vast sea of snow, it reminded him of his new hometown. He sighed, taking out a pocket watch from his pockets, he would fiddle with it, as the brown gloves he wore easily slid over the shinny, smooth, golden surface of the watch. But taking off his gloves was not really his cup of tea. They hid something. Eventually figuring how the pocket watch actually worked, he popped it open to check the time. Inside, on the lid of it, there was a photograph of what seemed a blonde male, hair covering his eyes, a happy as ever grin from ear to ear, a crown on his head. He was the reason for this journey. He had managed to crack into our young man's world, and grab him by the hand, pulling him from the spiraling madness he had been living with.

He was nothing more but a puppet, a tool for the society he worked for. But this blonde gave him a reason to live. Made him see the happy side of things, showed him what friendship and love feel like.

However, as soon as the crate fell onto the train, he quickly slipped the pocket watch to safety and shut off his thermos, slipping it back into his bag, bracing himself for whatever it might be. It wasn't really a very animated 'getting-ready' pose, he just stiffened up, full attention to every little sound around him and every movement. It was something normal for him, being trained as a ninja, he just didn't look like it.


??? Young Male



Special: Kira

The “Kira” kinjutsu is a fearsome technique that uses his own ki (spirit/life force) to attack his enemy’s body from the inside; however, the technique requires the user to expend his own life force in the process.
The only known way to cancel out Kira, is to use the Seal Cancel Technique, but that’s only while the caster keeps doing it, or the Kira user stops using the Kira on his target.
The Kira user needs to be able to see and point at his enemy. That means if he’s tied down, he’s rendered useless.

Maximum Hit Points:

Martial Arts

Attack Melee 1:STRENGTH RANK<=B - Martial Arts (Kyokushin)
Attack Ranged 2:PERCEPTION RANK<=B - Improvised
Attack Melee 3:DEXTERITY RANK<=C - Improvised
Attack Melee 4:AGILITY RANK<=A - Martial Arts (Kyokushin)


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Character Name
Elamdir Dúlachán

Stats :


Maximum Hit Points :


Special : Inner Rage

This technique was developed by orc shamans.Originally used with hallucinogenic herbs to instill a blood craving into their orcish warriors,later it split into various forms,from the ones who still use herbal agents to block fear and reason,turning the subject into a mindless killing machine to more "tame" versions perfected by the half-breed orcs.
The "modern version" make use of ritualic sounds and chants.The subject partakes into this ceremony to release his inner "beast",which in truth, is only his "subconciousness" awakened.
In this "trance" like state he is no longer hold back by pain,petty morals or fear,but also,he can't be controlled and will treat every living thing around his as an enemy.
Duration depends from subject to subject,but repeated use may reduce life expectancy.

"The user of this ability gets double to his STR rank,is immune to character control
effects,but will treat every creature around him as an enemy,including party members."

Tactics :

Player Melee Attack 1: STRENGTH<=S; - Two-handed Large Axe
Player Ranged Attack 2: PERCEPTION<=C+; - Small Hand Cannon
Player Melee Attack3: Dexterity<=C;
Player Melee Attack4: Agility<=D;

Guard-break :
Player Guard-break: AGILITY RANK>=D;
Player Guard-break: STRENGTH RANK>=S;
Player Guard-break: PERCEPTION RANK>=C;
Player Guard-break: DEXTERITY RANK>=C;
Player Guard-break: WILLPOWER RANK>=B;

"Looking back,I can still remember my old man,sitting on his deathbed.He seemed at peace with itself when he died.It had been like 6 months since the last time he gave me a good beating.Usually he complained that i was a lousy "good for nothing" and I couldn't "fill his shoes".
You see,my old man was a pretty famous researcher.He was from good family and of some renown also.
He improved many of today's steam based contraptions.Using his connections,he made a small fortune of his designs.
He fell in love with his half-elf maid and married,altough many deemed the union "an abomination".His familly dissaproved.
Soon after I was born.Then I learned the hard way, that happiness doesn't last forever
This drove my father on the edge of insanity.He started drinking and gambling.Soon,his fortune evaporated .
But his episodes of depression we're coupled with episodes of lucidity.When he wasn't smacking my face or telling me i wasn't good enough for his son,he homeschooled me.He gave me books.
He told me then that "if you don't possess any particular skill,the least you can do is try to acquire as much knowledge as possible".
The books kept me company in the lonely nights while he was either gambling or passed out from too much drink.
I loved to learn new things,of the world around us.Except from reading books and the ocasional lesson,he teached me some elements of armed combat,from
swords and rapiers to the two handed axe and spear.
In his youth,he had a passion for collecting old weaponry and he learned how to use them.Either he taught himself or had received proper instruction,i couldn't tell you.

After he died,the relatives and creditors started fighting for what remained of his fortune.I took what little I had(a medallion locket with my mom),some weapons from his collection and clothes and left.
Staying in the city meant 2 things: either join one of the gangs,which meant death in the long run,or trying to make on my own.The problem was that loners don't last long.
My only choice was to go for the wild.

Recalling those distant memories,I watch the passing landscapes through the window.I'm returning to Amaranth for unfinished "business".
Good thing i've gotten a seat in third class or else they wouldn't let me keep my weapons.'Tho I fancy any melee weapon,the axe always been my favourite.The bigger,the better.And also the
longer, the better.
In the wild you learn that the farther you're away from your enemy,be it man or beast,the more chances you have to see another day.And that's not an understatement.
Sharing this compartment with some stinkin' dwarfs ain't pretty.That you get from being a cheap bastard.Good thing they let me keep my gun with me also,instead of putting it in the luggage section.You may never know when the need arises!

There is still time until we will arrive.I try to get some sleep and I start by making myself comfortable.Trying to relax in this tight compartment is pretty difficult.I do my best.And as I start to wander into dreamland,i start to hear that sound.As an itch on the back of my skull.As the annoying buzz of a fly you want to crush,but you can't reach it.
I tought i would never remember it.
Drums.Drums.Drums.The smell of herbs.The smell of pine resin.The masks.The chocking smoke.The dreadfull pain.The sound of knives on my flesh,cutting and gnawing.The blood.The flesh.That moment,when you start to feel your mind drifting and you start to lose the bounds that bind you to this world.
They call it "ishnaur grrneiz".The "moment when you wait at the gate".You can choose to enter.
Or you can choose to turn back.Most don't turn back.
You need something to cling to.A sign,a feeling,a sensation,a sound.Something to stop you.And when you find it,you will love it.You will engrave it in the deep recesses of your mind.It is the hand which draws you from the abyss.The first star in the darkest night.The coolest breeze in the hottest of days.
As your mind tries to discern something,you slowly run out of time.
And then i've heard it.At first,a small sound in the wind.And then it grew.Until it resonated within me.
A howl.A wolf's howl.My mind embraced it,like you would embrace your sweetest lover.
I've crawled out of the tent and sat on the snow.And i've let out a howl.A dreadfull howl.A howl of death.A howl of life.I wanted to live!I didn't want to die!
I had so many things to learn,to try,to taste,to feel.
And then it awakened.Deep inside me.The clouds in my mind passed.The pain passed.Everything passed.I couldn't feel a thing.No fear.No pain.Nothing.But i didn't knew anyone around me.It was Me and They.They are the enemy.They kill.They burn.They destroy.So,for Me to survive,they must perish.
And then,it lit inside me.The fury.The anger.The wrath.
When I realised that,I gave a vicious smile,showing my teeth.
3 words."I MUST KILL".They tied me and threw some bear skins on me,letting me in the snow until morning.
When the sun had risen,one of them came and kicked me.It was a shock.They tought I died.From the few who manage to survive the ceremony,even fewer survive until morning.
I guess I was a tough bastard.They said that if I ever need strenght,I should remember the "sign".In my case,howling.Hopefully,I would never need it.
But in the case of power ,it's better to have it and not need it,then need it and not have it.

In the wilderness,you'll find many races,from orc tribes (which have different degrees of hate towards humans and other races) to dwarf prospectors (who survey the mountains for various mineral deposits) and other inhabitants,like hunters,fugitives,trackers,bounty hunters and other un-lawful inhabitants.
After escaping the city,I headed for the wilderness.That was one of my father's advices before he died.He said that in the wilderness,you answer to no one.Yes,he knew I might die there,but
the city was even worse.
Although it's called the "wilderness",only the remote parts are trully "wild".The other regions feature small "wild towns" where you can trade your furs,meat and dried fish for weapons,drink and matches.
After finding a remote town like that,I settled in and spent 2 years hunting and doing various menial jobs to survive.I also trained with various ex-military folk in weapon usage (you would be surprised how many big city folk choose a quiet "wild town" to spend the rest of their lives).Some did it for money or favors.Some laughed when offered money and said they once had sons my age.From swords and axes to sharp-shooting.I wanted to be strong.I wanted to be ready.I will no longer be the weakling that I once was.
But soon,something happened which would forever change my life.
I heard about some good hunting grounds way up north and I wanted to check them out.
But after walking for 5 days,I lost my way and couldn't find my way back.I knew that staying in one place meant death.So I decided to continue my journey north.There were various orcish tribes around those parts.I didn't knew if they were friendly,but having to choose between dieing of cold or dieing from the blade of an orc,i would had chosen the latter option.I don't fancy dieing from cold or hunger.Those are a coward's death!
After going on for days and days,the exhaustion caught up with me and the food rations were getting scarcer by the day.Hares or deer we're pretty rare but wolfs we're plenty.At night I could hear their howls.
And one day,I heard something close.A small pack of wolfs had cornered an orc.The orc seemed less brutish
then what I've heard.I figured he must be a halfbreed or something.
I aimed my rifle and shot 2 wolfs.Then I pulled my spear and charged forth.When the orc saw me,he also clenched his axe and started to swing it fiercely.I rushed towards him and managed to make the pack retreat.
He seemed pretty injured,but he was able to walk.And then...
"Strange to see "irshnar"(the name orcs give to humans) here!".
I was startled." look like you saw giant bear.I'm halfbreed.I can speak the tongue of irshnar."
"What's your name?",he asked me."Elamdir",i answered."A strong name,warrior!
I am Urgok,son of Normok.And you saved my life.I am honor bound to you!"
After exchanging some "pleasantries",he led me to his tribe's village.
There I was received with some curiosity.The tribe featured a large number of orcish half-breeds.Orcs,compared to humans,do not despise half-breeds.They value strenght above all.If a halfbreed can prove his worth to the tribe,he can stay.
Also,the words of Urgok,weighted heavily and helped me.
I was curious to learn of them.Although I didn't knew orchish,the fact that the tribe had a good number of orchish halfbreeds who spoke bits of my language,helped me much alonside with the ocasional signs.
There,I learned that orcs are largely missunderstood.Yes,you also have your ocasional bloodthirsty orc,but it's a matter of choice.The old wars are over.The majority of orcs struggle to survive just as humans and dwarfs.

Orcs are less judgemental then your average human.There I've learned to not judge people.As long as someone doesn't harm me or has a ill will towards me,I'll leave them alone.
Ironically,I had to learn that in a tribe of orcs.
Their religion is a shamanistic one.They beleive in spirits who guard everything and in their ancestors.They beleive that death in battle is a great honor.Their shamans posses great knowledge of various herbs,resins and mushrooms which they use it for healing wounds and various ilnesses,along with "shamanistic journeys" in which they commune with their spirit guardians and seek wisdom.
After spending a year,the shamans told Urgok that the spirits chose me to receive the "gift".
The so called "gift" is the ability to tap into your inner rage.
Few are selected for this ceremony.Even fewer survive it.What made them chose me was my willpower and the fact that I would easilly lose my temper.
The first is needed to ensure the survival and the return of the one who seeks to receive the "gift".
The second is necesary for the ceremony itself.It eases the process of losing yourself to your "rage".
Ironically,after that ceremony,i gained more control of myself,becoming less violent.When one tastes absolute rage,the petty angers start to lose taste.
Soon after the ceremony,i decided that my time here was enough.I've learned what I needed.It was my time to go.After saying goodbye to Urgok and with the shaman's blessing,i started to find my way towards my new destiny.

My mind goes back at the current state of events.I wonder if any of my relatives will recognize me.The only thing that remained unchanged was my brown hair.And my brown eyes.But i was no longer the weakling i was once.I grew more bulkier.I had more strenght now.The frail arms I once had became muscular.The boyish face I featured once is now crossed with scars.
I wore a dark coloured tracker's jacket with green flannel pants along with a fur hat.A small backpack and my hand cannon (which i bought from a dwarf engineer,but that's another story),togeter with my axe comprised the majority of my belongings.
And yes,my mother's medallion locket.
I didn't knew what my future will bring,but I stayed confident.After the rain,the clouds pass and the sun always shines!
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Eliza's "father" wipes the green tea off of his shirt. A very distressed stewardess busies herself around in the compartment trying to help the man clean the shirt with a white tissue.
- I am so sorry sir, I don't ev-...
- It's alright... just, calm down miss.... I'll go and clean it with some water.
- I'll be right back with some wa-...
- That won't be necessary miss. I'll take care of it myself. Alright? It's okay. - he smiles, but throws a piercing look at the stewardess.
- Yes .. sir... if you need anything else...
- That would be all, thank you.
The stewardess bowed and hurriedly left the compartment.
Eliza's "father" sighs and stands up. He is a tall, well built man, but far from stocky. Veteran of many battles, through the endured hardships, his entire physique adapted to the athletic form. He stretches his arms and looks at Eliza sipping from her coffee. He smiles slightly... but it quickly fades away. Eliza notices it and she looks up putting her can down.
- Father?
- How are your ears? Let me take the supressors off... - Eliza has rich silver white hair falling on her shoulders in curls. The rich hair hid the crude device incredibly well. Her father slowly takes it off, revealing her elven ears. She looks up to him with her sad green eyes. He closes his and sighs.
- I'll go to the restroom to try and clean this off. Lock the compartment from inside, okay? - he turns to leave, but Eliza grabs his tailcoat's trim.
- Can ... I come? ... - almost whispering.
- No ... Eliza. I'd like you to... try and stay hidden. You have your condition. Which makes you unique in the world. But you know you can't reveal yourself as being an elf on this train. ... Eliza.. please...
Eliza let's go of his tailcoat and turns her gaze away to look through the window. It's getting darker and darker, the whiteness of the snow turning into a blueish hue... like her bodice.
The man leaves the compartment and heads upwards toward the restroom.
Eliza takes the supressor and fits it around her head covering her ears. She stands up and takes her white bergère hat. She unlocks the door and peeks outside to check for her father. He is nowhere to be found. She quickly sneaks out. What a bad girl.
The first class' corridor is filled with humans, gnomes, dwarfs in fancy victorian style clothing. Eliza is incredibly nimble on her feet. She darts and weaves, quickly getting by. And she isn't even running. She reaches the second car of the first class. The compartment doors are mostly closed, except for one. As she passes by the open compartment, she suddenly spots something which grabs her interest.
Eliza finds a classy young man, tall and slender, with feminine features and elegant clothing, slowly sipping something from a thermos... a very nice smelling liquid, whilst looking at a strange watch. Eliza likes clockwork. She is good with mechanical things. And Eliza likes lemonade too, she just doesn't know it.. yet. There is also an old lady and an old man sitting on the other side of the compartment facing the young man.
Suddenly something falls on top of the car and startles the young lady.
- Kya! - she whimpers attracting the attention of those around.
The old lady sitting in the compartment spots her. She wears modest clothing, but made of premium materials. With her grey hair tied in a knot behind her head and her friendly, yet wise expression, she looks like the ideal grandmother. She was talking to an old man, probably her husband. The man smiles at Eliza, stands up and leaves, after excusing himself. The old lady turns her gaze toward the pretty girl.
- Don't be scared little girl... there is nothing to worry about. This train is old. Like me. Oh yes, I still remember it. When I was a young girl about your age. They built railroads back then. - she smiles benevolently - Would you like a cookie little girl? Oh mind, my manners... My name is Elisabeth.
Eliza blushes and looks down, then looks up to the old lady.
- Eliza... pleased... pleased to meet you...
- Eliza? Oh my is that short for Elisabeth?
Eliza comes closer, slowly, with little steps.
- No... it's... just Eliza. - She looks up to the old lady, not sure what to do, she shouldn't be here after all... Then her gaze turns to the stiffened young man.
- Here. Come now. Don't be shy Eliza, these are homemade cookies. - The old lady takes out a box of cookies and extends it to Eliza. Eliza takes a cookie from the box and starts nibbling on it.
- Elisabeth, you'll have to come with me for a moment, please. - said the old man, returned just a moment ago.
- Yes Yes, Taylor... I am coming right now. I am sorry, you'll have to excuse me young lady. You will have to enjoy the company of the handsome young man here. But you shouldn't wander off from your parents.. you know... - she smiles and stands up to leave with her husband.
Eliza sits down in front of the young man and nibbles the cookie away whilst looking at him. They seem to be alone. When she finished eating, she takes out a white, trimmed handkerchief and wipes her lips. She looks up at the young man. She opens her mouth as if saying something... but she stops. She shakes her head, as if trying to build up courage and finally whispers slowly...
- Is ... is it painful? Are... you... scared? I am scared...

.............scared, because

......................because I know

.................................I know I am dying

Later on... near the first class' restaurant car...

- But I didn't meant to spill the entire bowl of soup on him... only... - cries out miss puppy-eyed stewardess in front of the manager and continues murmuring to herself - ... only a part of it.
It's the same slender, pretty lady that served Eliza and her "father" a couple hours ago. She is standing small in temper, but tall in physique in front of her superior, a very round...and short... gnome, with an equally round face and big mouth, the proud owner of a shiny bald head... so bald... so shiny... sparkling like a star in the artificial light of the train. Or are those sweat drops? He is obviously frustrated. Elegantly dressed, his brown trousers, brown tailcoat matching up in form and color with his shoes. Gnome all right. Immaculate, clean. He nervously arranges and brushes the sleeves of his tailcoat then continues, looking up to the girl.
- Is that even an excuse?! - his voice like a blister. - You were eyeing him since the train left Tarant.... Of course I noticed... - he regains some of his composure - It's my duty to keep my inferiors in check. You have earned your punishment young lady... But because... of your peerless service up to now, I won't report it to the higher ups. I will... try to appease the customer. As for you... for the rest of the journey, you will serve on the third class. Where customers don't mind getting the soup spilled over them. They're glad they GET ANY SOUP.
- T-thank you... manager... - whispers the stewardess in a thankful tone.
- It's... alright... Miss Isil. I know you are under lot of stress. You have your half elven heritage on top of everything... but bare with it all. - a faint smile, then a cough, and the manager returns to his normal tone - But, you need to be punished none the less... one more thing Isil... we need to suppress out feelings at times, for our own good. Now run along. Your customers are waiting.
They part ways, Isil heads for the third class, whilst the manager heads back to the restaurant.
"The nerve he has... showing up with his friends... showing off in front of his friends.... I should have listened to mother when she told me that he was an up to no good... good for nothing.... baka." Isil thinks to herself whilst reaching the third class cabins. She is deeply hurt, her pretty eyes going all sad. She takes a deep breath.
"I need to pull myself together! Come on Isil! Pool yourself together. Be like the moon. Shiny and bright even through clouds of white! YES!"
Full of renewed confidence she busts open the door of the railroad car... and in the process she hits the dwarf standing behind it, talking to his bearded girlfriend. The hit, make him loose his footing and sends him falling on her girlfriend's breasts, face first.
-Ah, sor... -he doesn't manages to end the sentence, for his girlfriend sends him flying with a left hook... right into the arms of a half-ork warrior playing with his favorite toy-horse, which suffer irremediable damage from the impact. After a short cognitive syncope the half orc breaks down crying and with tear filled eyes looks at the dwarf in his arms.
-Gom... - yet again, our dwarf friend isn't able to finish his deepest apology, before being sent flying deeper into the bowels of the passenger car hitting a goon in the back, playing cards at a table with two of his equally tough and stupid looking friends and the rather elegant looking thin fellow wearing a long coat and ... fancy sleeves, and a curious hairstyle and a ... long mustache... and ... this guy is kind of out of place really... regardless the elegant pimp get's startled by the dwarf's sudden collision with the goon, who from the contact, fell right on the table, spotting the hidden cards in the gentleman's sleeves.
- YOU CHEATER! - he growls angrily.
- MY good sir! I would neve-... - our charming charlatan gets his face punched by goon nr.3 and sent flying right amidst a group of miner dwarfs.
Brawl. The cacophony is unbearable, and soon the train's security shows up to calm the spirits. Only a single half elven stewardess isn't to be found... unless you would be looking in the last passenger car.
Quick on her feet, she slipped away in the confusion. "Now I did it... Hope the manager... won't find out... okay. Pool yourself together, you are like the moon... the moon." She slowly opens the passenger car door and peeps inside.
Of course the last passenger car isn't any more fascinating than the previous two. The third class is crowded, noisy, smelly and ... well not quite dangerous, at least, as long as there are no catalysts. This car isn't filled with particularly tough or strong looking guys. All but one man, his face crossed with scars, his physique bulky, muscular, wearing simple clothing, much like a ranger or a trapper. She heard of these men, loners of the wilderness, brave and powerful. Or could he be just an other bounty hunter? Maybe a criminal... oh my look at that gun... and the axe. She shook the thoughts out of her head and decided to ask around for anyone's order.
The car is quite_silent, if not for a particularly loud, funny fellow, sitting right in front of the bulky trapper, dwarfed by the respective man's size, holding a chicken cage with a... chicken inside.
- And and, ye know, I'll be making me fortune matey! Bloody right I will! With me chicken here! - he holds up the chicken cage all proud - Magic chicken that is! Them hag said so! She be big mouthin' me, but me an' my matey, good ol' buddy the axe, we showe' up at her door! HA HA! the hag! she sure pissed on her dress haha! scared!
And he goes on and on... the trapper doesn't seems particularly bothered by it, he keeps nodding away, whilst holding his axe between his knees.
- You just wait and see matey! Yar! Durr Hurr Derp Derp! Yaaar! Be found me fortune! - oh my. He drools on the chicken....
- Excuse me, my good sir... can I take your order? - Isil reached the middle of the car where the two were... "chatting".
- Eh...what? Room service? Here? Well. ... uhg... I ... chicken you want anything? - he holds the cage close to his ears - Yes? No?
- ... Can I take ... your ... order sir? - her gaze turns toward the trapper. She is taken aback by the man's imposing size and broad shoulders. Her elven ears twitch and she looks at him with big yellow eyes. She shrinks a bit and is waiting for a response.
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Our young man perked at the sight of this fine lady, pausing for a second to register what had she just said.
What is she on about... I'm not scared...
He eyed her from head to toes and back up to her face, she didn't seem much of a threat, tho it would be better to play dumb, just incase.
He flinched for a second; having strangers come up to him out of the blue and try to talk to him, even if it were just a whisper, wasn't his cup of tea at all.
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-Trouble... - Eliza slowly stood up and walked toward the door. She turned back at the young man once again though.
- Goodb... - she doesn't ends her goodbye when a seemingly agitated man arrives in front of the compartment.
- Eliza... - it's her "father".
Eliza looks down at the ground, then turns her gaze toward the man. He grabs her hand then looks at the young man.
- Excuse me. Goodbye.
He doesn't waits for a reply, just takes Eliza and the two quickly depart.
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The man blinked, watching them depart.
He resumed looking out the window, keeping an ear out, listening.
"I know I am dying" ... What did she mean by that... he thought for a while over it,
before his mind wandered off to the blonde from his pocketwatch.

A male blonde neko stood before him at the train station.
He barely reached his chin but he seemed older than him.
Pale blonde mop (read: bob hairstyle) of hair covered his eyes, so you couldn't read his facial gestures properly.
White cat ears at the sides of his head, fluffy, long haired, clearly he was a well-kept neko.
Several silver piercings in both of his ears, earrings dangling.
His tail was white, long furred.
His clothing showed he was royalty:
A deep purple tailcoat with golden trims, fine embroidery all round it,
underneath a black vested shirt, a rather huge black ribbon at his neck, tied up as a loose bow tie,
the sleeves of his white shirt sticking out from under the sleeves of his tailcoat as laces,
covering his hands; a silver chain coming from under his vest, going into one of its pockets,
clearly another pocket watch; his pants were black, skin tight, a pair of long white boots,
with wide black ribbons for lace; and to top it off, a silver crown adorned his head.
Obviously a prince.

" Got everything~?" the neko grinned, passing him the leather bag he had with him.
The taller male just smiled and nodded, taking it from him.
The two of them sat down on the benches outside, waiting for the Inner-continental Express steam-train
to show up, leaning at each other, hand in hand, they were clearly more than just friends.
" We'll finally have a nice, peaceful life after this..." The neko purred, grinning from ear to ear.
" Yeah... Finally..." The taller male nodded once more in agreement.

Truth be told, he had a shit life to begin with.
Confined to the basement, his family has taken away any change of him to socialize normally,
they even prevented him from seeing his half brother.
His mother had died at birth, his family had called him an 'Angel of Death'.
The next moment he had turned 14, his family had tried to slash his throat, but had failed.
The little boy ran from home, to be found by an elderly man who took him under his wing.
However, seeing that this child had no intentions of living, he taught him the skill that now is killing him,
and passed him to a person he had acknowledged as "guardian".
It wasn't long since he had stopped his ninja training, he bumped into this neko while doing one of his missions.
The neko clung to him, trying ever so hard to have it his way, as a young bratty prince would. He demanded to be this kid's friend.
In the end, something clicked in his brain, making him run off with the neko to his palace, where he was treated with utmost care and love.

A year later...
It was a cold, stormy night when it happened. The two youngsters were sleeping, when all of a sudden, the brunette started wailing out in pain,
screaming, his arms tightly round himself, crying. The neko and the maids tried so hard to calm him down, but nothing had worked.
For 3 days and 3 nights, the boy kept crying in pain. His body stretched out, his bones enlonged, his hair grew out long.
Apparently, his cells became very active suddenly, aging his body before their eyes.
Everybody was confused as ever, even the medics didn't know what was up with him.
The pain stopped after a while, but the boy now looked like skin and bones.
They fed him a lot, to fatten him up, but nothing worked.
He ate everything, but with no results.
Alas, it took them a few weeks to return back to normal, as in resuming their lives; the neko kept getting closer and closer to him,
till one day...

"It doesn't work!" the male trashed everything in reach, as a gadget refused to work no matter what.
"It just doesn't work, god damnit!" he kept getting more and more pissed, the neko tried to calm him down but it was like fighting with the windmills.
As a desperate attempt, he grabbed the brunette, pulled him down to eye level, forcing a kiss onto his lips.
The male stopped bitching, his cheeks going a deep, dark red.

...It worked.

Tho the next moment they parted, they took a short glance into each others eyes,
before bolting to the opposite corners of the room, completely embarrassed of what had just happened.
That was the actual start of their relationship.
The neko was completely head over toes for this male, even if his health was starting to decay, coughing up blood on a daily basis if forced
to do a lot of hard work. When they would go out in the village, bandits would try and ambush them, the male pointed to the enemies and one by one would collapse before their eyes; the neko would summon up fire with his hands, flaming everything in wide range.
However, the side effects kicked in after a couple of hours, where the brunette was compelled with pain yet again.
This kept on going till he finally decided it's time for him to know of his troublesome condition.
Laying in bed, the neko sat beside him, he looked up to him and spoke out.
"There's something you need to know... " The neko perked out his ears at him, listening.
"I know what's the matter with me... but there is no cure for it... You see, before you took me away from the place where I... stayed at...
I had no meaning. I had no will to live, but to get erased. I don't have a family... They all called me a monster when my mother had died at my birth...
They cast me away from socialization... They tried to murder me... but I made a run for it. Til a nice old man took me home, and looked after me.
Tho he noticed I didn't want to live, so he taught me the Kira.
Kira is what is killing me. I use my life force to kill my enemies, but as a consequence, I loose my own life force and will eventually die.
I've already lost my taste, and my vision's going blurry from time to time."
the male panted, apparently, even talking is tiring for him.
The neko was shocked, almost tearing.
"Why haven't you told me earlier?! There has to be a way out!"
The neko paused for a sec, thinking over it.
"Tell me, do you still want to live?" he had a dead serious look on his face. Even if you couldn't see his eyes, you could feel it.
The male looked up to him, smiled and nodded.
"Of course I do..."
"You don't seem that confident!"

The male chuckled.
"Yes. I don't want to die. I want to live."
"That's more like it..."
the neko sighed.
"Alright. I'll go look for help. I'll get the maids and butler to search through the library for a cure."
He stood up and ran out of the room, leaving the brunette on his own.
Eventually, after a couple of weeks of checking through the enormous library the castle had, the butler had told them there is a man
deep within Amaranth's grounds that had the cure for all known death-inducing skills.
As soon as they heard, they prepared for departure. But the male insisted the neko would stay behind, at the castle. If he were to die on the way,
least the kingdom still has its ruler.

So we find the youngsters at the train station, just as the Inner-continental Express steam-train pulls up at their platform and people start climbing up.
"Right... you be good out there and don't die. Alright~?" The neko grinned up to him, passing him his bag as he got onto the train, along with a golden pocket watch. He seemed rather... motherly.
"Don't worry. I'll come back." The male smiled, as he bowed to his level for a quick exchange of kisses. They waved, and the male went to find his seat.
First class, the neko wanted him to travel safely, and in style. It was something normal for him, being royalty.
The neko paced around the train, watching him through the windows till he found his seat. As the train would leave, the neko chased it a little, waving to him, clearly excited that there is a way to cure their troublesome issue.
Little did the butler knew, he should've said it was just a rumor.

The young man's day dreaming was soon cut off, as the door swung open to reveal...

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Akashiro Kitadawa
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A slender half-elf girl stands in my right,dressed as a stewardess,asking me if I want to order something.She is obviously very shy.I wonder if my stature scares her.She has tender and delicate features and it's quite beatutifull for her age,taking the best from both ages.
And then it struck me.She the first beautifull girl I saw since I returned from the wilds.
And no,old hags I saw in the train station and hardened wives from northern towns don't count!
For cryin' out loud! Why is my face turning red? I feel like a boy in his first school day.
Now I realise.I've never been interested in the opposite gender.When I was young,all I did was read and the occasional weapon lesson,along with dragging my drunk dad back in the house,when he fell in some mudhole.
I wasn't really allowed to go outside and even if I was,I wasn't really the outdoors kid.
I liked solitude.I liked being with myself.It was the only person who wouldn't betray me.
After leaving the city,I had other things on my mind.Survival,for example.After settling in that northern town,again,I had other things on my mind.
When I became stranded in that orc village,lets say that orc females were not on my "mating" list.In all honesty,I was never aware of the opposite gender.
Until now.It struck me hard.They say you start to be aware of the opposite gender,when you realise you're lonely.Now I realised that.Never was the sting of loneliness so painfull. I've always been the loner.The lonely wolf.The packless wolf.The white wolf which everyone avoids.
From this day,I shall try to fix that.

Getting back to the current events.A girl is in front of me.And not just any girl,a beautifull half-elf girl.I've always liked elven girls,more then human ones.
Maybe it's the elven blood in my veins from my mother's side.Maybe it's just her.
Curse my silent ways.I must say something.Something nice or witty.I got it!
I'll greet her in elvish! It's one of the few words I know in that language.Maybe I should have learned elvish instead of reading all those other books.
What good does if you know all the science in the world,if it's useless?
Ok.Here goes...

-Mellonamin! - I say that while trying to smile as I can.
She seems surprised,almost confused,never expecting such words.! - she says while looking flustered.
-Are you surprised? - I ask her.
-Well,yes.Few can speak our language. - she draws breath after saying that.
-I don't speak it,unfortunately.I just remembered that word.But I do have elven blood in my veins.My mother was half-elf. that means you're quarter elf? - she says that while giving a small smile.
-Yes.And what your name might be,my fair maiden ?
-Isil. - our fair elven maiden blushes heavily while saying her name.
-And my name is Elamdir! - I can't beleive I exclamed that with such pride...
She is a little stunned by my response.Either because it impressed her or I shouted it ,I don't know.Her face lights up a little.

-Your name...It is one of our ancient names.It means "Hope".It is a great name...
-I know.My mother gave it to me.She died when I was little.I can barely even remember her.
She seems suddenly saddened by this turn of events.Maybe I've said too much.
But then,out of nowhere,I don't even know what came over me,I pick up the medallion locket from my neck and show it to her.

-Here she is. - I say that while I hand her the locket.
-She is beautifull.Your mother was really beautifull. - now she seems at ease .Good,I managed to calm her down.
-Kind too. - I add that while wondering how the discussion turned this way.I wanted to learn more of this girl.And here I am,spilling my guts to her.Strangely,I don't seem to mind that...

-And tell me Isil.How can I help you? - dear gods,I can't believe I said that,I'm such an idiot...
-I'm here to take your order,sir! - she reclaims a little of her necessary composure while saying that.
And now you lost her, lad.Curse my ways around girls.The complete lack of practice seems obvious.Maybe I should try to work on that.
-Well get me something cheap.What do you have?
-We have a really tasty beef stew.
-I'll have that.
-Right away, sir. - she says that,looking a little dissapointed,like she would really wanted to talk more to me.
I feel like the biggest idiot...
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... to reveal the old granny and her husband. They came back and sit down on their places in front of the young man.
Elisabeth looks at the young man then she says to herself.
- I see Eliza left... such a nice little girl... don't you think Taylor?
- Yes. - answers reluctantly, holding a newspaper and reading.
- I wonder of our little girl is alright?
- Yes.
- She'll be at the station in Amaranth at 9 o' clock in the morning. You did tell her when we arrive, right?
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
- Yes - turns the page.
A few moments later...
- And she said she can come?
- By the god Elisabeth. Even you talked to her before we left. You called 6 times 2 days ago. The poor child did-... - his words were cut off by Elizabeth.
- Oh my... I haven't noticed how pale and skinny this young man is.
- ... Elisabeth...
- No, Taylor. Look at him. He is all skin and bones. You have to eat more young man, it's bad for your health if you don't. You know it's all about the right amount of calories one have to consume each day. Let me tell you...
-... by the gods Elisabeth...
- Don't interrupt me Taylor! This is important. Young man... I insist you eat some of my homemade cookies. You need some sugar child! Also...
And she goes for about a half an hour to explain the importance of proper diet. From the importance of meat, to vegetables, fruits and such.
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The young man perked, listening to her go on and on, his eyes rolling.
"When is she going to shut up..." he groaned, leaning onto the service button on his chair.
To his horror, a stewardese walked in and up to him asking what he would like to order.
"This just ain't my day."
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The stewardess was a pretty lady, mid twenties, wearing the regular brown stewardess attire, she wasn't all that slender, more on the healthy side, her black hair tied in a knot behind her head, her blue eyes darting at the young man when she entered the compartment. "Luuuucky... he is a real cutie", she thought to herself.
- Good evening! Can I take your order? - she asks, looking at the handsome young man.
- Yes! - replies Elisabeth.
- Yes? Excuse me? - says the stewardess confused.
- I will make the order for this young man. The poor child is probably famished. And everything is on me!
- Elisabeth!
- Taylor. Shut up dear. Young lady! Listen to me...
I won't relate all the culinary wonders she ordered, I can't even spell the names of some of that foodstuff... and the list is long... really... really long.
- Anything else, madam?
- That will be all... miss?
- Letitia, madam.
- Such a nice name. Yes, that would be all. -she turns to the young man sitting in front of her- Don't you worry my child, I'll have you stuffed in no time, with healthy food. - She smiles with the most benevolent smile one can imagine.
- By.. the gods... Elisabeth...
The stewardess sighs, and looks at the young man longingly... then turns back at the old lady.
- Excuse me madam, I will return shortly.... -and to herself "I think".
About an hour passes before Letitia returns.
- I am sorry madam, although our policy at the first class' is to allow clientele to feast in their compartment, the... order was so big, my superiors insisted on bringing only one dish at a time... Unless you would like to accompany me to the restaurant...
- I see. ... Very well, Taylor are you coming?
- No. Elisabeth. I'll stay here and enjoy yhe silence.
- Taylor, Taylor... Come young man, help an old lady to the restaurant. And don't you worry, you will enjoy the selection of gastronomical marvels I ordered. - she elegantly extends her hand to the young man, accompanied by her ever-so benevolent smile - Oh my, but I haven't introduced myself yet. I am so forgetful. My name is Elisabeth.
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The young man started to panic, looking for a way out.
"It's alright madam you don't have to--" it was of no use, as she forced him into it.
He frowned under his hat, looking to her.
She so made it on his "don't ever come near within 10 miles radius. EVER." list.
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The young man and Elisabeth arrive to the restaurant. A table was set up for the two. And filled with some of the dishes the old lady ordered.
- Oh this will be a feast, won't it young man? - smiles Elisabeth.
- This way madam... sir. - a very elegantly dressed waiter was expecting the two, guiding them to their table.
The etiquette was strict, as this was an elite high class restaurant.
- Madam... sir... bon appétit. - he claps his hands, and the rest of the various dishes are brought by and put on the table.
Suddenly someone growls up in pain, on the other side of the restaurant, starting some commotion. Some of the customers cease their conversations and glance in the direction of the growl. Even the waiter serving the two, leaves their table after excusing himself, and heads off.
Elisabeth doesn't seems affected at all. He shortly returns accompanying a soaked-wet, angry customer, smelling of today's specialty: the Tarantian Chicken Noodle Soup. He is wearing expensive clothing, but with little taste and bright colors.
- We are VERY SORRY SIR! I can't imagine how cou-...
- JUST YOU WAIT UNTIL MY FATHER HEARS ABOUT THIS ISIL! You'll pay you little bitch! - the customer is obviously a manner-less thug.
- Sir, please calm down and keep your voice down. - the waiter tries his best to control the fool.
- YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! I DO WHAT I WANT! - the nerve he has...
The two leave, followed by three other guys, just as ill-mannered and without taste in clothing as the first one. They seem to be the guy's lackeys.
Elisabeth ignores keeping her composure for the entire scene. She is slowly sipping from her black tea, she ordered for herself.
- We have such a nice evening, aren't we? - she says, ever-so-smiling.


Isil runs around the car taking the orders of others, throwing short glances at Elamdir, when - she hopes - he isn't looking. "What a peculiar man" she thinks to herself.
When she has finished taking everyone's order, she takes her leave, but not before looking back and smiling to Elamdir.
She heads toward the kitchen, backtracking her steps. She opens the railroad car doors slowly, not to repeat the previous mistake.
With the help of the train's specially trained security officers, spirits have calmed in the first car. Some of the passengers disappeared whilst others are in bandages.
It seems even the engineering team finished the job of fixing up some of the damage, but as they left some of their equipment at the scene, especially a large toolbox, it seems they will be planning to return.
It's getting late, it's storming outside.
Isil reaches the large kitchen and gives the order to the main chef. A sturdy looking, big. No, huge man with an equally huge belly.
- Mafan Curo! - it's known that the chef is very picky about what his clientele orders. There is no perfect order really. Everyone is inferior and nobody can eat as much as he can or give themselves to the hedonistic pleasure of eating food. Aside his usual bad mood.... This time he was downright angry, since earlier he spent a considerable amount of time, effort, meat, vegetables and fruits to prepare all the dishes of a certain/specific order. He didn't even get to rest, because new orders came in continuously.
Eliza didn't care for the ravings of the chef. She was busy with something else. She sat down waiting, thinking about Elamdir.
She smiled to herself.
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"Right. Madam. Listen to me, I am grateful for all of this, but I can't accept this... I'm alright, really."
The man sighed, looking to Elisabeth. "I've always been like this... no matter how much I would eat, I don't put on any weight."
"No, no, young man. Don't give me that. Eat. Look at yourself" Elisabeth grabbed his wrist, sizing it with her thumb and index fingers.
"Look! You're skin and bones!"
The young man flinched, pulling his wrist free, glaring to her.
"I'm alright!"
"I refuse."
"Eat." her voice was more stern.
"I refuse!" The man stood up from the table.
"Eat." She pulled him down.
"Madam this is outrageous I cannot--"
"Shut up and eat."
The young man sighed deeply, sitting down at the table, picking up the spoon--
"Wait. You can't eat with your gloves on!" Elisabeth interrupted.

This is really getting on my nerves...

In an instance, he gulped down anything within reach, just to please the old woman that he's eating 'healthy'.
Elisabeth stared to him, before inevitably passing out.
The youngster freaked out, getting up from the table, he quickly made his way back to his seat in the other cart,
before reluctantly giving the news to this mad old woman's husband.

Well, least I got her off my back...

And with peace and silence finally restored, he managed to drift off to sleep, leaning against the window.

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- Mafan Curo! Isil! - calls out the headchef.
Isil wakes up from her daydreaming and hurries to answer the chef's call. The chefs prepared the various dishes those "vagrants" -as the head chef he calls them- ordered and with the help of some assistants they load them into 2 carts.
Isil waits impatiently, then we the "convoy" is set, she heads off toward the third class cars.
It's midnight.
Little does she know that the train is under attack. A few minutes later after her departure the the restaurant's windows break and sleeping gas filled grenades are flung in. Everybody falls asleep.
Several ninjas get inside the restaurant and make sure everyone is asleep. One of them orders the rest around:
- We came here for the target. Only eliminate the resisting security personnel and the inquisitorial agents. It's enough Gunther is here. We need to reduce the bloodshed.

Being midnight most of the travelers are sleeping and those who are not are quickly put out of commission by the ninjas using shinobi techniques. The entire first and 2nd class seems to be crawling with them. The attack was so fast and efficient that practically the security personnel didn't even realize what hit them. Blood did spill though.

"I can't believe they are here... How can this be? Were we betrayed?" are precisely NOT the thoughts crossing Eliza's father as he is being overwhelmed by several ninjas. He is desperately trying to avoid getting hit and also getting closer to Eliza's compartment. That's when he sees them.
Two ninjas open up the compartment door and quickly get inside.
- ELIZA! - he shouts, loosing focus on the battle. A serious mistake he never committed before in battles. His reward is a diagonal slash on his back sending him prone to the ground.
One of the ninjas step over his body and prepares to do a coup de grâce on the barely conscious man, but a sudden violent lightning flash coming from within Eliza's compartment stops him in the act. The image is grievous, as after a second flash dismembered ninja bodies fly out painting the entire corridor in dark red. Organs, body parts, teared flesh, pieces of black ninja clothing now graciously decorate the corridor.
Eliza slowly steps out of the compartment trying to keep her balance. She is very sleepy. She scrubs her eyes with her hands. Her long elven ears uncovered. A violet aura surrounds her as she is slowly making her way in the direction of her father's shout. The aura tosses away anything blocking her path.
- Father? - she asks with a serene expression on her face, closed eyes and an eerie calmness.
But she suddenly opens her eyes and spots her father on the ground, with a blade above his head. This makes her genuinely mad. Her eyes go wide, filled with anger.
- No. - she says and with a motion of her hand, discharges a telekinetic wave which sends the ninja flying backwards, practically pushing him into the wall of the railroad car breaking all the bones in his body, leaving behind nothing more than a tangled mess of organs and tissue.
-Bakemono..... - exclaims one of the ninjas before being sent to join his comrade in ninja-heaven.
"Eliza.... stop..." her father tries to utter the worlds, but in his state it's nigh impossible for anyone to hear.
The rest of the ninjas try everything: throwing shurikens, attempting close range assaults... but shurikens fly back at their masters piercing eyes, bones, brains, practically they pass through the ninja's bodies like they were made of butter, and close range assailants have their arms torn off, torsos twisted into two halves, dismembered, decapitated. Everything is painted red. Except Eliza. Various body parts connect with the compartment doors so violently, they are bust open. This wakes up some of the passengers, as the sound proof compartments of the first class railroad cars now lost their utility.
-What's goi-.... by the g- a man steps outside to witness the horror, but his head is twisted off by a psychic force coming from a very mean Eliza. A woman yells, but suffers the same fate.... a gnome tries to run away but slips on the blood and explodes in a shower of gore even before hitting the ground.


"I am sorry father ... I ... can't ... why ... why is she doing this? why can't I stop her?"


Eliza finally reaches her father. Her sad, empty eyes looking down at her father's body. She places her hand on his back and closes her eyes. Her aura fades away and the man's wound slowly starts healing..

"Rest now... father... I..."

Suddenly a kama with a chain handle strikes forth from the darkness and rips off Eliza's right arm.... revealing delicate clockwork-prosthetics covered in flesh instead of normal bones.
She cries out in pain. A second attack lumps off her left arm as well.... revealing the same twisted mechanical abomination.
She arches her back from the pain and passes out.
A ninja steps out from the shadows.

To be continued...
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post Feb 4 2013, 07:12 AM
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I've never done this roleplaying thing before, but you got me curious so I think I'll hop on the train. But before that there's 3 things care nu-mi sunt clare legate de combat system.

- Damage: Nu e normal ca cineva cu rank D sa poata lovi la fel de tare ca cineva de rank S. If it hits, the damage should scale cu diferenta dintre rankul atacatorului si celui atacat. Something like this would be right: Damage = rank atacator - rank victima + 1 ; Also, this way special skill-ul lui AK nu e complet inutil( that would mean a rank 10 STRENGTH)

- Magic Attacks: Sa inteleg ca magic attacks fac damage pentru fiecare guard break, altfel nu ar avea nici un rost un rank in Magical Aptitude mai mare de B. Just making sure.

- Augmented items: When do you get the bonus from an item? There are a few situations:
* Say you have rank B STRENGTH and a rank B enchanted axe. Your strength becomes rank B+, easy enough.
* You have rank B STRENGTH and a rank A axe. Does your strength become B+ in this case?
* You have rank B STRENGTH , a rank D axe and rank C MA/TA. Is the item of any use in this case?
* You have rank B STRENGTH, a rank D axe and rank A MA/TA. Does the axe give you any bonus this time?
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Akashiro Kitadawa
post Feb 4 2013, 12:56 PM
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- Damage: Nu e normal ca cineva cu rank D sa poata lovi la fel de tare ca cineva de rank S. If it hits, the damage should scale cu diferenta dintre rankul atacatorului si celui atacat. Something like this would be right: Damage = rank atacator - rank victima + 1 ; Also, this way special skill-ul lui AK nu e complet inutil( that would mean a rank 10 STRENGTH)

Asta am stabilit-o cu UD ca sa mentinem lucrurile simple.Daca dmg-ul e proportional cu Str sau alte stats,dmg o sa fie "inflated" artificial.
Am incercat destule sisteme,dar toate faceau combat logul atat de complicat,incat ne mai lipsea un zar cu 12 fete si zici ca jucam D&D board games.
Combatul va fi in mare parte narat,de aceea dmg-ul va fi 1,statsurile servind mai mult ca indicator daca poti rani un mob/boss (daca poti depasi guardbreak-ul).

Pt celelalte intrebari,contacteaza-l pe UD.
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post Feb 4 2013, 12:59 PM
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QUOTE(elpreda @ Feb 4 2013, 08:12 AM)
I've never done this roleplaying thing before, but you got me curious so I think I'll hop on the train. But before that there's 3 things care nu-mi sunt clare legate de combat system.

- Damage: Nu e normal ca cineva cu rank D sa poata lovi la fel de tare ca cineva de rank S. If it hits, the damage should scale cu diferenta dintre rankul atacatorului si celui atacat. Something like this would be right: Damage = rank atacator - rank victima + 1 ; Also, this way special skill-ul lui AK nu e complet inutil( that would mean a rank 10 STRENGTH)

- Magic Attacks: Sa inteleg ca magic attacks fac damage pentru fiecare guard break, altfel nu ar avea nici un rost un rank in Magical Aptitude mai mare de B. Just making sure.

- Augmented items: When do you get the bonus from an item? There are a few situations:
              * Say you have rank B STRENGTH and a rank B enchanted axe. Your strength becomes rank B+, easy enough.
              * You have rank B STRENGTH and a rank A axe. Does your strength become B+ in this case?
              * You have rank B STRENGTH , a rank D axe and rank C MA/TA. Is the item of any use in this case?
              * You have rank B STRENGTH, a rank D axe and rank A MA/TA. Does the axe give you any bonus this time?


1. Da, nu este normal ca lovitura unei fetite de 10 ani sa aiba aceasi efect devastator ca un pumn incasat de la Mike Tyson. DAR asta nu este un sistem normal. Este un sistem abstract de lupta, pe care l-am conceput sa avem cat mai putine batai de cap si sa ne putem concentra pe rp/naratie mai mult. La un moment dat am incercat sa fac ceva mai meticulos, tinand cont de mai multi parametrii. Dar dupa un test scurt, mi-am dat seama ca defapt, cu cat mai multe tehnici, numere, si alte minunatii adaug, cu atat mai greoaie si mai rigida devine naratia.
Trebuie sa percepi sistemul de lupta cu fiecare chichita de a ei ca un fel de ghid la rp, care sa balanseze aptitudinile personajelor, sa evitam mega-eroi.
Statsurile? O simplificare grosolana a tuturor abilitatilor personajelor. Ai S strength, LEGENDAR? Inseamna ca NU numai ca esti puternic, dar excelezi si in arte martiale (cele ce implica multa putere, wrestling, submission etc), ca poti sa dai cu ditamai barda ca si cum ar fi un fulg de nea dar si ca ai indemanarea necesara pentru a iesi invingator din orice conflict ce implica forta bruta. Asta este regula ... ma repet, tot sistemul e o generalizare grosolana. Ai S Tech Aptitude? Esti un mic Tesla al vremurilor respective, inventand tot felul de chestii sau avand cunostintele tehnologice necesare pentru a le modifica pe cele existente. Ai agility de S? Esti David Belle/Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee combinat intr-un singur personaj.
Atat timp cat ai chiar si cu un singur rank mai mare decat adversarul tau, inseamna ca poti gasi un punct slab in defensiva lui si sa... "inflict serious damage". Ca e un singur punct, asta e.... Am uitat sa mentionez ca S2 (cat va fi Str lui Ak cand intra in rage) "doubles the damage inflicted on encounter health". Pare putin, dar.. nu este.
Pe de alta parte, e bine sa ai stats-uri mari. Dar nu poti excela la orice, asa ca daca arunci puncte cu zel, te poti gasi usor infundat pana in gat de o materie organica maronie avand caracteristica principala mirosul neplacut si usor usturator.
Si Encounter Health, defapt nu reprezinta "hit points"-ul individual al FIECARUI individ in parte, ci cel colectiv al tuturor participantilor encounter-ului. Aici depinde de puterea imaginatiei tale cum iti narezi lupta, atat timp cat tii cont de niste reguli minime de bunsimt. Mecanica e acolo pentru ca numerele nu mint. Daca calculezi ceva gresit o poti incasa usor. Poti vedea o "mostra" de lupta in al treilea post din acest thread.

2. Trebuie sa-ti alegi la inceput guard-break-ul contra care iti poti testa willpower-ul. Fiecare atac se bazeaza pe un stat anume si poate fi folosit numai o singura data pe parcursul unui "combat round". Subliniez, trebuie sa specifici la inceput contra ce staturi iti poti testa willpower-ul (in loc sa alegi pe loc in functie de circumstantele situatiei). Ca o analogie naratie/mecanica:
-I can throw curses that mentally enfeeble enemies and throw fireballs to fry them! (e probabil un mag cu B rank MA care ataca willpowerul si agilitatea inamicilor)
-Oh really? I can do all that, plus enfeeble them physically too! (e probabil un mag cu A rank MA care ataca willpowerul, agility-ul si strength-ul inamicilor)

3. Items/weapons only have TA/MA ranks. Si sunt... da ai ghicit bine, reprezentate minimalist si abstract in joc. Practic "+" acela pe care il dau intr-un stat te avantajeaza fata de un inamic care are stat-ul respectiv egal in rank cu al tau, dar fara +. Caz in care tu poti sa-l nimeresti si faci "damage", dar el nu mai poate riposta (da, + acela afecteaza atat attack-ul cat si guard-break-ul tau). Also, at certain moments in the story, you'll be able to equip some"exotic" items, giving you various bonuses seriously advantaging characters with >D rank in their MA/TA stats.
* yes
* items have only TA/MA ranks, which need to be lower or equal to your TA/MA rank
* you can enchant/augment your axe by magical/technological mumbojumbo and achieve a Rank B+ Strength.
*same as above

Daca mai ai intrebari, feel free to ask.
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