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> It Was Him., First story in english,18+ vampire

post Oct 6 2009, 07:53 PM
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Story name: It was Him.
Total chapters:unknown
Genre:Drama,Romance,Comedy,Smut,Supernatural 18+

First chapter:All began here...

The cold night was aproching fast and I couldn't walk more.My feet hurt,my chest hurts and for some reason my tears are falling down on my cheek.Tonight is the beggining of winter and I know I need to find shelter soon or I'll freeze to death.The wind started to blow and I can see the first snow flakes that are touching the ground wich are melting slowly.Thre's no one around me and I can tell that I'm lost,but i must keep on walking to find somewhere to stay for tonight.I guess that a storm will be here soon.Although my hands are frozen my chest feels hot ..I think of him.That might be the reason,but why? he betrayed me,he lied to me..I can't trust him anymore.I can't go back.I've arrived to an unknown place, surrounded only by trees..I can hear the wolves from far away but i must go on.I can't be scared of such things,the darkness is so dense that i bearly see in front of me.The storm is here.I can't feel my legs,but soon i realise that i fell on the snow.I can't go up,my body feels weak.. It's geting colder outside,but I hear some footsteps.It's my imagination? Am I dreaming or what's going on.. Soon the sound of footsteps stops around me.
"Well,*smile* what we have here.It's a human girl and i bet she's lost.*grin* "
"Are we alowed to touch her?Shouldn't we wait for Boss or we can have some fun?*evil smile*"
I can hear them but very low..and then I sense a warm hand touching my neck and then...
"Don't touch her! She's mine.. I've been waiting her for a very long time.*gentle smile*
Baka! Hiting the head of those two. I always say don't touch what's mine but you never learn His gentle voice was becoming furious.Now go home and prepare dinner! He looked pissed.
"Boss! You're here.. um:we're truly sorry. The are bowing for apologise.Then they fly away.

"Boss,I think she's waking up.Come and look."
When I opened my eyes I see three guys staring at me and beside that I have a huge headache.All i remember is that I was in the snow and I heard two people talking but can't remember what..
"I wake up sudently". Kyaaa!! Who are y-you? "I'm really scared." What have you done to me,where am I? "I pull the hand of one of the guys."Answer me!
He looked scred. "Hey,calm dowm.You're safe in here."
This guy is pretty tall,he has long blonde hair and he's dressed in a long dark coat.The other guy is more thin and he kinda looks like a small girl,altough he is cute.He has brow hair and dark eyes.He sits on a chair right in front of me.But I see something in common about them.They have something that looks like a tatoo on their necks,is that a symbol? Are they part of an organisation or maybe they are Yakuza?!"
"Stay away from me! My heart was beating really fast.. "You didn't answer my questions.I'm still waiting." I was angry because i didn't got the answer.
"Sheesh,you have quite temper,little girl.We found you in the forest,you were almost frozen so we brought you to our home."
The small guy sudently appears. "Nee,Onee-chan! What's you name? " He puts a big smile on his face as if he's really happy to see me.
"I can't remember.. what's wrong with me?The only thing I remember is a gentle hand touching me when I was in the snow..that's all I can remember for now." I'm starting to cry so loudly as if it wasn't nobody in the room beside me..
"Hey..don't cry." When I look at his face he seems to be panicking. "You will remember,don't worry.Look,my name is Tanabe-kun."
"And my name is Toshi." I can see that his eyes are sparkinling. "Tanabe is my older brother." An he smiles at me again,that calmed me down a bit.
"Nice to meet you,..but who is the other guy?"
He comes closer,from here he seem to be a handsome guy,he really surprised me when he tooked my hand.
"I'm your master,Shino" He kisses my hand gently like I was a princess and he was my prince.I started to blush,I could feel that my cheeks are burning up."
"Don't be so full of yourself".I said to him on an cold tone.
"This guy looks like a prince from a farytale,he has dark hair and it seems that he's the boss around here.I wonder what kind of guy he is."
I can see that he has a evil smile on his face."Then, I'll give you a name:Sumire.You should lay down and rest for now.I'll take you to your room now."
My heart starts to pump again,I feel that my legs are loosing theri strenght."Put me down! I can walk by myself,you didn't hear me you.." I start to struggle so that I can realise myself from him,but I can't.
Yet,he whispered to me gently."I'll eat you if you don't stay still." And then he puts a smile.I couldn't resist his smile and obiently I embraced him like a little girl that needs protection.

Second chapter:My new life

It's been a while since I know them, they saved me back then so I must gratefull.Altough we go to the same school were are in different districts because the school is devided in two:Sun class-includes me and the rest like me.However there is the Moon class-them where are handsome guys and beautiful girls.Also the two classes bearly see each other,the Sun class only comes to greet the Moon class.I don't understand the meaning of this,but soon I'll find out the reason and the secrets that are behind the Moon class and especialy about Shino-san.
I am the class representative along with my classmate Ken-kun.We must protect the people from theother class,because every morning our class is making such a fuss over the other class.Every day is the same.
"People,stay still..please stay behind the line.They will be here soon,so calm down." I said with a loud voice so that they can hear me.
"Ken-kun,you're here early." I smiled at him gently.
"Hey,wait behind the line or i'll beat you all!" He looked angry at them so they could calm down.
The girls came closer to Ken surrounding him."Hey,Ken-kun why are you so cold?Why do you do this.." I saw that the girls were pulling him aside and then I got this feeling,my heart starts to beat really fast.
"Let me go already,dam it.. Sumire you go first,I'll catch up with you." He said to me so that only me I can hear him.
"Are you sure? " I asked him,I was worried about him.
"Yeah,you just go!"
I'm heading to the gates and open them.The Moon class appear and all of them are glowing like always.The crowd starts to yell and soon they cross the line.
"It's the same every morning,so noisy.." said Tanabe from behing the group.
The crowd started to call them."Kyaaa!Shino-sama! Aoi-san!Toshi-kun! You look handsome this morning,please let us carry your bags."
"Back off people " I yell to them. "Good morning Moon class and Shino-kun." I smiled at him so that he's only one who can see me.
"Morning,Sumire-chan .This must be hard for you every day." Shino was smiling at me from far behind.
"No,not at all..hehe I'm fine."
"Take care". He said it on a gentle tone.
I can see that Ken is pissed,I wonder why..did I do something wrong?
"Come with me now". He said on an cold tone,he looked angry but i coulnd't figured it out why.
He grabs my arm and pull me after him.We get behind the school,I can see that Ken is nervous and that he looks around.
"Now what? I'm starting to get nervous. Why did you bring me here?"
"I want to know what's between you and Shino.What was that smile back then?" he said more calmly to me.
"Um..we are just good friends.He saved my life and I'm gratefull to him,nothing more."
"Are you sure you that's all?" He gets closer to me,from here I can see his face cleary,i've never been so close to him..
My heart starts to pound fast,I'm getting nervous. "Uhmm..yeah I'm sure." Now his even more close than before and I start to shake so I support myself on the back of the wall.
"I'm asking you again.Are you sure?" he whispers to me,I can sense his breath in my ear,he was breathing slowly.
Again my heart was pounding fast and I feel like my knees are loosing strenght.
Sudently he licks my ear gently,I feel that my cheeks are geting hot. "W-what are y-you doing?" I loose my strenght and I fell on the ground.
"Nothing,this is just a warning." He smiles at me with a smirk on his face. "We must go back to class.Come on,i'll help you." then he lays his hand to help me get up,but I couldn't..
"Baka.." I hit his head and I run away,I knew that I must run as fast as I can..
"Ouch..dam girl,I won't let you have her Shino!" He was angry so he hits the wall with his hand.
What was that?..why did he do it.. I hate you Ken-kun! I yelled that time because I couldn't understand why he did such thing,he was jelous?

*Later in the classroom*

"Sumire-chan,the chairman is calling for you.You must go." My classmate call me even though I was daydreaming,I still could hear her.
"Thank you,Yume-chan."
I knock at the office door."May I come in?"
"Sure,Sumire-chan!Come in." he hugs me tightly as if he didn't saw me in a long time."Chairman,you pervert old man!" I punch him in the face but not to hurt him,just because I don't like hugs.
"Sumire-chan,don't be so cold...when will you call me uncle?" he said to me with his puppies eyes.
"Never!You old man..tell me, did you want to meet me?"
"O,yeah..we still have to wait fot someone else to arrive."
The doors opened and I see him. "Huf,huff..What is it chairm..Sumire?!! What are you doing here?"
"I ask the same thing.." I said to him while my heart was beating really fast because I remembered what happened a while ago.
"I called you two here because i have a favor to ask.You are the representative of the Sun class.It must be the two of you who can take care of this problem."
"So..?what's the problem?" We asked in the same time.
"Well,it seems that a person has been bitten by a vampire last night and C.T.W.**[Comittet of the Two Worlds] asked me to find who was and make a report about it.Hehe,don't look so surprised you seems like the legend is true:Vampires do exist in this world.Sorry I didn't tell you earlier,but up until now the balance between the Two Worlds has been equal but for some reason the vampire attacks are getting more serious and I need your help."
I was shicked,I couldn'f find my words."W-what are you saying you old man?!They are vampires out can it be's a joke,must be a joke." I start trembling and i felt like someone was taking my ground under my feet."All I know about vampires are stories from books,legends and now I find out that all that is TRUE?!" Afterwards,I ran away,I needed to be alone for a while..
"Sumire!! Now what?" Ken called me,I could hear him from the hallway but I didn't answer him.
"Ken-kun you two must be very vigilent tonight and from now on..The vampire might be out here on the school ground.You must protect Sumire-chan and the rest of the students.Go!"
*door closing* "O my..I hope those two will be okay."

Astept pareri,sper sa fie cat mai multe..urmeaza si alte capitole.
P.S. povestea este proprie,totusi este insipirata din Vampire Knight[cine a citit macar manga,va observa ca exista anumite elemente ce se asemeana] .Oricum povestea este schimbata ..sper sa va placa.Sayonara!

P.S. 2 :am corectat,multumesc de parerea si din cate stiu eu[de pe alte forumuri FanFiction inseamna sa scrii tu ceva propriu da in care sa apara personaje din manga/anime:numele,intamplari etc..] asta este o regula pe un alt forum..deci nu este copiata sau ceva de genul asta.. oricum voi continua sa scriu! :huh:

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post Oct 7 2009, 12:03 AM
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Don't just rip off somebody's story, it's bothersome. Either it's a proper fanfiction, either it's a personal creation. Don't mix'em up meaninglessly like this. Also, in English the word for the first person is I not i. The "*"s you used seem to stand in for some script-like indications... Is this a script or a narration? Decide which one it is, and then come back here. Also, don't think some 10-20 lines make up a chapter. If that's your best with English, how about you give it a shot in your own Romanian language? I'm not that good with English either, but I'm as careful as to state that before posting a story, or people will get annoyed by my mistakes. You can improve if you really want to, so don't take my words as an insult. Revise your work and most importantly, don't give up on writting ^_^

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post Oct 7 2009, 04:38 PM
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Third chapter:I wish that..

It's been a long,dark winter in my heart.A winter that I thought would never seems that the winter it's all i known up until now.
Noo!leave me don't want to.. don't come near me,you monsters!AAaaa..
When I woke up I was bearly breathing and sweting a lot,it was a dream..I was feeling like a bus crosed over me,I had a huge headache.
Sudently I heard the door opening. "Sumire,what's wrong?" he said to me breathing fast as if he was running from miles away to get to me.
"Ken! w-what are you doing here?you're in shorts?Kyaa!You pervet..Get Out!" I said to him even though i did enjoyed the view of him half naked.
"I was running since I heard you screaming and I though that some bloody vampire was in here.Don't scare me like that,baka!" The look on his face was like a father that is worried about his child. "Calm down,it all was a bad dream..shhh." he said with a smooth voice.
"Uhmm,Ken thank you.." My heart was beating really fast but still I was glad that he was with me.
"Now go back to sleep,soon it wil be morning". He kissed me on the forehead,even I was surprised so I started to blush.

*Later that day*

"I'm gonna be late again.Dam it!" I overslept again and now I'm running on the hallway.
"Sorry I'm late,teacher." I said as fast I could so that he couldn't scold me too much.
"Sumire-san,this is the fifth time. I hope this is the last time that happens.Now go back to your seat. As you all knew we're having a test today.This is your paper,write down your names in the left side and begin."
"Sumire-chan.. what's with that funny face?" Yume -chan was talking to me,I bearly heard her because I totaly forgot about the test.
I rise my head to see what Yume is wrinting but I can't see."I don't know anything..must study more.." In the end I gave the paper blank.
"Sigh..ahh,the day is finally over." I was so glad that the day was over,now I can go to sleep for a while,but Ken is calling me.
"Sumire let's go,we have bussines to do." he grabs my hand and we start to run.
"Bye Yume-chan..see you next week." I wonder where is Ken taking me,I start to feel hot again just remembering about this morning.
"Wait,Ken-kun,don't pull me like that.Where are we going?" I asked him.
"To patrol the school grounds,it's our duty.You take the left side and I take the right side,be carefull and meet me here in two hours.OK?"
I see Ken's back,it looks so big from here.Sometimes he acts cold,sometimes he's acting cool but I now deep inside he's a good person.I just wish that... my thought are interrupted by some sounds that I heard from far away.
I start running.I can hear the sound become more loud..I trip and hurt my hand."Dam it! it hurts.." drops of blood are falling down the ground.But I can't stop walking,I must found out what is going on.
I saw a vampire who was bitting someone ."help meee.." she said with such a low voice,I bearly heard her..
I was still surprised because this was the fisrt time when I saw a vampire in front of me.
"It's a vampire!What to do?.."
"Hey,you there- vampire! he tourns around and our eyes meet. "Yeah,come want some blood come and get it!" Then I start to run,I don't know where I was going but I could hear the vampire fallowing me.What I do next? I've nerver faced a vampire before.
"Come on little girl,I know you're around here can run but you can't hide from me.I can sense you're blood,the smell it's pretty good.."
My heart starts to pund again. "Dam it,my blood it's atracting him,I must stop the bleeding."
"Kyaa! " He was right behind me,he's approching me from here I can see that he's sweating and that he still has blood on his shirt.
"I told ya' that i'll found you" Then he licks his lips as if he's prepared to do something next. "Now don't be scared,it will hurt just a bit. " he said on an cold voice
His eyes are! Oh, God,help me please..vampires are really scary.
He's even closer to me now and I start to shake. "There's no way you could escape now." *then-CLICK*
"Stay away you blood sucker! Sumire run now.." It was Ken who appared from nowhere,he saved me.
"Ken!but you..." I was worried,I couldn't let him alone with this vampire.
"Just go now!" He had a gun that was shining in the sunlight.From where did he get it?
"Well,are you a vampire hunter?" The vampire was licking his fingers and he looked like it was a demon.
"You can belive whathever you want.Now you must DIE!!" he said on a loud voice then pointed the gun to the vampire.
Then the vampire disappears for a second.wait I see him he's behind Ken and he bites him.
"KEN!!" I screamed really hard and my tears started to fall down my cheeks.
"I got you insted of that girl,but it's fine with me..." I could hear how the vampire was sucking the blood of Ken,I was scared and i knew that I couldn't approch him..
"Aahhh *surprised* you dam.. bastard.Just Die!.." Ken finally shut the vampire,but unfortunately he escaped.
"Dam it!dam it!..he bite me" I could see that Ken was in pain,I could hear his heart beat that was increasing.
"Ken,are you al..right..?" I said it trough my tears,I don't know if he did understand me.
"I'm fine,how about you? I told you to run away..why didn't you "
"I didn't want to let you alone..*sob* I just wish that I was bitten instead of you."
"Baka..what are you saying.." Then he collapsed in front of me and looked like he was going to die.
After Ken fainted I carried him to his room and then I went to the old man.
"Chairman!! where are you?" I ran as fast I could to the office,I knew that the chairman was the only one who could helm him.
"I'm here Sumire-chan..what happened to your hand?" he looked worried at me.
"This is nothing..more importantly,Ken has been bitten by a vampire!Hurry up and come to his room."
I can see that Ken is suffering.I can hear his heart beat,he's sweting a lot..what can I do for you Ken?!
I started to cry again,I couldn't stop my tears..I was in pain too seeing him in this situation. "Chairman,what we do now..?"
"There's only one way.We just have to wait until his body is getting used to the mixt blood.There's no more I can do for him now..Sorry,Sumire." he said it on a low voice
-Whaaa! *sob sob*
"ahhh,no.." Ken was suffering a lot,he started to sweat so I put a cold compress on his forehead.
I see that his veins are contracting..I wish I could do something for him,but I don't know what..Ken I hope you will get better soon.
My hand doesn't hurt anymore,the old man bandage me,also I forgot about my pain...

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post Oct 8 2009, 01:29 AM
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imi pare rau ca nu am reusit sa trec de capitolul 1. e prea greu de citit, complet fara sens (poate isi revine pe parcurs).
e "o ciorba" de timpuri care nu suna a nimic.

as vrea sa spun mai mult, dar mai mult nu am priceput.

o sa ma chinui totusi sa termin de citit; poate isi revine pe parcurs. stiu ca nu ar trebui sa comentez atata vreme cat nu am terminat; dar mi-am permis acest mic comentariu.

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post Oct 8 2009, 07:53 PM
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Fourth chapter:He's changed a lot.
After 3 days of sleep he woked up.I was so worried about him,but it feeled strange..something is wrong.
"Ken! you're finally awake.You slept for 3 days *sob*,baka! you had me worried" I was so happy that he has finally woke up.
"Sorry,Sumire..but i'm fine now.I'm glad that I saved you back then,if not I couldn't forgive myself." he said it with a gentle smile on his face.
"...whaaa!" I don't know why but I started to cry,my tears won't chest feeled hot.
"Hey,don't cry..why are you crying? I'm fine.. Don't tell me you were that worried about me?" he said with an evil smile.
"Of course I was,this is serious matter." I said while wiping my tears.
"Do you have a crush on me?" he said with a smirk on his face.
*heart beat* " Off..c-course not! who would like a old man like you,hah..?Go bald Ken!" I was burning up from head to toe when he asked me,but I didn't know why.
"Hmph..what about you flat girl?" he said it while laughing.
"Ahh! I wish you had slept for 10 years!!" I was so angry that I could hear my heart beats.
"Now,come one..don't be like that.Come here.." he said with a smirk on his face
"Don't want to..jezz" *blush*
"Don't make me come to you." he gets up from the bed and walked towords me.
"You wouldn't dare.. stay where you are!" My heart started to pound again,what is this feeling?
He's even closer now. He puts his hand on the wall and the other one grabs me.I was trapped between the wall and his body.I could feeled that my cheeks are geting hoter and my legs started trembling.
"W-what now? " I asked him while I look down.
"Why is your face so red?Are you have a fever or something..*smile* I can hear your heart beats..Sumire,tell me the truth ,do you have feellings for me ? " he said with such a voice that melt me right away.
"...umm what feelings are you talking about?haha,you're just a friend that helps me out,that's all it is."*blush*
"Ohh,I see.. then what I'm going to do it wouldn't count.. " after that he kissed me on the lips,I feeled like burning up! he put his tongue in my mouth,it feels like I'm melting...I can hear he's heart beat too.
"K..en. stop it! *push away* What are you doing? " I was breathing hardly but I manage to escape his arms.
He licked his lips and he puted a smile. "Just a greeting,hehe looks like Shino hasn't done anything to you.I'm glad."
"Baka!Baka!..I wish you go bald!I hate you..." I ran away from him,I was scared because I started to feel strange around him.
"Dam it! Sumire you will be mine,soon .." he said while he lighted a cigarette.

What was that?..Ken has changed,it's not the same as before.But that was my first kiss,you .. Ken!! I won't forgive you for this..
"Ahh,sorry..I didn't see you..*sob sob* Shino-san!"
"Sumire,what happened?" he said on a gentle voice then he huged me tightly
"Nothing,it's just that I have something in my eyes." I said a lie to him,couldn't tell the truth.
"Come on Sumire,you know you can talk to me..what, you don't trust me anymore?What happened to us,Sumire.." he said it on a sad tone that almost brooke my heart,but I didn't want to tell him about the kiss.
"No,really it's nothing .." I smiled at him so that he could calm down.
"Fine,if you say so..*sigh* Don't belive you,I'll find out what happened.
"I must go now,I need to patrol around the school so..Good-bye Shino-san."

*Few days later*

"Huff,huf.. " he was breathing hard.
"Ken-kun you can't go on like this,soon the pills won't accept your body." he said it with a low tone
*falls down* "I c...can take it..dam it,I'm a man! Ahh!!" he's body was becoming weaker
"Ken..I'm telling you don't torture yourself anymore.You must.. *runs away* Ken!"
"Dam it..I can't last any longer..what's this feeling?! my throat feels dry.This pain is just to real.. I must take the pill or else I..." he said while walking on the corridor
I wonder where is Ken,I haven't seen him at school nor in his room.Where are you? Ahh,why am I so worried even though he did that to me..*blush* Ken..I must find you.Anyway my duty has begun once again so this is the perfect opportunity to find Ken too.I've searched him everywhere yet I don't seem to find him..where could he be?
"It seems that I calmed down a little,but still my heart beats are faster..dam it! why did it tourn in this way?! *bathump,bathump* I can sense Sumire around here,I must find her.."
"Ken-kun! where are you-who's there?show your face." I could hear the sound of footsteps coming closer.
"I've found you! " he said with a smile on his face.
"Ken,what happened to you? you don't look too good.." I was worried one again about him,he looked very pale and tired and yet he menaged to walk all over the campus.
"Yeah..*gentle smile* Come one let's go."
"To where? "
"You'll see soon enough." he smiled at me gently.
I didn't know what was in Ken's mind,I just hoped it wasn't something bad ..
"We're here.Isn't beautiful the view? *smile* From here you can see the whole school ground and the buildings from the town.What do you say?"
"Yes,indeed is nice up here even if is dark outside we can see the Moon and the stars. Altough, I think I've never been here before, I also think that not many people know this place.."
"Yeah,it's really peacefull and there's nobody around to disturb us.." he said on a low voice.
"Ken..what are y-you saying?" My heart started to beat fast again.
"Nothing much,what? are scared to be alone with me..? " he said while licking his lips as if he wanted to kiss me again..
"O-of coursee not..hehe..why would I be scared ?" I said with a fake smile on my face.
I steped away from him and when I tourned around I saw that were roses there.I wanted to touch one of them and I hurt my finger.
"Ouch.. these are pretty sharp spines,nee** Ken?" I said to him waiting for a reply.
"Baka,you hurt your finger.." he comes closer.
"It's doesn't hurt much."
He grabed my hand and took it to his moth so he could lick my wounded finger.
"Ahh , don't do.. it ..Ken you must sto.." My body started to feel strange again like back then,my knees started to tremble.
I could feel Ken's tongue in my mouth one again,seems like I know him and I didn't resist..I got the same feeling as before.My heart was pounding again. Then his hand moves slowly to my neck,just touching me it makes me feel like going crazy..soon he interrupted the kiss and approched my neck slowly and then I feelt like melting even more..what's this feeling? I didn't realise when his other hand was touching my chest,with slow movements it's getting down,that maked me to do noises that even I couldn't belive. Why was I feeling so good?..I didn't have any feelings for him,yet why?
"Looks like you enjoy this.. I will make you desire me more then anyone else."
Then I felt a warm emotion,he was inside me.I felt like burning up..I couldn't take it anymore,but in the mean time I felt a sweet sensation on my neck.This mixt of sensations was rushing all over my body..
" hurts,noo.. ahhh!"
"It will hurt just for now..bear with it a little longer ..hmmm" he whispered on my ear.
I couldn't take it anymore,I felt like I was his prisoner and I couldn't escape.The pain was gone,but the sweet sensation on my neck hasn't disappered yet..whatt? I could sense like my powers were dissapearing,I can't struggle..can't fight back.
"You're blood is so good,Sumiree..." he said it while he sucked my blood.
"K..en I can't hold it.." I soon realise that he has bitten me,but I didn't mind it,anyway I was powerless."
"Ke..n-kun! ahh.." *scream*
"Huff,huff !" He released me and he put me on the ground covering with he's cout.Indeed he's not the same guy,after that day I didn't saw him.

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Fifth chapter:I need Him and he needs Me.

It's been already one week since I saw Ken,on week has passed already. I've cried so much that I wasn't able to go to school.I'm tired of being here,I want to go out,to run away ..I've been alone for so long that my body needs you.I've never had this feeling of wanting to see somebody so badly.. But my thoughts were interrupted by the storm that started suddently.It was a havy rain,a painfull rain.. I felt like the raindrops were arrows who wanted to pierce my soul.I've never seen a rain like that before,it was different.I may not change at all, but my painful feelings are getting inflated,no matter how I feel, you're no longer with me... I must see you,I need to find you.
I heard the sound of footsteps coming to my room,but the sound stoped.
"Knock!Knock!' the sound just brooke the silence.
"Who's there?.." I said on an trembling voice while walking slowly to the door.
When the door opened I was staying into the corner of the room,hiding..I could hear my heart beats..
"Sumiree!" he said with loud voice.
It was Him.I could seem him even though it was pretty dark,he has soaked and the water drops were falling from his hair ,in that moment my heart beats increased.I could see the glance in his eyes and when our eyes met I was stuned.I couldn't breathe,couldn't move..
"Sumire..I missed you." he said with a gentle tone and walked to me.
"Mee too.. *sob* " I said trough my tears.
We stayed looking looking at each other without saying a word.After a while he brakes the silence with a question.
"Can I kiss you?" he said wit a smirk on his face.
I didn't said yes or no,I just approved shaking my head.The kiss was a gentle one,full of feelings and hopes..I felt like I was going to melt.When he released me I could finally breath..
"You'll catch a cold if you stay wet.Come with me." I said to him with a smile.
"You need to change your clothes" I said it while I was wiping with a towel his wet hair.I couldn't get my eyes of him,he looked so handsome that my chest started to feel hot and my mouth felt dry.I felt the urge to embrace him,to kiss him..I wanted him so badly to touch me.
"Sumire,are you okay? " he said on a low tone.
"Yeahh..I'm fine,don't worry." I put on a fake smile.
"Don't lie to me,I can tell you're not feeling well.." he said with a worried face
"Leave that aside,where have you been in the past few days?" I was so curious to find out so I put a sad face.
"Don't look at me with those eyes! You know I can't resist you.." he said it while pushing me down to the floor with slow mouvements.Then he kissed me on the cheek.
"I was at the C.T.W. ,they want me to be a part of their organisation,but I refused them so they lock me up in a room.The one who saved was the chairman.The organisation said that I must become a vampire hunter or else.." he stoped in the middle of sentence.
"Or what?tell me..?" I sait it with a surprised face.
"Or else they won't let me live,they will hunt me down.." he said with a sad expression.
"But-but..that can't be what are you gonna do?" I was really waiting for his answer.
"I'll become a Vampire Hunter and do the job,for now.. but soon or later they will hunt me because they now that I was bitten by a ordinary vampire.I will become one of them,Sumire.. I will be a bloody vampire just like the one that bit me.." I was unable to answer him,my words just didn't come out of my mouth..
Unable to hold back the longing in my heart, my words nestled up to him,he's eyes are a mirror that reflect the colours of his sad sin..With trembling fingers, I pulled you closer so he wouldn’t slip away.
"I'll do anything for you Ken,so please..don't leave my side.." I said while my tears fell down on my clothes.
"I won't,so please don't cry.." he said with a gentle voice while wipping my tears with his finger.
I could hear his heart beats,it was becoming more louder and stronger..when I looked at Ken I saw that he was struggling.His eyes...eyes were a different colour,they've become red?! just like the eyes of that vampire back then...but I wasn't afraid anymore.
"Ken,please don't hold back can have my blood." I said with a smiling face.
"I don't mind if you bite me,I know that you desired my blood all this time."
"Sumire,'re not scared of me?" he said with a surprised face.
"No,silly..I'm not afraid of you..I.." I coulnd't finished the sentence because he was close to my neck when he embraced me and whispered to me..
"Then let's do something unforgivable..." he said before he bit me.
He grabed my shoulder and with the other hand he was holding my head..I could hear the sound of my blood that slowly was sucked and I also felt the drops of blood that were falling on my clothes.. I felt like all my powers dissapered and then I sensed a warm feeling.He let go to my neck,I could see my blood on his white theet.I smile at him gently.Afterwards,he put me on his lap and he kissed me,I could taste my own blood that still was in his mouth..I also could sense his tongue in my mouth the slowly devoured my breath which I desperatly searched.All our feelings were put in that kiss, we needed each other so badly that we could die for each other..

Sixth chapter:Still the same..?

"People please,stay back the line!" I said to the crowd that was pushing me from behind.
"Sumire,please only today...We must at least talk to them." they said on a loud voice.
"I understand that,but you can't cross the line..anyway you will see them at Ball tomorrow,so have pacience." I said to them with a smile so that they won't worry.
"She said get back,you dam women!" Ken said with a pissed look on his face.
I started laughing,he had such a funny back then. "I want to talk to you later,meet me at the cafetaria,ok?" I said with a big smile.
"Fine,you better not be late." he said wit a serious tone.
Tomorrw will be a Ball where the two classes can attend together and have fun before the winter break comes.The party starts at 9 P.M. and all the students that will attend must dress in formal clothes.
"So..? why did you want to meet me here?" he said while he was loking around.
"Well..I want to say that I won't be atteting the party tomorrow.Sorry" I said to him with a serious look on my face.
"Fine with me." he answered me shortly.
"Anything else you wanted to tell me?I have bussines to do..." he said while his eyes were looking in another direction.
"No,..nothing more." I said it sharped and then walked away from the cafetaria.I didn't know where I was going,but my feet brought me at the Moon Dorms.."Why did I end up here? Ahh.. sorry Ken,but I couldn't tell you.." I was talking with myself again,when the door opened and the person who standed in front of me was Shino.
"Hi,Shino-san!Sorry that I came so late.." I said on an slow tone.
"Don't worry.Come on in,I've been waiting for you.." he said to me while grabing my shoulder. When we got inside the dorm I was surprised by the view,the room had only one window that was covered by a red cortine,a small table was in the middle with three candles on it and a big black sofa.The walls were empty,no paintings,no pictures...This is the first time I came here.Shino-san invited me to sit next to him on the sofa.He looked really charming with his black hair,his dark eyes that were staring at me heart started to beat really fast,the glance in his eyes just made my body tremble..
"So, are you? You feel much better?" he asked me with a gentle voice,that almost surprised me.
"Yeahh..thank you for the concern." I said while I felt that my cheeks were on fire.
"So,did you talk to Ken about it?" he said to me.
"No..I couldn't bring it up,but I promise soon I.." I didn't finish the sentence because he put his finger on my lips.
"Shh..enough about that guy.Why don't you come over here instead?" he said it with a smirk on his face.
Then he pulled me over him,I didn't had time to react ..all I knew was that he embraced me tightly and whisperd to me..
"Sumire,I love with me forever.." he said it on my ear,that made me tremble.His hand pushed aside my hair wich was in the way,then he slowly kissed my neck..I begun to shake and I sensed a sweet sensation.
"You are so cute,Sumire-chan.. you're not a child anymore.You've become a woman now.." he whispered to me. I could sense his breathing in my ear..
"Let me taste you,Sumire..." he said while his hand was touching my body.I realised that something was wrong,I had to play along so that I could find out what's
going on in his mind..I didn't understand the meaning of those words until suddently he bit my wrist,it hurt a little but I had a warm comfort after that.I couldn't belive what I was seeing,I found out that Shino-san was a vampire as well..
"Let me go already! it hurts.." I said to him with a angry face.My hand was bleeding so I had to put my necktie around it to stop the blood rushing.
"What's wrong're afraid of me?" he said with a smirk on his face." I see that you let that bastard to bite you. How could you betray me Sumire?!" he said on a furious tone.
I got up from the sofa and I intended to run away,but he catched my hand.My heart started to beat fast and I begun to cry out of anger,I suppose.How could he hide this matter from me?..
"I saw the bite marks on your neck..and also I can sense his smell on you,Sumire..why did you let him do that to you??" he said while breathing heavyly and having a sad look.
"I..I don't think I need to explain myself to you now..let me go!" I said to him with an angry face and hopped that he would let go of my hand,but he didn't,instead he came closer to me and kissed where he bit me before..
"I'm's just I don't want other guys to touch you Sumire.." he said while embraced me. Then he let go of my hand."You can go now,I'll see you soon." he said with a smile.
Afterwards I ran as fast as I could,even though I knew I wasn't far enough from him..I still had the sensation that his eyes were gazing at me from far away.
He wasn't the same guy that a met about a year ago..I feel like I don't really know him,I don't know who he is anymore.I felt like I didn't know anybody around me,my tears didn't stop from falling down..I didn't fell very good,my chest started to hurt and my hand hadn't stoped from bleeding,then I felt like I was flying..that's all I remember.
When I woke up,Ken and the chairman were right beside me.I didn't understand at that moment what happened to me but I didn't feel to good.My head was spining and my hand still hurt.
"Sumiree...are you feeling better now?" he said with a worried voice. I could hear him,but very words couldn't come out from me,so I closed my eyes.I was feeling so weak,so defensless then I felt a warm hand touching my was Ken.I just knew it was Him.
"I'm fine now..but what happened to me?" I said with my eyes closed,I just didn't want to open them up.
"Ken found you in the garden,you fainted and you slept the entirely day.Who bite you wasn't an ordinary you still remember who it was?" he said on a worried tone,but I couldn't bring my words and say the I lied.
"No,I'm sorry I don't remember.." I said to them with a smile.I hope that they didn't figured out that I lied..
"I see,it' need to rest.Your body is still weak because when a Noble bits you,he's way of sucking your blood is's just taking away the sense that's held in you.I think it's time to tell you the story of about it.. All begun about 1000 years ago when the Aristrocats from the Organisation wanted the Two Worlds to live in pace.At first,the Nobles didn't want to accept the deal,but the Organisation put conditions about the matter so that if a human becomes a vampire the Nobles could kill them.After that, was a huge debate on it and they realised that was no end to it,so then they decides to make Vampire Hunters.Most of them were humans before,but they were exceptions as well..the ones who were humans and become a vampire the Organisation put on them a mark.Also the vampire hunters had the antidote so that they couldn't change in an ordinary vampire.They were chosen carefully,that's why now Vampire Hunters are so few,only 10 with Ken too." Me and Ken were listening carefully to the chairman like little kids wich parents are reading them a bed story...So, I could understand that Shino-san was a Noble one.I wondered if all the students in the Moon class were vampires..
"And yes,Sumre-san..all the students in the Moon class are vampires." he said with a small smile on his face.
How could he know what I'm thinking? is he a psihologist or something like that?..I put a confussed face.
"Well,I'll let you two alone..I have some bussines to do.You should rest Sumire." then he kissed me on the forehead.
"Thank you,uncle.." I said on a very low voice so that he coulnd't hear me,but he did..
"Sumire-chan!! You called me Uncle.!I'm so happy..come here and give me a hug.." he said with a big smile.
"Get away,you old man! I hate pervert man!!" then Ken with me punched him in the same time,so he left looking dissapointed.
When the door closed,Ken approched me and gave me a sweet kiss,after that he left as well..I think he's still the same guy.

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Seventh chapter:The Ball and my new experience.

Finally the night has arrived.I'm wearing a short blue dress with silver sandals and a white neckless along with a diamond.My long brow hair was a little curled,yet I didn't put any make-up.Although I said to Ken that I won't be attending this party,I must's my duty.I hope I won't see him there because I won't be able to meet his eyes after what happened with Shino-san..
When I arrived,all the students were there..each one was dressed nice then I saw him.He was there,my heart was trembling,my feet won't just move to his direction..I saw that he was walking towords me.
"What are you doing here?..You said that you wouldn't be here" he said on a serious tone.
"Well..I changed my mind,hehe" I said with a fake smile.
He rooled his eyes. "Come on let's go in" he said with a gentle tone.In that moment I felt that I was burning up,still I couldn't meet his eyes.
Inside I could see that all the sudents were really happy,all the guys form the Moon class were glowing,but I couldn' get my eyes from him.He was standing right beside me with a bored face.He was wearing a white shirt with black pants and a pair of black shoes as well.There was a few buttons that were loose and that gave him a cool look.From here,Ken was looking really good..I couldn't compare him to the other guys from here..
"Shall we dance,Sumire?' he said with a smile on his face. I approved with my head even though I didn't want to be so close to him and in front of so many people.The song was a little slow,so he keeped me really close.Then he support his head on my shoulder,beeing so close to him made my heart race..I could hear Ken's heart beats,he was nervous..I could tell that.I was glad that I wasn't the only one who's nervous about this situation.When the song finished he grabed my hand and took me on the verand.The wind blowed so softly,the view was great and I had a handsome guy right beside me.
He closed the door,so that nobody would see us here..he came closer and embraced me.
"I'm sorry.." he said with a sad tone that made me cry.
"It's ok,...I wanted to apologise as well..please forgive me" I said trough my tears,yet I didn't want to meet his eyes.
" didn't do anything wrong.." he aswered on a low voice.
"Yes..something did happend,with Shino-san..he.." I couldn't finish because he kissed me.It was a forcefull kiss,it was like my lips didn't want to accept him..but in the end the kiss changed into a sweet one.
"Sumire..did he touch you?" he said with a serious voice.
" me.." I said with a trembling voice.
Then I saw his eyes changed into the red ones...I knew what will happen next.I remained calm,although my heart was beating really fast.
"Now,I will erase his scent and I'll make you forget about him!" Then he approched my neck and bit me..he was hungry,I could tell because I felt pain while he was sucking my blood.I felt how my energy was slipping from my body..I've never felt such a pain,it was different as if I could feel his desire trough all my body..I was melting away even though I was held in his arms.After a while he let go while gazing at me with his red eyes,slowly he was touching my leg and I felt him inside.Only this time he wasn't gentle,he was pushing that moment I felt like I was going to brake into pieces,it hurt for a few moments but the pain was replaced by his kissing.Everywhere he was touching it felt really hot..I couldn't think of anything in that moment only Him. My mind was full of Him,my body as well ..I could fell how the wind blowed at that time giving me the chills but in the same time I was feeling on fire..Soon he release me and he lighted a cigarette.
"Are you okay?"he asked me with a low voice.
"Yeah,I'm fine..uhm..can I ask you something?" I said to him.
"Sure,what is it?" he said looking surprised at me
"I want to be for ever with you, if you'll tourn into a bloody vampire I'll still love you..I.." My body was trembling,I couldn't breathe very well.. "If that happens to you I want to be a vampire too so we can live together for eternity.." I said to him desperatly waiting for the answer..while I grabed his hand and looked straight in his eyes.
"Sumire..what are you saying..I won't let you to become a monster,understand?" he said while grabing my shoulders forcefully."I won't let it happen..I won't..." he repeat it over and over again with a sad expression on his face. "But if you'll tourn in one of them I don't think I'll have the strenght to kill you..because I love you Sumire and I want to save you.."
"But I don't want to be saved,I want to go down with you..I love you " I said to him trough all my tears.I didn't want him to be a monster nor I wanted me to become all I wanted was to be together always,to be embraced and kissed by Him.That's my only wish.
"Shh..calm down now."he said with a smile. "I need to go,I have to kill a vampire that is on this list.Sorry that I must leave you alone,but I'll be back just be carefull,ok?" he said gently to me.I could see his back that was slowly dissapearing in the night right in front of me..even though he was gone I was happy that he felt the same way as I was.I returned to the party and I saw Shino-san along with his classmates.I waved to him from the verand,but I couldn't go talk to him after what happend.I felt like I was going to drown,I begun to breath heavy as I saw him coming in my way.I wasn't prepared to face him yet,not after what happened..I tried to escape his eyes but I had the feeling that he was there somewhere following me with his dark eyes.I intented to run to the stairs,but someone stoped me.It was him,Shino that catched my hand and pulled me in his arms.
"Sumire..where are you going?' he whispered to me."Are you trying to run away from me?.." I felt tainted like I couldn't escape from his again I begun to feel hot,but somehow I maneged to get away from him.
"I..I'm not.I just want to get back to the Dorm, I feel tired.Sorry,but I need to go now."
After I got far enough from where the party was held on,I begun to breathe some way I was feeling relieved.In short time I was at the door of my room,I hesitated touching the door handle.I had a strange feeling like somebody was behind me,but in the end I entered in my room.I changed my clothes and then sunk in my bed.The silence was cut off by the knocking on my door.I tiptoed slowly to the door..
"Who is it?"
"It's me,Ken."he voice groaned."Please let me in.."
When I opened the door I saw him.There was blood all over his face and hands..Instantly,I fell on my knees beside him and with a trembling voice I asked him.
"My,God..what happened to you? Are you hurt?"
His hand groped for purchase on my wrist. "Help me." I helped him up onto the sofa,which was vinyl covered.
"Is anything broken?Have you been shot?" I asked him with a worried tone.
"No.Just some scratches..don't need to worr " He broke off with a gasp as I pulled the blood stiffened jacket,bright blood flowed.
"You've been shot!"
"I told you,just some scratches..I'll be fine." he said on a calm voice.
Then, I stripped him and bathed his wounds with warm water, not bothering with disinfectant or soap, and gave him some of my clothes.
"I was chasing the vampire,he jumped over a high building and I had to go after him.It was my job and when I thought I cornered him ,he just jumped over me and in one second the gun discharged in my direction.Also I could shoot him twice,so he's dead now" he said with a smile.
I looked at him having a gentle smile and kiss him on the forehead. "Do you feel better?"
He looked at his hands as he whispered. "Hunger."
"Hunger?" I asked a little surprised. He's going to bite me,so I need to remain calm and breath normaly. I'm used to this..
"All I need is a little of your blood.And I'll pay for it with the pleasure that is your due for such a precious gift." he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to his chest all in one motion.
His arms were warm, strong but gentle. His lips brushing my forehead sent thrills coursing through my whole body. I buried my nose in his shoulder and just waited..
The intensity of that unheralded desire was a shock.I pulled back, and was not quite surprised when he let me go. "What if I say no?"
"Would you do that,Sumire? I ask so little,I would not leave you weakened " he said with a voice that melt everything away.
I begun to breathe heavy at first looking up to him then calmed down after seeing his smile and feeling his body slowy pressing against me.I turned my head slightly and pull back my hair.He begun to widen his mouth then slowly release his fangs.His fangs gently pierced my neck and I slowly pushed my head back into the pillows.I could feel my soul transfuse through the rush of my blood beeing drawing into him and mixing with his. I felt poisonous and poisoned...
His mouth covered mine, eager and willing, yet hesitant, asking permission. His whole attention seemed to be on me, seeking to learn what I wanted. From there a warm flush spread to everything else he touched.With tentative, dancing touches, those little fingers opened my clothing and began peeling it away, an inch at a time.When he unhooked my bra, I gasped and he stopped.Then, slowly, he leaned down and kissed me again, silently ..I put my arms around his neck and kissed him back. His right hand began to move, and I realized that until that moment, I hadn't even begun to be aroused.Patiently, he encircled my hand with his own and gently removed himself from my grip.His hands and lips began another detailed study of my whole body, front and back, and ended with my feet, where attention centered and deepened.His lips covered mine once more, and gently, carefully, he teased me to the absolute apex, a condition I could never have imagined.Then it happened to both of us, simultaneously. But, in that ineffable, unspeakable moment, I felt his seed flood out from him onto my thing..
He stroked my back, and I tumbled into sleep feeling more safe and protected than I ever felt before.When I woke up he wasn't there beside me ,I was alone in bed but I still could smell his scent on my skin..

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Eight chapter:You still have all of me..

It was a rainy day.It was pouring from the sky in the morning. I thought that the sky is a huge ocean turned upside down which cold water flows in waves. So much water that it seemed to me that when the rain will stop, instead of heaven will be a huge hole, most likely by an overwhelming serenity.The nature was crying along with me washing away my tears and looked like she was trying to give me the thunder's power.. Even if I can't meet you, I pursue my memories. In this silence I am sinking..
I was all alone in my room watching on the window remembering what happend a day ago.My ckeeks were getting hot just by thinking at him,I knew that I was safe around him because I belive in his words.Soon,I realise that I had to go to school so I got dressed up and started to run.This was the week before winter vacation and Christmas,although I didn't was in the mood to go at school I ended up going.
"Yume,how are you?"
"Umm..well I'm fine but I'm in dilema." she said with a worried voice
"What happened?"
"As you know,there's no much time until Christmas Eve and I don't know what present should I give..."
"Yume! You like somebody?" I said to her gigling
"Well,in fact I Toshi-kun.He's so cute,cool and caring person." she started to blush. "Sumire,do you have anyone who you like?"
"Well..I think I like him and he likes me,but .." I suddently realise that I didn't know what present should I give him.
"But what..?"
"Promise you won't tell anyone!" I whispered to her."The person I have a crush on is..You!!" As I was looking at her,she made a surprised face and started to cry.
"Su..mire..I love you too!" Then both of us begun to hug each other while crying and laugh in the same time.
She grabed my shoulders and with a serious face she looked right in my eyes.
"Now,seriously tell me who do you really like.Maybe I can help.."
I begun to blush from head to toe and I couldn't find my words..
"I know already who do you like,so don't need to worry." she said with a big smile on her face.
"Y-you do??"
"Of course,silly.." the she pointed to Ken's seet."Is him,am I not right?" with a smirk on her face.
Imediatly I felt how my whole body started to shake and without noticing I was staring at him..when our eyes met.Then I tourned around as if I was looking at the window.
"Why don't you come with me today shopping,maybe you'll find something to give him as a present."
"I ..don't know if I could,but I guess that I'll let him do the duty just for today!" I said with a smile.
"Ken,I can't accompany you today.Sorry,but I have something to do.Good bye!"
What is she planing to do? I hope she will not get hurt or I'll be worry..Take care."

*Later on that day*

"Come on,Sumire..just pick something.It must be someting that cought your attention."
"Whaa..! I don't know what should I pick.." I said with a worried voice,suddently I had the idea of the present."I already know what I should give him,but I need your help,Yume.
"Okay,but how can I help you? You need money,because I can give you a loan.."
"No,no...Can I come to your place for today?"
"Sure,my mom will be pleased that I'll bring home my friends" she said with a smile.
"Mom,I'm home and I brought a friend with me."
"Oh,how are you?I'm Yume's mother,Sakura." she said with a gentle smile.Yume's mom was a very kind,calm person and she resembled my grandmother a lot.She invited us to a cup of tea and after that we went to Yume's room.
The room had blue walls with posters of famous singers,a few pantings with beautiful views.Also she had a small table with pillows around it,the bed was right beside the big window and it had a yellow blanket.I also saw a nightstand that was holding some photos with her and another person.
"Who is in this photo,Yume-chan?They look so cute.." I asked curiously.
"It was me and my little sister,Arina when we were little.Unfortunatly,she died in a car accident when she was only six years dad was driving the car together with mom and her.My dad lost the controll of the car and they hit a pole,my sister didn't stand a chance..After that my mom and dad never mentioned my sister,I know that they were crying secretly,I understand them back then.That's why my father never tooke me in his car and alwalys says to me to walk or to get the train..." she had a sad tone and begun to cry.
"I'm sorry to hear that,Yume..I wish that I could remember my family.I envie you because you have a great family and memories..I don't remember much from when I was little."
*sigh* "Why do you say that?" then she pated my head."I bet you had a good family.."
"That's not the truth.I only remember my mom before she comited suicide because of my dad.He was cheating on her a long time and when she found out she couldn't stand it and killed herself..After that my dad started to drink and smoke,so I went to my grandparents and lived with them.After a while I heard them talking in the kitchen,they were talking about me so I heard that they weren't my real grandparents,I was adopted..I didn't had time to react back then so I run away.For a while I stayed at a classmate house,Hiro.He was kind enough to let stay with him because he was living by himself,slowly I started to trust him and care about him.One day he just asked me is he could kiss me and I agreed..He said that he loved me..Soon I found out that he had a fiancee and she came to live with us.Altough I had some feelings for him,I already knew that I couldn't stay in his house forever.I felt betrayed,he lied to me and then I ran from his house."
"Oh..I don't know what to say..I'm sorry to hear that."
"It's fine..don't need to worry.Anyway,after that I ended up in Shino's house and from there you know the story" I smiled gently at her.
"Enough with sad stories..come one tell me what do you intend to give Ken as a Christmas present?"
"Well I thought about a lot of things such as like a bracelet,gloves..but I'm not decided yet." *sigh*
"I bet you know deep inside your heart.."
"I know!Why don't I try knitting something for him? He will apreciate the effort because it will be handmade.."
"Sumire..that old fashioned,but you can give a try.Do your best!"
"I think so..even though I'll do my best!!" Then both of us started to laugh,we talked many hours.She told me a lots of things from when she was little.I was happy that I had such a good friend who I could talk all the time.
After I said goodbye the Yume and her mother I went to some stores on the way to the dorms.I bought a book about knnitting,material so that I coul start soon enough. I'll put all my love in this present,I hope that Ken will accept it..
Soon after class ended I ran to the dorm so I can begun studing the book that I have bought.
"Wait,Sumire! where is she going?" Ken said to Yume.
"I don't know.." she had a evil smile.
"Then why are you smiling like that? I bet you know..Tell me!" then he started to chase after Yume in class looking angry."Come here you little..."
"I told you that I don't know..Kyaa! Let me go already.." Then she showed her toungue at him making a funny face.
"What was that?..are you making fun of me?" he said with a pissed look.
"Maybe..I don't know." she gigled
" just stay still.." Dam it,she escaped..
"Come and catch me,you old man!" after that she ran away on the hallway.
"I'll find you ugly girl!!" he shouted at her,but didn't get any reply.

*back at the dorms*
"Well,as I can see you do it like this...but it doesn't seem right.I think is the other way around.." *sigh*
How can I finish this if I don't get it!..I need to study more about this thing. How cant this person in the book did it so easly?..pff I'm worn out already..but I need to finish it..
When I woke up it was morning,I still was on the chair with the book on the table.Then I went to the bathroom and took a shower.The feeling of warm water falling on my body was so soft and good.After the shower I went to bed,I felt tired so I tried to sleep before second period.I woke up in the evening,I realised that I slept to much and didn't go to school..I went to the table and begun to read one more the instruction so that I can finish Ken's present.I stayed until morning trying and trying to do the scarf,of course after I pricket sever time with the knitting needle.It didn't matter because I tried my best to acomplish my misson.
In the end I did go school with my eyes swollen and a sleepy face.I bearly could stand on my feet.
" how is going the process?Are you feeling good?" Yume asked me
"I'm still at stage one,but I'll manege to finish's just that I'm sleepy.." then I fell asleep.
"Sumire..Sumire..wake up,the teacher is coming.Sumire..." I heard a sweet voice calling me,but I was to lazy to open my eyes.Then a book hit my head..
"Ahh..I'll finish it now!" I scremed..when I woke up I saw the teacher's angry face and then the whole class started to laugh.
"Sumire-san,how many time I have to tell you..DON'T FALL ASLEEP IN MY CLASS!!"
"I'm sorry,'s just that I'm really tired,I studied for tomorrow's test..Please forgive me." I said with a small smile.
*evil smile* "Well,then that means it wouldn't botter you if you take the TEST NOW,would you??" He looked really pissed.
"No..but I need to study more.I didn't finished all the questions.."
"Teacher,please let her go to the infirmary until next lesson." said Yume. Thank you, really saved me.
"Fine,you can go..but better not to fall asleep again.You understand me?"
"Yes,teacher..I'm leaving." I felt so exhausted that I bearly managed to get at the infirmary..when I got there I sunk into the bed and fall asleep in a moment.
*door opening* "You really look tired,I wonder what happened to you?" he said with a low tone.Then I felt a warm hand touching my hair.
She is tired,I hope she'll be okay soon enough.Oh,Sumire I desire you so much right now when you look so beautifull,so defensless..but I don't want to hurt you anymore.I must save you from ME..
The moment I woke up,Yume was beside me with a notebook in her hands.
"Hey,you finally woke up.How are you feeling?'
"I'm good,thanks for today" I smiled at her.
"That's a good thing.I'm glad you're fine..Look,I'll give you my notes so you can understand much better for tomorrow's test.I'll be fine,this things are easy for go and study."
"Goodbye and thank you again.."
"Take care!"
In that night I studied very hard so that the next day I could do well on the test and afterwards to finish my important mission.Altough,on the test day I did my best I was in a hurry to knit the scarf for Ken..
"Ahh,I will not finish in time..I need to try even harder.In this picture shows like that..but I did it on the wrong way.." *sigh* I must finish in time,I must finish..I must... I repeated over and over again in my head so that I won't fall asleep.There was only two days before Christmas,so I had to acomplish my goal.
"It's finished!At looks so cute and fluffy,I can't wait to give it to Ken." I was talking to myself again..but it didn't matter because I was so happy.
"Come on guys,go.We'll meet at Midori's Palace at 7 o'clock" he said on a loud voice.
"Fine,you can go first.Anyway we'll meet there. Now,Sumire-chan *evil smile* did you finished that thing? "
"I did..but something happend on the way ..look it has a hole up in front." I begun to cry.. " I don't know how this happend,and I worked so hard to it.. whaaa! *sob sob*
"Shh..calm down.Why don't you try to remade it?" she smiled at me.
"I can't..there's no time to re-do it..whaaa! Yume-chan,what am I going to do? what present I'll give to Ken..?
"I think you should show him that you tried..if not you just give him a kiss." *giggle*
"Come on,don't worry,I'm sure he will be pleased just by having you by his side.Come, let's go or will be late.."
We talked a few days ago with some classmates about going on Christmas at a place and celebrate there.I hope it will be okay..

*Midori's Palace*
"What will you want from the menu?" she said to me.
"A hot choco,please.What about you,Yume?"
"I have a strawberry tea.What about you guys?"she asked the group.
"We'll have a cola and nescafe..and you Ken?"
"I'll have a hot choco too" he smiled at me.
We had a lot of fun back then until the moment had to each others presents.But I couldn't give Ken such a worthless present,it was ruined after all..
"Oh,thank you Yume-chan.It's very nice.." one of the guys
"It's fine,anyway I bought it from a low cost store..hehe" she started to laugh.
"Hey,you're mean..Yume.." *sad look*
"I think you should be gratefull that you recivied a gift from a gratefull,baka!"
"I know,I know..thank you.This gloves.. I'll protect them with my life.." *pupies eyes*
"Yo..Ken,what did you get?"
"Up until now,nothing..I'm still waiting.." he said while looking at me.
"I need to go to the restroom.I'll be back soon.." I said to Yume.
"Hey,you guys do you think that Sumire was knitting something?I think that's so old fashioned..haha.Yeah.."
"I shouldn't come to the party..I fell so miserable.I'll throw this away,even though I worked so hard to make it.." I begun to cry again..then I saw Ken coming in my way.I started to panic,my heart started to pound fast..
"What are you doing here?"
"Nothing much,I got lost from the restroom so I ended here..hehe" I put a fake smile.
"Then,what's this over here?" he said with a smile.
"Maybe someone throw it away,it's such a pity.."
"I know it's yours.I saw you throwing it away.."Then he picked the bag and he takes off the scarf.He started to smile at me..
"What is this? it has a hole right here..I don't need it.." he throws it on the floor.Then I felt my tears that were falling on my cheeks.
"Why..why?" *sniff*
In a second,he embraced me tightly.He's heart was beating very fast,I wished that time would stop and remained like that forever..
"Because,I only need you..anyway I appreciate the effort.I love you,Sumire." he whispered into my ear.Slowly,gently he kissed me on the lips,I felt like I was a volcano that could blow out in any moment.His hand floated out toward my face in an affectionate gesture,all I felt were his hands all over me..Certain and secure he approched my neck and slide my hair that was in the way,slowly his fangs pierced my neck.It was a sweet sensation,I felt his desire even more then blood that was drawing into him it was mixting with his..Finally,he released me licking his lips of my fresh blood.
"I love you so much Sumire..I don't want you to leave my side." he whispered to me while holding me in his arms.

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sa inteleg ca de fapt asta este un fan-fic , da?
ar trebui sa incerci ceva figuri de stil (epitete, comparatii, etc. ) nu doar in pasaje izolate din naratiune ...
si n-ar fi rau ceva originalitate...

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Nine chapter:The enemy,another guy...
The winter vacantion has finnally arrived.I didn't want to go to chairman's house because I knew that Shino might be there and I didn't want to meet him.On the other hand,I was afraid to stay alone at the Dorms so I was confused..I decided to talk to Yume before she leaves.
"Yume! wait..for me."
"Ah,Sumire! What's wrong?"
"I was wondering if I could..stay at your place during the vacation."
"Sorry,Sumire..but I won't be home.I'll go to the moutain for afew days."
"It's fine,I think I'll stay here at school.."
"Hahaha..silly you can come with me.It will be us and my cousin,Jun." she smiled at me
"Are you sure that I can come..? " I said with sparkling eyes.
"Yeah,sure..anyway it's better then staying here at the Dorms all alone.I'll wait here until you pack up your things.Don't be late!"
"I'll be reaally fast!" I finished packing my stuff in no time,anyway I didn't have very much clothes.So my little trip begins..
*back at the chairman's office*

"Come on,Ken! let's go already.."
"I said I don't want to,leave me alone!" he said really angry.
"But..if we go we can have some fun and you finish your job in the same time." he said with a smile.
"Ahh! Fine..I guess I'll go,what about Sumire?"
"I couldn't find her,but I think she's with her don't need to worry.Anyway we'll be off for a few days."
"Then,I'm going to get my stuff and I'll meet you downstairs."
"Okay,Ken-san!" *big smile*

"Sumire,I like your jacket,the colour is really nice.From where did you got it?"
"Well,this is a present from old man..he really cares about me."
"Why don't you call him Uncle once in a while?I bet he'll be happy.."
"I won't!..that old man is a hentai,pervert..." I had a upset face,but deep inside I knew that I like the chairman,but I couldn't admit it.Then we got in front of huge house with small windows..
"Yume..I thought that you wouldn't come to pick me up." he said with a big smile while staring at me all the time. "Who is she?"
"Let me introduce you,she is my best friend from school,Sumire."
"Pleased to meet you,Jun." I layed my hand to him but instead he grabed my arm and pulled me close to him.
"She looks tasty,I think I'll have some fun this time.You are cute,Sumire!" he said to me while touching my hair,I was really surprised so I begun to blush and my heart started to pound fast.
"Jun! Stop it,she isn't like that,she aleady has someone that she likes.So you better give up,you hear me?" she pulled his ear and dragged him into the car.His face was red like an apple,I think he was pissed but he didn't reply Yume's words.
"Come on,let's go.Our first trip together,we'll have a lot of fun!"
"Yeah,I can't hardly wait.." he said while licking his lips and looking at me.
The road was full of beatifull views,I could also see the snow from far away.It looked so perfect,so untouched, so pure..I was just amazed by it,I couldn't get my eyes from it..
I didn't realise when we got at our destination until Yume called my name several times.
"Sumire!! Come on,it's time to get inside."
"O-okay.Sorry,I'm just so amazed by this place." Then a hand pulled me away from Yume's side.When a tourned it was Jun,his face was really close to mine and he gazed at me a few moments.
"W-what are you doing?"
"I just wanted to hold you close to me.Your boyfriend doesn't have to find out about this.." then he kissed my ear ..I was feeling weak against him..altough outside was cold I felt how my ear got hot..
"Let me go.."
"Fine,but I'll see you around here.I'll be everywhere watching at you" he said with a grin on his face.
I ran inside because I could hear Yume calling my name.In the house was really warm and I saw a fireplace that cought my attention.I went towords his direction and looked at it,the colour inside it was very beutiful,it was like a mixt of a orange and the blue sea..My toughts were interrupted by Yume.
"Sumire,let's go to our room.It's upstairs at number 27" she smiled at me."Jun,you room is number 24 at the end of the hallway.."
"Fine,I get it..I'll change soon so that I can go outside." His tone was a cold one,I couldn't understand it. I'm thinking to much about it..
"Whooaa!This room is very nice and we can see the sky track and the moutains right behind.I'm glad that I could came here,thank you Yume" I said while huging her and kissed on her cheek.
*blush* "You made me blush..stop it you pervert!" she started to laugh.
"Sorry..w-haat are they doing here??" I was really surprised to see Ken and the old man on the road.
"Who is here?" she came beside me and looked at the window." Ohh,you mean him,your boyfriend.." she put a evil smile.
"We didn't even went to our first date.."
"Well,what are you waiting for? Go and greet him." she said while pushing me to the door. "Now go!"
"But..I can't..I don't want to see him now,I just hope that we won't meet these days."
"Why..?Sumire your so dense and.." We were interrupted by the knocking on the door.
"Who is it?"
'It's me,Jun."
I suddently fronze,I couldn't heart begun to pound again for no reason.I didn't had any feelings towords this guy.Yet,why? I guess I was afraid of him,just staying close to that guy made my blood boil..
"We'll be outside in a minute." she said to him."Come,Sumire we must get out,before Ken and the chairman get here."
We maneged to get out through the back door.The snow was everywhere,altough it was cold the sun was bright so it gave me a warm feeling.
"Whooaa! Who is that guy,Yume?" I asked surprised.He looked really cool,that made my heart race a bit..he was flying with his snowboard and stoped behind us.
"It's Jun..he always does this.He likes to show himself,he thinks he's the best.."
"You saw me right now,Sumire? I was cool wasn't I?..just watch me carefully!" he said while sliding with his snowboard..
"He's always like this,don't bother him.Let's go and try to sky.It will be fun.." she smiled at me.
"B-but,I've never skyed before,I'll fall down..Kyaa!" In that moment I fell on the snow,but I got up and tried again and again until my butt started to hurt.
"I can't do it anymore,Yume..I'm tired,can we take a break?" I shout at her,but she didn't hear me,she was really far.I was alone for the mean time.
"So,Yume left you all alone?Can I help you?" he smiled at me.
"No,thanks I cand handle it myself." I said while pulling his hand away,so I fell on my back.I closed my eyes,but I didn't hit the snow..He catched me.
"I saved you right in time,are you alright?"
"Yeah,I'm fine now..thanks."
"Let's go inside.I'll treat you with a hot choco" he put a big smile.

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Chapter ten: Painfull memories..

As I was standing all alone in my room with my windows coverd so that the sunlight wouldn't interfear..I tried to convice myself that he doesn't exist,that what happened was slowly eating away at me alterning all reality.I felt so dirty inside and outside.I was disgusted by myself..I washed my body again and again,but I still had the feeling of his smell on me.Soon,the winter vacation had ended and the school started again.All of them were so noisy,I couldn't bear with it anymore..
"SHUT UP.!.stop saying kyaa-kyaa and STAND BEHIND THE FRIKING LINE!!" I yelled at the crowd,I was so angry that I could kill somebody on the spot.Everyone was looking at me with a scared face.Then, I saw HIM from a distance,my heart begun to shatter again,it reminded what he did to me...I had to run so that he wouldn't see me,I didn't want to meet him.When I thought that I was in a safe place,somebody pulled my hand.
"AAaaa..leave me alone,let me goo!!" I thought it was that guy,Jun..but I was mistaken..was Shino-san.
"Hey..calm down.It's me,why are you so scared ?" he smiled at me gently as the wind blowed soflty his smile faded away.
"I thought it was someone else..sorry." then a hugged him tightly,I didn't want to let go of him for nothing in the world.
"What happened to you??"
"I see,then lets to at the Dorm.Can you walk?" he asked me while holding my hand gentle. I hope this affection isn't temporary..I wish I could staylike this forever.
So I was again at the Moon Dorm,in the same room with the black sofa and candles on the table.This time I could sense a nice smell like it was lemon mixt with daisy..I obediently sat on the sofa near Shino-san.I could tell the his eyes were fallowing every move I made or how I was breathing.My heart begun to pound fast,my hands started to tremble as I knew that I was so close to Shino and alone in this room.It was only me and him.I felt his hands touching my hair gently and I winced..
"I heard that we have a new student in our class.Do you anything about it?" he asked me suddently.
"Uhmm..I don't know about this,although I saw a new face today at the gates,but it didn't cross my mind the he was a student here." I said with a lump in my neck.All of the sudden I felt my throwth dry and I begun to breathe heavily.Slowly,I moved aside from Shino-san.. It has to be HIM,Jun the new student..but why is he here?He just won't leave me alone..why?? Then small tears begun to fall down..Shino rise my chin and gazed at me..then he slowly kissed me on the lips.It was a sweet feeling as if a flower had touched my lips..
"What;s wrong,Sumire?DO you feel sick or can tell me,you know that " My tears didn't want to stop falling as he whispered to me.."I know that something is bothering you,I can tell."
"It's nothing important..really.You don't have to worry about me.."
"How can you say that?Of course I'm worried about you..almost everytime we meet,you are crying.And I want to know the reason behind your tears.." he said with a angry tone that almost scared me.
"Let me go! don't touch me...don't.." I fell on my knees with my hands at my head looking like I was trying to protect myself.."The pain will always remain,locked away deep inside.."
"Whaat are you saying,Sumire??" he said while coming beside me and tried to touch me,but I pushed away his hand.I couldn't let anyone to touch me from now on..
"I'm sorry..!" then I just ran away.When I got ouside it was snowing,the surroundings were all I was walking I let foot-marks into the snow,I just whished that the snow could wash away the pain,but I knew that the pain will remain on my body..
While I was running through the campus,I heard some noises.I hoped deep inside that they weren't what I thought it could be..
"Well,if it's not my little girl." *grin* It really was him,Jun..the vampire.
"Whhaaat are you doing here? why are you fallowing me?.."I tried to run but he caught me in his arms.
"Don't run away..shh,do you fell this vibration? Now that I have you again in my arms I can taste you.." then he released his that moment I just gave up struggling.I wished that the snow would erase all my painfull memories..
"You can have it."
'My all you want,right?You can have it..I gave up already.." I said to him shile pulling aside my that he can do it propely.Then he pushed me to the ground.
"Tsk..that's not it..I think I'll have some fun with you first." *evil smile*
In a second I was thrown,pushed on the ground with a speed that even I couldn't imagine.Blood was falling from my right shoulder,my feet and also from my was so painfull so I bearly could stand on my feet.Slowly I got up and looked into his eyes while holding my hand at my leg..then I saw him moving really fast,he was behind me and I felt how he grabbed my hair and pushed me on my of his hand had gone through me.I felt like I was falling in the dark in that moment..My blood started to rush from my body,he let go of me..I saw his hand full of blood,my blood.I fell on my knees holding my stomach with one of my hands.It hurt so much that I bearly could breathe..He was a monster,not just a vampire.The pain was so real..
"Y-oou monster.." *drip drip* "Even if you do this to me..I still will love the same person all my life..until the day I die.." I felt how my blood was falling from my wounds. Dam it,I lost too much blood..I don't think I can walk..
"I see that you still are in your feet..don't worry I won't kill you,yet!" I heard his footstepts coming closer to me..then I stand back a few steps."Stay away from m...Take back all my pain that you have cause to me..!! please..." my tears were falling down..then I saw Him. You came to save prince.
"SUMIREE!!!What did you do to her..?" he said while huging me..
"I'm..fine.." I whispered on a low tone to his ear.
"You know if you die,I die too.." I felt his tears droping on my face.. "Baka,how can you be alright when you're injured like this..that bastard!" slowly he put me down the ground covering my body with his coat.
"I was wondering when you will show up,KEN!..I just played a little" he said with a smirk on his face.
"Until the day I die I spill my heart for her..and now I'll KILL YOU !!" then he got out his gun and started to chase after him.I heard a few shots far away the the sounds stoped all of sudden.I could only hear how the snow was falling on me,so I begun to feel cold..Soon the snow covered all that was in sight. I think it's best if I am on my own..
"Sumire..I'm here with you.Are you cold?" he said with a gentle smile while kissing my forehead."I'll carry you to your room.Come,I'll carry you." he helped me to get up on his back.He carried me to my room,then he went to the chairman.
"Oh,my God!Sumire..what happened to you?" with a worried voice.
"This is nothing..don't worry.." *cough cough*
"How can you say that..I'll go to the infirmary to get some medicine." The old man went running towords the infirmary,he was back very fast.Then both of them helped me to clean my body and bandage me so the blood would stop from falling.
"Now,lay need to rest.I'll go and make you something to eat.I'll be back." he kissed my cheek while covering me with a blanket.It was so warm..soon I feel asleep.I don't know how much I was asleep,but one thing was for sure.The pain was gone.Although my head hurt really bad,I opened my eyes.I saw Ken and Shino that were talking at the window.I couldn't belive that they were actually talking to each other..
"I'm very surprised to see you guys talking so calm to each other."
"Tsk! I'm just asking him's not like we are friends or .." then they looked at each other with hatefull eyes.
"Pff..hahaha! you look really funny..I'm glad that you are trying to get along.." I smiled at them,then the chairman entered the room.
"Ohh..I see that you woke up.Are you feeling good?I made you some soup so you can put on your feet."
"Thank you..uncle." I intentionaly said it so that I can see his reaction.
" caled me uncle.I'm so glad.." * sob sob* the he huged me tightly.
"Ok..enough,now let me go.I'm still can hug me later."
While I was eating,the three of them talked,I couldn't hear them..but it didn't matter,I only saw the old man huging Ken and then he punched him down..hehe
"Sumire.." Shino came beside my bed and kissed my hand, that made my face all red.
"Please, next time be more carefull.Anyway this matter won't get away from me..I told you that I'll never let anyone to hurt you,but look at you now..I can't forgive myself.I'm sorry.." he was touching my hair in a gentle manner that made my heart pound."I'll see you soon,my beloved princess" he whispered in my ear,then he left closing the door behind him.
I'll see you soon,Shino-sama.Next time,I promise that I'll thank you propely..
"Ken.Come here please."
"Yes..what's wrong?" then I pulled his hand and gave him a sweet kiss.I saw that he was blushing and he looked really surprised..
"You really caught me this time..but next time you will not escape with only a kiss." He kissed me back on my lips,I felt like I was burning up..he took away all my painfull memories.Gently,he pushed me back on the pillow,then he put his hand on my eyes covering them.
"What..are doing?"
"Shh..calm down.I won't hurt you." My heart was pounding fast,so I assumed that he would kiss me,but he didn't..
"You won't kiss me?" I asked curiously.
"No..I won't be touching you from now on.It's for your own good." Then he left the room leaving me behind.I wanted him to touch me,to kiss me..I needed him the most,but he said those words to me..I didn't understand them.

Please comment.. :D

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Chapter eleven:What is this feeling?

A few days had passed since that incident,I was glad that Jun,the vampire was gone.At school,Yume always stayed with me and never let me alone,I think she felt guilty in a way,I didn't blame her..until that day.
"Alright everyone,starting tomorrow our school will be in the Competition with Kouske Academy,the tournament consists in sport competition and talent.All the students will participate,even though not everyone is good at it,because it will be formed teams.I'll wait the class representative at my office to get the papers.That's all,thank you for your attention."
"Ahh..but I don't want to be in the competition,I'm not good at sports..." they said with a worried voice.
"Ehh..but these days I have to meet boyfriend,he's coming from U.S. just for a few days.."
"Hey..everyone! Don't be worried,we should work hard all so that we can beat the Kouske Academy.It's our last chance..come on don't be dissapointed,if we'll work hard we will make in time." I said to them trying to incourage their spirits.
"Yeah..Sumire,maybe you're right.."
"Then I'll meet everyone after school to fill the papers with your names.." I said while running towords the chairman's office.
"Old man!! Where are the papers?.."
"Ahh..Sumire-chan,you came to visit me,I'm so glad.." he put a big smile.
"Don't give me that're still a old man..hehe." I begun to laugh as I was looking at his face.
"Here,these are the papers,tomorrow morning you have to bring them with everyone's name.Do your best!" *smile*
"I'll do my the way have you seen Ken?"
"Sorry,but I haven't see him since yesterday.More importantly, how are you feeling?"
"I'm fine now,thank for asking..I'm going then.Bye!" I was wondering where could Ken be as I was walking to my classroom.My wounds still were on my body,but it didn't compare with the wounds in my heart..Then I saw them together in front of the class,they looked like they were having fun.
"Hey,what are you guys talking about?"
"ehh..nothing much,just usuall stuff." said Yume to me then she entered the classroom.
"So,what were you guys talking?" I asked Ken curiously.
"Not your business..I'm going,class is about to start." he said without even looking at me,I started to have doubts about him..he was acting wird all of the sudden.
After class ended I gathered everyone's name so I went to the chairman to give him the papers,but he wasn't in his office. Strange,he isn't here..O,well I'll leave the papers on his desk.

*Later on third period*
"Yume..what I'm gonna do?..I'm so bad at sports..I need to practice more these days so I could make it with evryone." *sparkling eyes*
"Baka..of course you'll be able to make it..I'll help too,so don't worry." she said with a smile.Altough,I didn't know what was behind that smile I kept saying to myself that I was thinking to much..
"Come on..we have P.E. now so that's our chance to work hard before tomorrow."
"Ok..I'm coming.." I didn't want to go,but I end up going.We've ran so many times that my feet hurt and I bearly could breathe..but I needed to try much harder.
"Ohh..I'm already this tired,but I need to go on...I must run further..I must..." So I ended up running several times the whole track field until I couldn't stand up on my feet.I felt so tired so I went to the dorms.I took a shower and lay down on my was so soft and comfortable,soon I fall asleep.
Finally the competition day had arrived,everybody was practicing early in the morning.It didn't matter what sport is was,certain was that everyone was doing their best..of course the boys were practiving more at basketball and bassball,so the girls were practicing at voleyball.
"Everyone! The competition will start at 10 a.m. so please at 9.45 a.m. everybody should be at the court.That's all."
"Come one,Sumire..we must go.The real battle starts now!"
First test was track and field for girls,we had to run for 1000 m.Of course we were running along with the Kouske academy girls,so we needed to win against them.I saw Yume that was running beside me,she was pretty fast.After we cross the line,we were one to go and the rest to acomplish,because we won the track and field for were the boys.I knew that the boys would win no mtter what..When I saw Ken running,he looked really amazing amoung all the guys,he made my heart pound and my cheeks were red.Even though he was far away,but deep in my heart he was very close..
As I thought,the boys won the track and field,all the girls surround them and congratulate them..after that was the basketball competition.Our class was behind by 3 points,but I saw Ken giving his best shoots.This time also,he looked really cool jumping so high,I couldn't take my eyes from him..then I saw Yume looking at the same direction..then I figure it out that she was looking at Ken too,but shed said she liked Toshi-senpai.Why was she starring at Ken?
"Um..Yume,is Ken that amazing?" I asked all of the sudden to see her reaction.
"Well..even though I didn't see him playing like this before,now he plays really good.So,yes..he looks's not what you think..I don't like him.I mean,you're his girlfriend..hehe Better chear fo him.Come one,I'll help you too!"
"KEN DO YOUR BEST! I'LL SUPPORT YOU no matter what..!!" then I saw his gentle smile,the smile that always brings me happiness.I wanted to see his smile everytime,if he was happy I was too.
"Yeahh!! We won..we won.We are the best..haha" the boys were very happy,they won the basketball competition..I was happy too.I also saw Yume's happy face that was a little red,I think it was from all the excitement that our class won.
The rest of the competition we now the chairman prepare us a party to celebrate.Everybody had a happy face,altough I was surrounded by my classmates I felt really loney..then I saw Yume leaving the room and after her went Ken. What is this..why is he following her?what are they up too..
"So..what do you want to tell me?" he said looking in her green eyes.
"Well..actually,I want to tell you that..I..I really like..y..Toshi-senpai,but he rejected my cofession..I'm so sad" *sob sob* she begun to cry,whne she tried to wipe her tears,he leand his hand to wipe her tears.
"You can cry's only us here,nobody can see us.." he hugged her and whispered to her. "Why didn't you discuss it with Sumire,she's your friend..right?"
"Because..I wanted a boys opinion.I'm not cute enough..for Toshi-senpai?" she asked while her tears were still falling down..
"'re not ugly.If that bastard doesn't appreciate you,he's not worth you effort liking him.Now calm down..and let's go inside."
I heard them..and then I saw them huging each other,in that moment I frozen..I felt my tears that were falling down my cheeks,my chest begun to hurt.I felt betrayed by the most important persons..then I wiped my tears and went to the room before them.I didn't want to see them coming together in the room,so I packed my stuff..
"Hey..Sumire,are you alright?You're face is red.." one of my classmate asked me
"Yeah..I'm fine,don't worry." then they entered the room,I just couldn't stand it so I ran away passing between them while my tears were falling.
"You are the worst!!" I said to her while runing..
"Sumire!..wait..What happened to her?" he said to one of the classmate.
"I don't know..when she came into the room her face was all red as if she was crying..but she didn't say a word."
"Dam it.." Is it possible that she saw us? I must explain to her propely..

Why.why would they do such a thing to me?why..I thought that Ken loved me..and she was my best why..
Then I heard Ken's voice calling my name,so I begun to run faster..I didn't want to face him now.I wasn't prepared.I was all cried up,m heart was beating really fast..I needed to hide somewhere so that Ken couldn't find me..right when I wanted to open the door,he catched my hand.He was breathing heavy,probably of all the running..but I didn't care.Then he pulled me and embraced me tight.I was surprised..
"Let me go..let me go already!!" I tried to run again but he grabbed by my shoulder and kissed me. What..what is this.. I could feel his tongue that was soft,it was such an intense kiss..
"No..let me g.."
"Don't pull it back.." then he kissed again and again until I felt I couldn't breathe anymore.The kiss was so intense,he never kissed me like this before..after a while he let go of my mouth.
"Altough I said I won't be touching you..I just couldn't resist.Why were you running away?" he asked me with a gentle smile.
"Beacause..because you know the reason very well.."
"No..I don't,you tell me."
"Beacuse..I saw you and Yume embracing each other and..I also heard when she said she liked YOU!!..that's why..why.." I started to cry again,I felt like the whole world was coming down on me.
" misundertood,She said she confessed to Toshi,but he rejected her and she came to me for an opinion.I was only comforting her..nothing more,there's nothing more between us.Got it,baka..?" then he huged me..I got all red,I couldn't belive that I was mistaken..
" should apologize to her.Ok?" he said while kissing my forehead. "You smell so good Sumire..I want to have you.".
"Uhm.." Then we went in the other section of the school and we entered one of the classrooms.He slowly closed the door,my heart begun to pound fast as he was approching me..When he touched my hair with his hand I begun to shake a little,his face was so close that I started to blush.He put on of his hands on the desk and the other one was in his pocket..
"Don't tell me that you were actually jelous of your best friend..?" *smile*
"Of..of course I was..I sawyou two huging each other so I..I .." then he came closer to me and licked in a gentle manner my ear..that made my heart beating to increase even more..and also my face was all red.
"Don't tell me..that only with this you'll become like this " *grin* I wonder if I touch her more,what will happen..?
His hands were holding my body,he kissed my that moment I remembered the vampire that raped me.. Why is he in my mind now..why? Then I begun to I push him back.
"No..we can't do this..I'm sorry,Ken..but I no longer can do this..." Small tears were falling I was looking at him,he was a little surprised..
"Why ? what happened, don't love me anymore.If is that..then let's break up.."
"NO!!'s not like this..I do love you..I builed my world around you..but now I had a strange feeling when you touched my neck.."
He came closer to me..he was right behind me with one of his hands on the door so I couldn't escape even if I wanted..
"I didn't tell you..but,but..the vampire you killed last time,he.. forced me ..he raped me!"
*shocked* "When that happened?? why didn't you told me before?" he said on a angry tone..
"Beacuse..I didn't want you to worry about me..and now look at me..I can no longer be with you like this.." I tried to open the door,but his hand was still holding it.
"I need to please let me out.." my voice was trembling and my feet weren't moving..then he grabed me and pushed me down.
"It's not like this.." His gentle gestures made my body feel hot,I knew every touch..his lips were kissing every part of me again and again..
"Where that bastard"
"Everywhere..." I said on a low tone..Then he approched my ear and bit it..the his lips moved at mine's and kissed them.He tasted like chocolate..the feeling was so good, I realize later that he was inside me.I felt like I was on fire once body had become one with his.Carefully,gently he pierced my neck..
"Ahh.." The feelings were mixt in one..they were overhelming ..he was making love to me while drinking my blood.It felt so good..I didn't had those felling in a long time..He was my like a desease to me and I knew that I couldn't leave he's side matter what.
"Sumire I want to ask you's important" he said suddently to me.
"Yeah..what is it?"
"If someday,I may leave..and you didn't know when I'll come back,you'll still wait for me?"
"What..what kind of question is.." I knew that something was wrong,but I didn't thought that the problem will come so suddently and now I have to answer him."But..but what if I'll fall n love with another person..what will you do?"
"Heh..I don't think that's going to happen,but if it does thn I'll snatch you away..because you'll always be mine."
"I understand now..I'll wait for you even if it's for eternity,I'll always wait for your return.." Then we kissed one again,I felt like that was my last kiss and after that I wouldn't see Ken anymore..
"I must go now..I have to do my job,the Organisation made me a contract for another three years.."
"But..that's so long.." I begun to cry,I didn't want him to leave so soon..I loved him and I still do.
"Shh..please don't cry..I'll be back." then he embraced me tighly and kissed my cheek..once more my heart begun to shatter as I known that he'll be gone for a long time.The last thing that I remember back then is his back and his hair that was flying soflty as the wind blowed in that cold spring.

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Chapter twelve:My life without Him..

As days go by,I still wait for him,I still think of him.I couldn't stop thinking about him...I couldn't help it,I was really worried.I needed fresh air so I went outside the dorm,although it was pretty cold I didn't hold back and I remained.As I sat on the cold stairs the wind picked up making my long brown hair sway. I closed my eyes allowing the wind to wrap around my body. I started to shiver, but I ignored the shiver that was running down my spine. I wraped my arms around me slowly as the wind had become more intense.I closed my eyes trying to ignore the coldness and enjoy the silence,but my senses told me that someone or something was around there. I must be imagining things,everybody is sleeping now,it's past over 11 o'clock,only if it's.. Then I sensed a hand on my shoulder,I winced so I started to shake as I was turning my head slowly ..when he whispered to me.
"What are you doing here all alone,Sumire?"
"W-w-what are you doing here..?you scared me to death..Shino." I smiled at him,I was relieved that it wasn't some molester or something like that.
"I was just..siting here.I wanted to be alone with my thoughts,that's all.Why are you here?"
"I went for a walk..and I wanted to see you.Is a bad thing?" he said with a sad tone that moved me.
"No,no..of course not.I'm happy to see you too."
"I'm glad.Here,I'll lend my coat for's getting colder.You should get inside and have some rest.Tomorrow it's a important day."
"Hmm..thank you,Shino-senpai." I smiled at him as I was looking at hsi face.He really looked amazing in the moonlight, that made my heart race like crazy..he really was beautifull,for a vampire..
"I must go.Take care,my princess.." he said to me while kissing my hand.As I felt his lips on my skin I was stuned .Slowly,he approched his face to mine and gazed at heart begun to pound faster as I was looking into his eyes,I felt like I was drawing into them.Then he kissed me.I was surprised so I didn't react that time..
"You really are beautifull,our time will come soon.Sweet dreams,princess." he said with a smile while I saw him getting farther from the dorm.I couldn't understand those words back then..
The next morning I was awaken by the sunlight that entered my window.When I looked at the clock I fell from my bed.
"I can't belive's already this late?..ahh" I was mumbling while trying to dress myself with one hand and with the other one putting my shoes.It was the last day of high school and I needed to be on stage at the ceremony speech.Then I heard a knock at the door.
"I'm coming now.."
"SUMIRE! how can you be late..? but don't worry, after ceremony I'll have a little chat with you." she said with a sarcastic tone.It was Yume and of course I knew that she was joking..

"And now the class representative Atarashi Sumire will give us a speech.Atarashi Sumire,please come on the microfone."
"Hi everyone,well what can I say,uhmm..I hope you all had fun in these three years of highschool.Even though all of us maybe will not encounter each other,I want all of you to look at the sky and say : Hey,that's a beautifull star.I'll try my best from now on and someday I'll get to see everyone once again. I wish all of you to have a great life from now on.Thank you.." when I finished my speech everyone was claping,some of them were crying..along with me.I went and embraced Yume while crying the both of us.
"I'm gonna miss you,Sumire.."
"Me too..but still we'll keep in touch,ok?" I said to her when I kissed her cheek.I knew she hated it,but I saw her blushing. "You're so cute Yume..."
"Shut up..baka "

After the graduation,I decided not to go to collage, so I begun to work as a part time at a restaurant, meantime I was training myself at a gym nearby my apartament.There I learned how to fight,even thought I was the only girl it didn't botter me.I decided to protect myself,because I didn't no when I'll encounter a vampire and had to fight it..because Ken wasn't by my side,so I had to do something.I couldn't let any vampire bit me.Not now,not ever.. Since that night,I haven't heard of Shino, even now after a year I still don't understand the meaning of those words.
"Sumire,take care on the way home,ok?" he said to me while looking at my direction.
"I'll take care,I've been training over a year..if anyone wants to fight me..I'm ready,teacher." I smiled at him walking towards the door,when a hand stoped me.
"I'll take you home.It's on my way let's go together." It was Noe,one of the guys.He was a kind person,but I didn't need someone to care about me.
"I don't need a babysitter.So,move out the way,Noe.Don't piss me off now.." I said to him grabbing his arm that was on the door.
"Good bye everyone."
"The Princess is always like never know what's in her mind.."
" never know when she'll hit you out of nowhere..Let's go home guys..tomorrow we have work to do in the morning."
That guy had some guts,it made me mad..but in a way I was happy that someone actualy carred about me after all this time.My thoughts were interrupted by my phone.It was Yume,I hadn't heard of her in a while..
"Hi, are you?"
"I'm fine.How about you..?how's work?"
"It's fine..I can manege it.although it's a little lonely without you around..the apartament it's to big for me."
"I miss you too,here in Osaka I made some friends.I hope next time you'll meet them.I promise that in winter vacation I'll come visit you."
"Thank you.." I said with a said with a happy tone.
"I must go now..the teacher is calling me.Bye and take care." she said before hang up.I was glad that she called me,I needed someone who I could talk..and she was the best listener after all..
When I got home I took a shower and changed my clothes..I wasn't in the mood for food so I went to sleep.I sunk in my bed thinking of him once again..everyday it's the same. I wonder where he is right now? is he thinking of me or not..I just want to see him right now..
I dreamed of him again,in fact I had these dreams of him every night for over a year and every morning I had teary eyes.I heard a knock at my door,so I went to open it.It was Noe,he always pass by to pick me up..
"Are you ready?' he asked me while stading in front of the door.
"In a minute,let me get dressed.Wait here and make yourself like home." I said to him while I went to my room letting the door half open..
"So,I see that you already drank your coffe.May I ?" he asked me from the living room.
"Yes..but not to much.That's the last one I have..the sugar is on the left counter right beside the toaster." I answerd him still dressing in the same time.
"Dam she looks great,not wonder she's called the Princess..her body is so perfect from all points of view,dam it.." He begun to blush as he was staring at me through the half opened door.He couldn't take his eyes from my body..
"You pervert!" I saw Noe staring at me,I didn't want any men to stare at me..beside Him. " never seen before a women's body or what?" I said to him while puting my shoes on.
"No..I mean,yes I've seen but.."
"But what?..jeez stop staring at me like I am a specimen at the Zoo.Now let's go..the teacher will be pissed if we're late."
"Ok..let's go" "She really is unique,I could stare at her the whole day without getting bored..Ah..what am I thinking?.. I need to get lade or else I'll go crazy." he said on a low tone so that I couldn't hear him.
After the training hours I went straight to the restaurant.That night was filled with costumers,I worked really hard and I didn't brake any glass so the owner was really pleased by it.After I finished my shift,I changed my clothes.I walked outside the restaurant..I wanted to go home as soon as possbile,but I saw him. He was waiting for me,even though I didn't ask him,he still was so persistent.. "I can't belive him,for how long is he here? jezz."
"Hey..are you done?I'll walk with home so please, I'll treat you with a drink." he said with a smile
"I'm not in the mood for drinking,so no thanks.I wanna go home." I said sharply to him while passing by his shoulder,then he catched my hand.I was surprised by his gesture..
"Please,let me walk you home today." he was staring at me with his green eyes,for the first time he was serious..
" let go my hand.I'm not a little kid and you're not my babysitter.Got it?"
"Ok..Princess." he knew that I hated being called like that so I punched him.
" was a joke.Don't need to use brute force..Pff,hahaha "
"What's so funny?' I said with a angry tone.
I didn't realize that time had passed so fast,we were already in front of my apartament.I didn't know how to say good bye,it felt so wird..I never been so close to him before,not even when we are training because always I choose other partener then him.
"So..good night then.I'll see you tomorrow" he said to me while turning his back.
"Well..if you want to come in for a hot choco.." I said and in that moment he stopped.He turned his back and asked me.
"Are you sure?" he said with a smile.
"Yes,I'm sure.Come in.." I opened the door and then I went to my room to change clothes."I'll be there quick,I promise...and no peeking,ok?" I said to him knowing what happened last time.
"I won't..I promise."
" carefull,I know how to fight so don't make me angry.I'll take a quick shower." I said before entered the bathroom.
"Dam it..I don't know for how long I can control myself..calm down,'s just a girl.No need to panic..but she's not a ordinary one.I'll have the hot choco and then I'll go straight home." he said to himself.When he turned his eyes,I was coming out of the bathroom."She looks so beautifull,her skin seemed soft ..and I saw how the water drops were falling from her long hair..She only has a towel that coverd her perfect body.." he said on a low tone.
"I'm done..I'll make the choco,wait a few moments."
"It's fine..don't need to rush.." The tone of his voice gave me the chills, I didn't know why,but soon I could hear my heart beats.I had the feeling that I was watched all the time..then he suddently aksed the question that I didn't want to hear.
"Hey,do you belive in vampires?" In that moment I dropped the cup braking it by the cold floor.I begun to assemble the pieces when I cut my finger..
"What happened..don't touch it.It's dangerous.Let me help you,ok?" then he slowly picked my hand and touched my wonded finger with his lips kissing it.I felt a strange imediatly I pulled my hand back.
"I'm don't need to do this.." I felt how my face got red and my heart begun to race.The next moment I saw him coming closer to me and he tried to approched my lips,but I turned my head puting one of my hand at his mouth.
"No..what are you doing?I don't want this.." I said to him with frightend eyes.
"I won't hurt..calm down.It's not like I'll bite you.Silly..come one up." he helped me to get up and then we sat on the sofa.I kept a distance from him..because I still didn't know what move he could make next.
"You didn't answer my question.I'm still waiting.."
"Eh..stupid stories,of course I don't belive in it.Vampires don't exist..just in legends.Why do you ask?"
"Simply curiosity..nothing more.Another question.."
"What is it..I hope it's not a stupid one..if it is then .."
"May I kiss you?" in that moment I blushed,my whole face was read as a apple.
"No! of course not.." I said to him on a angry voice."Why would you want to.." In a fast moment he pulled my body next to his holding me tight..then he kissed me.It was a forcefull kiss,so I bit his lips.
"Why did you do th.." in that moment I slapped him out of anger..with my tears falling down. "Get!!" I yelled at him.
"I understand..I'm going.See you tomorrow." Then he closed the door leaving me alone in my apartament..I couldn't get out his face from my mind..and the feeling that I still had on my lips.I went to the bathroom and wipped my lips over and over again..
"I said I won't anyone to touch me..and yet,he did.I hate myself!!" then I started to wash me face with cold water to make the feeling go away. "Why did things are so complicated?..shit " Then I went to sleep,I don't remember how many hours I slept that night..but I had the feeling that someone was in the room.I felt a warm touch on my lips, just like Ken's kissing..then I also felt a hand touching gently my hair.. " that you? I must be dreaming..It can't bee him..I have strange dreams again.."
The next morning I woke up with a huge headacke.I wasn't in the mood to go to the gym..I didn't want to see Noe's face,but I knew that I couldn't run away from him all my life.I had to face him.

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Chapter XIII:Him and Me.

I knew that as soon I entered that door the teacher will scold me,but I didn't care..I just wished that the day will pass.I slowly put my trembling fingers on the door handle and push it down..when I opened the door I only saw teacher's face right in front of me.I was stuned..
"Princess,why are you so late?" he said on a furious tone "Do you know what time it is?Go make 100 laps..Come one,don't stand there." I changed in a few seconds and begun to run..everyone in the gym was watching me,but I didn't care less.until I met his eyes.I turned my head from his direction and continuing running.After a while I stopped to catch my breath.
"Coach..can I take a break?" *huff huff*
"Of course.." he said with a smirk on his face. "NOT! next time you'll be won't be alive!! haha haha" I could hear his evil laughther that didn't leave my mind for a while.. Dam old man,I'll get you someday..just wait and see.
" feet hurt.I'm so tired..I wanna go home."
"Princess,about yesterday..look " he tried to explain,but I didn't want to hear his excuses.
"BAM!" The sound spread in the room and made everyone to stare at me."Look,Noe.I don't want to talk to you,I don't want to be near you.Am I clear enough for your brain?" I didn't wait for his answer so I left the room closing fouriosly the door behind me.
"Whoo! what just happend between you tow?She really seemed pissed.."
"Shut up!.." he said on a angry tone. I've done it.But I need to apologize to her and I will today.I'll just go by her place and apologize..ahh,I can't go there.I'll give her a call and I'll meet her ouside.
I was so angry at Noe that I didn't go to work,anyway I was really tired so I called the manager to say that I'll take a day off.As I was walking towords my apartament my phone begun to rang..I didn't want to answer it when I saw Noe's name on the screen,but the noise made me I end up answering.
"What is it and can't wait ?"
"Princess,please I want to talk with please meet me at the Angels in fifteen minutes,Ok?" he had a sad I made up my mind.
"Fine..I'll get there soon." Ahh jeez,he nerver gives up..

*At the Angels*

"You came..I knew you would." he said with a smiling face
"Make it quick..I don't have time."
"Look" he said while touching my hand in a gentle way "I'm sorry about yesterday..I didn't mean it to kiss you,is just ..I'm really sorry!!"
"Is that all you have to say?..fine,I'll forgive you,just this time.The next I'll make sure you touch me ..because I'll KILL YOU!" then I saw his scared face that made me laugh..
"I'm joking..baka.But still,I'll beat you." I said with a smirk on my face.
"I'm glad..that you forgave me.Thank you.." Then I saw a face that turned me into a stone.I just fronze..I couldn't belive he was here.I haven't seen him in a year..and now he was a few steps from me.I couldn't find me words..but I maneged to call his name.
"Shino?!" then he turned my way and smiled at me.He came at me and embraced me in a gentle manner.
"I missed you,Sumire."
"Me too..what are you doing here alone?" I also saw Noe's face,he was really he was looking at us.
Who is this guy..and why is he so friendly to the Princess? I must found out ..
Then Shino kissed my cheek in front of Noe,I was a little shocked but I missed him.After all,he saved me and took care of me when I was young,so this kiss had no specific meaning,he was my saviour so I trusted him with all my heart..
"What are you looking at,brat?" he said to Noe on a pissed tone.
"Eh..nothing.Anyway,what are you to the Princess?Let go of her.." he tried to pulled me from Shino's arms but he stopped him.
"Hands off,brat.She's mine..from a long time,she belongs to me,my little princess." He looked at Noe's eyes really irritated,that made Noe tremble.
"Shino..did you know where he is?" I asked with a sad voice.
"No..I'm sorry,but the Organisation made him a very long list so.he must complet all his misions.Don't worry,now that I found you,I'll stay with you..forever." he said while kissing my forehead making Noe to blush.
"I still miss him ..I just hope he'll be back soon.." then small tears begun to fall from my eyes going down my cheeks,but I felt Shino's finger wipping them off. "Don't cry,Sumire..I'm here now.Come one,let's go.."
"Hey,wait.where do you think you're taking the Princess? get back here you bastard.." but we didn't turned.We kept silence.
" long am I supposed to wait for Ken?"
"I don't know..but if that bastard doesn't come soon,I'll take you away Sumire." he put a gentle smile on his face..
"I want to wait for him even if it's for eternity.I belive in him.." Then suddently he stopped and grabbed me hand.
" don't have to wait fo him,you know that I said you're just for me?You still are so beautifull like become mine.Be with me forever."
"I'm sorry,but I can't do that.Even if I care about you it's not that kind of love that you think..I love Ken with all my heart and I know that someday he will return to me when he's ready.Until then,if you what to stay by my side it's fine with me,as my saviour.Nothing more.."
*sigh* "It's ok..I won't force you become mine.I'll wait until you'll be ready." then he slowly kissed my forehead.We walked holding each other's hands for a while until we arrived at a park.We sat on a bench without saying a word..The wind had become stronger,I saw the leaves flying far away to the sky.Then our eyes met once again.I still had the same feeling when I looked into his eyes,it was like I've been drowing into I was hypnotized by him.My body didn't want to move,my heart was pounding..that was the only sound that I heard in those moments.Shino was gazing at me with his gentle eyes,in a slow mouvement his hand touched my hair.As we were gazing at each other I had a strange feeling that crossed my whole gave me the chills.Then he kissed my hand like always ,after that he just walked away.
"W..where are you going?When I'll see you again?"
"Don't worry..I'll find you.I'm a vampire after all." he said before dissapearing from my sight.
"What in the world is going on?" I still was a little confused,I saw Shino after a long time..Noe kissed me..Ken is still out somewhere,but I can't reach him.He's too far from me.As I was walking to my apartament,I heard a girl that was screaming for help.I begun to run towords her and I saw two guys that were holding her,it seemed that they were trying to kill her.
" fat boy.Look at me." I said to one of them showing him my third finger.
"What are you doing?Do you want to die?..Look at her,she'a girl,maybe we can have fun with both of them." He said while coming towords my direction clenching his right fist.
"Oh..I'm so scared.Come and get me." I said to him knowing that he'll be pissed by my behaviour. I'll just play along,I'll let him punch me once or twice and the when he'll be unprepared I'll hit him right in his head..I hope it will work.
The other guy was still holding the little girl with a knife at her neck..I knew I had to do something and fast.So,I let the fat guy to hit me once but he knocked me down.Then he pulled me into a darker area and pushed me to the ground. Dam it..he's much stronger that I anticippated,I must make my move ...I tried to punch him,I maneged to give him two or three hits, but he was really strong,he was still on his feet.Suddently he pushed me down again.I could hear the little girl screaming and crying in the same time..but I was trapped as well.
"Well..after all I'm much stronger than you.You must calm down won't hurt much,I bet you're virgin.haha" He made me sick,somehow I did kick him in his area so he let go of me.I run to the little girl trying to save her..
"Hold still,you bitch or I'll kill her.Come on,what are you doing..down there.Get up already..we should go before someone calls the police." Then the fat man maneged to catch me.He was holding my hands at my back,I felt his breath in my neck..
"Now,I got you.There's no escape..little bitch.I'll rape you then kill you." he said on a sarcastic voice.He approched my neck kissing it..slowly he put aside my hair and whispered me.
"I wan to know how you taste." then I realized that he was a vampire,also I saw the eyes of the other guy.They were red.In a second I could grab my tool from my pocket and stabb the fat guy in his leg.He let go ..but I knew that won't kill the vampire,so I stabbed him again in his head..he turned into dust in seconds.
"I told you guys to leave me alone..but you never learn,do you?" I said while walking towords the other vampire the held the little girl..
"Let go of her or I'll kill you as well ."
"I don't think so..first you have to catch me." Then he flew away together with the girl.So I followed them,he was pretty fast..but I had to rescue the little girl.I just had the feeling that I must protect her. dam it,he's so fast,I don't know if I can catch them. But I saw a shortcut down the street so I went through it and so I was face to face with the vampire.
"I said let go of her,you blood sucker!or I'll kill you right away.."
"I don't think you are in position to do something now..Princess." I was stuned.How did he knew my nickname? was it possible..
"Chill,little Princess.The Orgaisation know's you very well..and your little Prince as well.I think he might be dead by now.."
"How did you..enough with the chating and let her go!!" I yelled at him while runing in his direction and in a second I stabbed him in the head turning him in dust.The little girl was scared when I land her my hand.
"Come one..don't be scared.I won't hurt you,you'll be safe.I'll take to my home and we'll call your parents.."
"I don't ..I'll be fine,I must go now.Thank you and I'll find you." the the litte girl just flew away. Then I felt a strange sensation at my neck,like something bit me..
"She was a vampire?..but why did she.." I was really confused by the events that happened on that night.I felt tired all of sudden so I went home,although my legs felt tired I menaged to walk..My head felt numb,my heart beat was really fast.I felt like my whole body was burning..something was strange about me but I didn't know what.All I remember from that night was my fluffy bed..and then a confortable sensation.It felt so good that I didn't want to dissapear.
"Ken..I miss you,where are you..I love you so come back,please.."
"Shh..I'm here with you,I won't let go of you never." A sweet sensation was on my lips once again.. Am I dreaming again,who are you..Ken? is that you..I can't see your face clear..
"I'm here..I'll protect you..don't need to worry anymore.Now,go back to sleep."
"Ahh.. KEN!" *huff huff* When I woke up,I looked into the room but it was only me.I was dreaming again.. "Dam it..Ken where are you??" I begun to cry as I was thinking of him,but I still had the burning sensation on my neck from that night.I didn't know why..but my head still felt heavy.So I went to my closet to change my clothes..and go to the gym.When I got there everyone was staring at me,but I didn't care.My body felt really weak with every step I took and then I fell down..
"Princess!Princess..wake an ambulance."
"Noe..came here,Princess has collapsed.What should we do?"
"Don't worry..I'll take her home and call her doctor.It's fine."Then he carried her into his arms all way home.He slowly put her on the bed and covered her with a blanket.He called her doctor and as he was waiting for him stayed beside her never let go of her hand.The sound of knocking woke him up.
"Yes..come in doctor.On this way,she's here." After a examination the doctor wrote a prescription and gave it to him.
"So,she'll be fine,right?"
"'s just anemia.She needs to rest for a few days,please make the things that I wrote down.I must go to the hospital.If something happens,call me."
"Ok..I will.Good bye and thank you." He said while closing slowly the door.
"I'm gald that is not something serious..I'll take care of you.Don't worry." he said while kissing her forehead,then he closed the door walking towords the kitchen.
On that night I dreamed again of Ken..but this time in my dream appeared that little girl too.She was staring at me with her red eyes..I wasn't scared,but I had so many question without answers, but she ran away.I followed her..but still couldn't catch her.As I was running,I got into a place where there was no light..only buildings and darkness. "Where are you little girl..please I want ot talk to you.Come out..I can't see you."
"I will find you..I will find you..because I let my mark on you."
'What are you saying..come back.." Then she dissapeared,but I felt something on my felt like they were fangs.. Who are you..? I felt how my life was taken away from me..then I began to lose sense of awareness. Something sharp, like a needle, inserted in to my neck. His kiss was so arousing, so gentle, it felt as though my whole body was being pumped full with cocaine. I felt dizzy, my mouth curling up in to a wide, mischievous grin. The scrape of his unquestionably sharp teeth,his mouth covered mine in a gentle kiss..
When I woke up all I remember was the blood thirsty gleam in his eyes..that was all I remembered.After I shaked my head several times I saw Noe beside my bed.I was surprised so I went to the chair where he was siting and punched him.
"Wake up..sleeping beauty" I said to him..
"Ouch..what are doing?still so mean in the morning..Princess."
"Don't call me like that or I'll kick your fairy ass.What are you doing here?" I started to feel dizzy so I sat on my bed.
"I tooked you home since you collapsed at the gym yesterday..Are you felling better?" he said with a worried tone.I didn't remember collapsing yesterday,I remember that little girl and the fangs from my dream..after that all was blank.
"Yeah..thank you."
"Look I made you some some ramen,you're favorite.Eat it,please."
"Fine..but don't blame me if it tastes horrible."
"We'll have to see that.."
"Thank for the meal." I start to eat and I was surprised because it didn't taste bad,it was good.But it didn't told him that..I wanted to laugh a little.
*caugh* " God.this tastes awfull..what did you put in it, leaves and dead fish?!"
"Ahh..really isn't good? I put what was in the book..sorry." *pupies eyes*
"Wel..if you put that way,isn't that bad,next time try harder." I smiled at him so he wouldn't look so miserable.
"Really? are you serious..thank you.Next time I'll make the best ramen in Japan!!" *big smile*

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After Noe's leaving,my mind was full of thoughts that made me fell a little insecure.
When I try to remember about my past,I can't see to much..I always wondered why can't I remember very well my family or my's like my memory was erased and replaced with some fake memories.. After that little incident,I trained even harder at the gym,I always stayed after hours so that I could be alone.I wanted to be alone.I needed that, even though I had the feeling that someone was watching me..I kept on training later after midnight,when I felt that I couldn't take it anymore, I stopped.I changed my clothes and went home.On the streets were few people,maybe they were the ones that went to a party or something..I didn't care.As I was walking,I saw the first snow flakes flying in front of me.
"It's already winter.." Then I heard my phone ringing so I pick it up.
"It's me..Yume."
"I'm glad to hear have you been?"
"Pretty good,look the next week I'll be back.Maybe we could meet and catch up.What do you say?"
"Sounds good to me.I'll wait for your call.."
"Take care and can't wait for our meeting.Good bye" she said before hanging up the phone..I was happy that I was able to see her again after a long time.When I got home,I took a shower and went straight to bed.Strangely,I didn't had that dream about fact I don't remember dreaming at all.In the morning I woke up with a pain at the right side of my neck,it felt like it was burning and my heart was pounding really fast..I didn't understood why, but after a while I calmed down.I went to the bathroom and when I looked in the miror I saw that a had a symbol on my neck.
"That's strange..I don't remember having a tatoo.Am I sleep walking or what..from where I have this.?" I asked myself..then it hit me.I remembered that the little girl from my dream said that she put a mark on me..but how and when?! I tried to wash it away,but the tatoo was still there.The form of the tatoo seemed like two wings along with a sword crossing them..I needed to find what was the meaning of the tatoo,so I picked my phone and tried to call Uncle.
"The number that you dialled is no longer aviable."
"What the heck.."I tried again thinking that I dialled the wrong number.
"The number that you ..." I closed my phone.It was strange,the number wasn't aviable anymore.What was going on? "Did the chairman changed his number..if so, he should've told me" I grabbed my coat and went ouside.The view let me frozen..the Moon had a strange colour and it seemed biger and closer.The colour was almost red and the sky was really dark.As I was walking on the stree the people were staring at me in a strange way,but I kept on walking..Soon,the snow flakes begun to fall from the sky and the wind become stronger as I was walking.When I looked at the people's eyes they had a dark colour that scared me for a bit.I didn't understand why they were like that..why all of the sudden? What on earth is going on.. Then I heard a voice.
"Open your eyes" she said with a low voice.
"Am I dreaming..?"
"No..this is real.This reality exists,finally the battle will start soon."
"What are talking about..what fight?"
"You'll see soon enough..You're time has come,Princess." she said before dissapearing into the crowd.I had no idea what was going on..until a hand touched my shoulder.When I tourned around I was shocked.It was Him.I couldn't belive it..he finally came back.
"Good evening, my Lady." he said while kissing my hand.It felt like I was in a fairytale and him was the charming Prince.But,he was so different from how he was about a year ago.
"You look so beautiful,Sumire.I missed you a lot." then he embraced me tightly while I still was surprised.Even so,I hugged him back..I couldn't belive that he was in front of me.As I was looking at him,I noticed that his hair was silver and he wore strange clothing.My tears started to fall down my cheeks when he whispered to me.
"I love you.Be mine and I'll never let go of you."he said with a smile.
"I..don't know what to say.I still have so many questions..I want answers.Can you give me the answers?" I said to him looking in his eyes.
"I can give you..the answers the you're looking for.But in return you have to become my bride." My face got red and I felt how my blood started to heart was racing.All my feelings were finally reaching him as he was gazing at me,when I saw that the colour of his eyes changed.They were red once again.I also noticed that he had some silver earings ..
"Do you want my.." I didn't finished it because he kiss me.I felt a warm sensation,I felt like my lips were on fire..then I saw wings.Those wings came from Ken's was black and one white then I felt like I was flying from the ground.
"Ahhaa!Put me down..what is this,you can fly?"
"Yes,now I can..this is my true form.Surprised?" he said smiling at me while holding in his arms.
"Yes..of course,how have .."
"Well..I'll explain that later,now we must go.The battle begins tonight." We flew away,it felt strange not feeling the ground under my feet.But still..I didn't know about what battle he was talking about until we got there.We arrived at the old school,there I saw the chairman and Shino together with the entire Moon class.I was really shocked when I saw them..
"Finally,you're here.What took you so long?" said Shino to Ken looking with irritated eyes.
"Some birds were crossing by..and one of them hit my head.Look..I have feathers in my hair.." *pissed*
"I always thought that something hit your head..." he put a smirk on his face.
"Oh..yeah? And I always though that you were so annoying..You piss me off..!"
"You too?see,we have mutual feelings.Now..cut it off,we have business to do."
"Can someone explain me what's going on..I don't have a clue." *confused face*
"Well,let's see..from where I should begin..I have no idea what are you talking about.*hehe* .sorry Sumire-chan." said the cahirman
"Are you mocking me? *evil smile* Tell what I'll do if you don't tell me..I'm going to bite you,so tell me OLD MAN!!"
"Oh..Sumire is so are changed..well I guess I have no choice,but to tell you." *sigh*
"I'm listening.."
"Ken had to do all the dirty jobs that other vampire hunters couldn't finished..he almost got killed .The Organisation was really pleased by his performance,so they send him an important mission and that was to kill a Ogu*,because he took several people's life by sucking their vitaly..not only the blood."
"What's a Ogu??"
"It's a creature that cames from the Underworld,he is half vampire -half monster,that if he bites someone he takes their vitaly,life in seconds.But it very dangerous,so we're here to help Ken..and besides the war has begun a long time ago.The Ogu and the Humans must fight tonight so that it can decided who will leave this the vampires are our ally."
" came I never heard about it..until tonight?"
"We decided no to tell you or you'll ran away.Besides,Sumire is your destinty to win this battle tonight together with the Vampires."I was a little worried,I didn't know what will happen next..
"Don't worry Sumire..we will win this once and for all! I'll protect you with my life.." said Ken to me kissing my forehead.
"Yeah..cut the bullshit Ken.I'll protect the Princess and then make her mine." *grin*
"Hell no! I won't let that happen..even if will take my life..I won't let you have her." then they looked in each others eyes like they were throwing falshes to each other..but they stopped.I heard some sounds tha came from the garden.The sound was of a cart that was heaging towords she was walking fast all the light behind her went out.It was all black,also the roses were withered and I heared glass breaking.Who is it..itseems it is a powerfull person..?
Then the cart stopped right in front of us.Ken and Shino stand in front of me as they were protecting me..
"Stand back Sumire,this is dangerous." said Shino to me
"We should finish this matter wouldn't be a problem.right Shino?" said Ken to him with a smile.
"Yeah,but still..." Then I saw that a man got out from the cart.He was wearing a long cape and it also had a long staff with a snake around it.It was scary,his face was pale and also he had a long dark hair,I never saw such a long hair..then when I look closer I saw that he had two horns in front.He was like a Demon.A demon that would kill anybody in order to take control of this world.Our eyes met.In that second I froze,my body couldn't move and I only heard my heart beats.
"Sumire! Be carefull,don't look into his eyes.." Ken woke me up,it felt like it was a dream..
"Oh,you finally show yourself.It's been a long time,Ogamiko!" Shino greeted him,by the look on his face they knew each other.Still,that Ogu was indifferent as no one was here.
"Yes..indeed it has been a long time,Shino-sama.How have you been?" he aswered on a cold voice.
" let's go down to business.You know why are you here,right?So,let's leave aside all the courtisy and get this over soon!" Shino was glaring at him,I thought that he wasn't affected by his fiercefull eyes..
"I won't let you take over the world,Ogu!" said Ken while walking towords him.He was pretty confident in himself,but still I was a little worried.Then Shino's hand stopped him from walking even further.
"Don't get to cocky,Ken.He is stronger then couldn't kill him alone.Now let's begin,shall we?" said Shino before running towords that Ogu.Then a light blind my eyes,I couldn't seen anything in front of me.When the light was gone,I saw Shino figthing with Ogamiko,he blocked his blast with an aura that surrounded him.
"Dam it,Ogamiko!Get serious already.."
"Hphm..I will be serious when you'll be !.I've misted those times,when we were fighting.Remember?" then Shino used some sort of magic that were like hundred of knifes blasting towords Ogamiko.But I also saw Ken that was behind that Ogu.A black aura surrounded him and then a explosion occured.
"Yes,it has his own way of using all his strenght when he's fighting." said the chairman to me.I didn't know that Ken became that strong while he was gone..
"You little brat!..almost got me,but not!You are interfearing a battle here..Get lost!" then the staff turned into a huge snake and caught Ken.I saw that he was struggling,behind him Shino was fighting with the Ogu.
"I caught your little friend,I guess he's not that strong to survive my special attack!" *crank crank* The snake was squeezing Ken's body.. "Well,now that the intruder is gone,we can have some fun,Sino-sama! Ahaha.."
"Dam it..I must do it now,or else I'll.. " then I saw that Ken escaped the snake.I saw that he had his wigs back and also he had a black sword.In a moment, the sword was surrounded by feathers and realsed a huge power that blast off the huge snake.
"I am serious now.You bastard,die!!" Ken was flying towords the Ogu getting him from behind,also Shino blast him down the ground.
"We did he dead?"
"Of course not,I told you he is powerfull..Now I think his getting serious." said Shino to Ken.
"Then..what should we do?How can we kill him.."

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"I don't know..but we still have to fight it." The battle started again,I saw the most important persons to me fighting with a monster that wanted to controll the world.I needed to help them out,so I distracted the monster.
"Hey..Ogu! Over here..if you want a human,come and get me!" I throw a rock that hit his head.
"Ouch..who did this? human girl,not I'm really angry." he said while coming after me,he was faster because he was monster after all,he had powers unlike me...
"Come one..this is our chance to trap him .."
"Now..I've got you.Are you stupid enough to throw rocks?Don't you know that I could kill you right away?" *evil smile*
"Well,you don't seem like a monster to me."
" are the Devil! you're let me go.." I begun to yell,I was scared the he could kill me.My heart was pounding fast,he grabbed from my chin and looked at me.His eyes were really scary as I was really close to his face.
"Hm..scared enough?Booh.."
"I said..don't be so full of yourself!!" I said to him while pounching him in the face.I trained myself for this situation,but I nerver imagened that I could actually hit a monster,that still was more powerfull then me.
"You,dam bitch!You hit can it be.You'll pay for this!" Then I closed my eyes,I knew that I was going to die,so it didn't matter..but I didn't felt any pain.When I opened my eyes I saw an Angel that had big wings.
"Am I dead?This is Heaven..'cause you really look like Ken." I smiled at him.
"No,you're not dead.I am Ken,silly..I saved you right in time..I'm glad."
"But what happened..?"
"Shino maneged to take him way from you..he tooked him by surprise and then I grabbed you in a second."
"Thank you..Ken." As I was in his arms I felt really protected,I haven't any doubt that the one who should protect me was Ken.We flew away until we got back to the old school.
"'re alright!are you hurt?" asked me the chairman.
"No..I'm fine.Good Ken caught me right in time." When I look at the sky Shino was still fighting with that Ogu and then Ken came from his left side.Both of them were trying to kill him,but that Ogu was really strong.
"Come on..Shino.This is all you got?Hahaha"
"Of course about you old man?" Then thorns grow up from the ground and surrounded the Ogu,grabbing his entire body piercing his white skin.Drops of blood came out from his hands,but he was laughing.
" really..think that this can stop me?"
"Well,I guess see I still am the head of the Vampires,so I do have a power that can kill you.But not today..I think I'll let him to kill you.Ken now!!" Then I saw Ken's sword that became bigger,it also had a black smoke around it,then I saw blue lights that resembled lighting headed towards the Ogu.The visibillity was taken away by the amount of dust that was rising from the ground..When I looked up I saw Ken's sword blocked by some kind of aura that protected the Ogu.The sword couldn't cross over and kill the monster.Shibo tried again with the thorns,but the didn't reach the monster.
"Dam it!.." then from that aura got out hundreds of snakes and swords that were focused on those two,but Ken maneged to avoid some of them using his sword.Shino was protected by a shield that surrounded him.
"'re on your own now.This is your chance.."said Shino from far behind.
"Dam you..Shino,you let me finish this bastard on my own?Very well..I'm coooming!" he said before the last blast hit him,even though he maneged to cut through that blast the monster got away.He was behind him.
" last someone is getting DIE!!" a new white blast almost blind me,but I could see Ken and that Ogu fighting.Ken was bleeding,but he didn't gave up.
"Come one..what's wrong?I only hurt you a little..hahah"
"Are you finished?..I said already..that I'm not going to give up!!" Ken's sword went through it making him bleed, but the battle was no finished yet..when I saw that Ogu caught Ken sword.
"Do you really think that.. *drop drop* you can kill me."Then his right hand turned into a snake that surrounded Ken.The monster got out the sword from his body,drops of blood begun to fall from him..but still he was willing to fight.
"Ha..this snake ain't gonna stop me from killing you!!!" Finally Ken's last shot made the Ogu fall on the ground.Ken approched him and then feathers appear around th sword when he pierced that monster.The last hit killed him,soon the spot where the monster was turned into rose petals.After that Ken fell down,still he was supported by his sword.
"I am fine..just a little hurt,but It will be healed if I reast for a while..Don't need to worry." *cough* His wings dissapeared and he begun to tremble,his tatoo begun to shine.I didn't know why,but the only thing I did was to..
"Ken,you can have it..I know that you need it."
"What..are you talking?" he said while struggling.
"Don't be silly,I can see your fangs are out..I'll give you my blood,this way you'll heal faster." Slowly I put aside my hair and I embraced Ken.I felt how my heart begun to shatter once again knowing that the one I love will die if I didn't gave him my blood.
"NO! I can't do this anymore,I don't want to hurt you anymore..please stay away." his eyes were red and his fangs were outside growing bigger as he saw my naked neck..
"You don't have to restrain anymore Ken..please I don't want you to die!!" *tears* He slowly,genlty approched my neck and licked it.The feeling of his toungue on my neck made me tremble a little,but in the same time I felt a burning desire.
"I will not..hold back anymore.." he whispered to me.I felt a sudden pain like several bee stings on my neck. I stiffened and tried again to pull away from him, but without success.Since I could not pull from him, I settled into his arms as he began to suckle at my neck .The feeling was pleasant, so I focused on it to help ease the dread that filled my body. Soon,he released me..I felt like my whole body was floating..
"I'm sorry Sumire..I shouldn't done that to you.."Then he got out his gun and put it in my hands.
"What are..." I was surprised..I didn't know what to do..
"If I ever do something like this,please kill me! I can't forgive myself for doing such thing to you..I'm turning into a monster!" I saw that his wounds were healing,so I hugged him tighlty.I didn't want him to feel guilty in any way.
"I will not let hear me?" I whispered to him then kissed him on the lips.I missed those lips so much that I couldn't bear with it anymore..I felt like the whole from my chest was gone as I was kissing him.His tongue connecting with my own, making the kiss seem deeper, passionate, more meaningful...When he released me,I felt a burning sensation on my neck,it was the tatoo.But why it was glowing?..and hurting me in the same time..
"Sumire..why do you have this?Who did this .." he said with a worried voice.
"I don't know,I was dreaming on night and the next day I had this tatoo.What's going to happen to me?"

Chapter XIV:The secrets behind it.

In that night,we went to my apartament.I needed some answers and I knew that the chairman was the only one that could give them ..I changed my clothes and sat on the sofa together with Ken.
"So..Uncle.Do you think you might know about this tatoo,my dreams..?" I asked suddently.I couldn't bear with the secrest anymore.
"Well,I'm not sure myself,but I made some research.Look." he said while puting on the coffe table some old books.They really looked like thousand years old or more.He opened one of them.
"See,in here are some symbols that had the ancients vampires a long time ago.This one looks like yours..let me see it cleary." he said while puting aside my haird and looked at the tatoo.Then I saw that his facial expression wasn't the same.
"What is it?" asked Ken with an worried voice.
"I'm not sure..but if the legend is true,Sumire is the God,how can this be?"
"What are talking about..tell me.." I said with a worried voice.
"Well this language is an ancient one,let me translate it.It won't take long."
"Ken..what's going on? Why is it me..what am I?!" I begun to cry as I was held in his arms.Even though it felt confortable,my tears didn't stop from falling.
"Shh,calm down Sumire.We'll find out and solve this mistery.Don't worry,I'm here now" he said trying to calm me down.
"Ok,according to this the translation the text says :Only one person can have this symbol and if indeed it exists it is the key to the other world.Only her can restore peace between the two worlds using a magic ritual.The ritual consists in mixting a few drops of a vampire's blood with the blood of the person who is the Key.When the ritual is over,the symbol will shine and combine with the true form of the vampire.After that, the Key will be able to open the door to the other world and pass in it along in her new form.This can be done only one time,once inside the other world the Key must open the Precious box were she will find the scroll."
"What is this..I can't belive it..this is a lie!! I can't be a key that opens some wird box..I'm not a thing!!" I yelled at the chairman,I was so scared.My heart was pounding really fast,my tears didn't stop from falling as I was looking at them.I feel on my knees with my hands at my face.Ken embraced me and whispered to me.
"Please calm down,we'll find out what is this..even though this meens that I have to give you my blood." His voice echoed in my mind and didn't leave it for a while.
"Listen to the end ..please Sumire." said the chairman with a sad tone
"Fine..go on."
"So..the scroll holds the most important information that could bring the Peace between the two worlds.If the code isn't correct,the scroll will destroy himself and the door to the human world will close forever.The Key will open a whole new world.."
I couldn't belive what I was hearing,it all seemed like a dream to me..and I wanted to wake up,but I couldn't.It wasn't a dream.It was real,but my brain couldn't accept it..deep inside I knew that something was wrong,but I didn't know what exactly.I wanted that the dream would end soon..
"When can we get started?" I asked suddetly
"Eh?? Sumire..are you alright?" said the chairman
"Yes,I'm can we start now?"
"Sumire.." Ken's voice was so gentle,calm that melt everything away.."Come.We should get ready.." I was a little afraid,but not that scared so I couldn't do it.I knew that doing that spell I could bring this world what she needed the most:peace.Event if that meant for me to go in the Underworld,it didn't matter..
"Ok,so chairman..about my blood,how much?" asked Ken curiously.
"Well,here says only a few drops should be necessary,then the drops must be put on the tatoo that Sumire has."
"Fine,I get it.." then Ken bit his wrist,small drops of blood begun to fall..the colour was a dark red.Then he grabbed by my hand and pull me closer to him.I put aside my hair so that he could see the tatoo..I closed my eyes.I sensed how the drops were falling on my neck,they were warm so it calmed me down for a bit even thought I was a scared of what might happen next.Soon a burning sensation appared on my hurt so much,but I had to bear with it..Then slowly Ken bit my neck from the other side,after that he mixt my blood with his that was on the tatoo.
" hurts!!" I said while putting my hand at my neck.I begun to feel strange,I could tell that my blood started to boil inside me and my head felt numb.
"Sumire.are you alright?" I could hear his voice,but very low.When I looked at Ken's direction he was laying on the floor unconscious.
"What's wrong Ken..what happened to him?"
"I's time for you to transform.It should be over in a few minutes.Don't worry he's alive,just he will be you."
"What..I don't understand!Speek english.." I screamed at him
"Well,you're tatoo has two wings and a sword,right?"
"Ken's true form is a vampire with wings and a sword.So,now you'll be like him while you'll go in the other world.That's the blood transfer his powers to you.But this won't last very long.."
Then a bright light almost blind my eyes formed in the middle of the room.It seemed like a door,an ancient one..
"I must go now..I promise I'll bring peace to this world once and for all!" Then I touched the door and it opened.I started to shake then a sudden pain cross all my body..then I saw my wings and the sword.I fell on my knees,but i heard a voice deeo inside me.
"We must Sumire.Don't worry,we'll make it in time." It was Ken's voice..I couldn't belive it,he was inside me.I looked at the chairman for the last time when I felt that the ground dissapeared.I was flying towards the door.
"Take care...both of you."

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Ii dau 3/5 pentru ca inca mai sunt cateva problema cu engleza , originalitatea este redusa si parca nu ma face sa traiesc actiunea ( si aici e multa actiune si eu sunt o persoana care se identifica usor cu orice personaj)
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